Ses Creative Candle Making Kit


The Ses Creative Candle Making Kit is a great way to explore the creative process of candle making. This kit includes everything that you need to make colorful candles, such as easy-to-follow instructions and wax, scented oils, molds, coloring tablets, and wicks. With this kit, you’ll also get detailed instructions along with a few fun tips for how to create your own custom design. Once you’ve finished creating your candles, you can put them on display for everyone to admire!

The candle making process begins with finding the right supplies. You will want to select the type of wax and colorant that best reflect the aesthetic you are trying to achieve with your candles. Next, you can mix the wax in a pot or bowl on low heat until it becomes liquid. Then it’s time to add in the scent which can be done by adding drops of essential oil or fragrance into the melted liquid wax. After that step is complete you will lay out your wick onto the mold and when its perfectly centered pour in your melted liquid wax around it. To finalize the candle making process you may choose to top off your warm liquid wax with different shapes of decorations such as stars or colorful sprinkles etc. Lastly let it cool completely before use and enjoy!

What You Get with the Ses Creative Candle Making Kit

The Ses Creative Candle Making Kit is an all-in-one set that includes all of the tools and materials necessary to start making beautiful candles. This kit includes: 4 scented wax blocks, 1 candle making mold, 1 electric heating pan, 9 different color dyes, 6 colored strips, 12 assorted charms and decorations, a thermometer, 10 wicks with supports, 5 wick bases, 1 tweezers and 1 instruction booklet. With this set you can make up to five candles of your own design. The electric heating pan is designed to melt wax quickly and evenly so that your candles turn out perfect every time! The included thermometer helps you ensure the temperature remains within a safe range when melting the wax. You can add variety to your creations by choosing from the nine different dyes to give your candles beautiful finishes. Add more character with the 12 assorted decorations and six colored stripes for an even greater look. Finally finish off your designs with the provided wick bases and accessories for a professional touch.

Learning How to Make Candles with the Ses Creative Kit

The Ses Creative Candle Making Kit is an exciting, engaging way for children to explore making candles. From individual and multiple-wick holders to wax with delightful fragrances and vibrant colors, this kit includes everything needed for a creative candle-making experience. With detailed instructions included in the kit, children can view step-by-step pictures and read how-tos as they melt the wax, add desired colors and even mix aromas. Once their creation is perfect, it’s time to pour the wax into the holders. As it solidifies, kids can personalize each one by adding a ribbon or by tying some string around it while they wait until they can light up their candles! As a bonus, the candle making process itself will also help to foster social skills such as patience and attention to detail while they explore craftsmanship. This activity enhances problem solving skills, allowing them to think out of the box as they tweak their designs in order to get their desired results. Skilled at candle making now, your child will undoubtedly be proud of what beautiful candles he or she created all by themselves!

Creative Candle Making With Crayons

The Ses Creative Candle Making Kit provides an opportunity for children to engage in meaningful activities that can expand on their knowledge, widen their horizons and develop valuable life skills. After gaining hands-on experience making these decorative art pieces using natural ingredients like beeswax, fragrant essences and decorative elements such as ribbons or string ties; children learn about cause and effect within a safe environment. They understand how increasing or decreasing certain amounts of ingredients change the color tone in a candle or how fragrance influences its smell when lit. Furthermore as even older children take part in this activity it aids them in becoming independent thinkers who are not controlled my trends but create pieces out of practicality or experimentation. Lastly perhaps what makes this activity even more fun is that upon completion they have white adorned long lasting memories of each evening spent together creating colourful things with friends or family members; setting the stage for future collaborations around a love of arts and crafts!

Enjoying the Benefits of Candle Making with the Ses Creative Kit

The Ses Creative Candle Making Kit can be a great way to introduce kids and adults alike to the exciting and creative world of candle making. This kit comes with all the supplies needed for making unique and beautiful custom candles, including wax tablets, cotton wicks, a hot glue gun, coloring agents in 12 different colors, molds in various shapes, stirring sticks, scented oils and 3 candle holders. The included instruction manual features helpful tips on how to mix colors and create interesting layered designs using the molds provided. By experimenting with the different ingredients included in this set, you can enjoy the creative process of making your own personalized candles. Not only does this give you the satisfaction of making something entirely unique, but it also provides a stress-relieving activity as well as a chance to bond with your friends or family members while working on creating attractive and original pieces. With this kit by Ses Creative, you will be able to bring your ambitious projects to life!

Adding Your Own Special Touch to Candles

The Ses Creative Candle Making Kit is the perfect way to create unique and beautiful candles with a personalized touch. The kit comes with all the materials needed to make your own candles, including wax pellets, wicks, dye tablets and moulds. With this incredible set, you can customise your candles to look however you want them to, adding decorative features such as glitter or sprinkles for an extra bit of sparkle. You can also choose from a variety of scents with 10 fragrance tablets included. This fantastic set allows you to pour your own creations in any container of your choice, giving free rein to make personalised gifts for friends and family. Create stunningly intricate candles in different shapes and sizes quickly and easily using this comprehensive kit. It’s a great way to have fun while making memorable pieces that can last forever – perfect for any craft enthusiast!

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Proven Hints and Tips for Making the Perfect Candle

Making candles can be a fun and satisfying hobby that results in beautiful, unique pieces. Before you get started creating your own candles, here are some tips to keep in mind.

First, find a quiet and well-ventilated place to work – fumes from melted wax and fragrances can accumulate in small spaces quickly so it’s important to have a place with plenty of air circulation. Next, make sure you have all the necessary items for candle making, such as the Ses Creative Candle Making Kit which includes everything you need to make professional-looking candles.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, take time to research different wicking materials based on their compatibility with the type of wax and scents you plan on using. Some wicks, for example, will require pre-treatment before being used if the wax is particularly heavy or contains a large amount of fragrance oil. Additionally, consider experimenting with colors and fragrances so that each candle is unique! Try combining different essential oils to create custom scents or play around with liquid dyes to mix special shades of wax that could be applied as layers or integrated into decorative designs.

Finally, keep safety in mind when making candles and always handle hot materials carefully! Be sure to use oven mitts while handling melters or heated containers filled with wax and allow any open flame from burning candles plenty of Burn time should never exceed four hours – after this point it’s best to extinguish the flame for safety reasons.

With these hints and tips, happy candle making!


The Ses Creative Candle Making Kit is a great way to take the art of candle making to the next level. With its easy-to-follow instructions, and vast array of tools, tricks and techniques, this kit allows beginners to explore this fascinating craft with confidence. From making your own wicks to learning how to make scented candles, you can use the Ses Creative Candle Making Kit to become a master candle maker in no time. Plus, with all of the different decorations that are included in the kit such as glitter and yarn, you can create custom designs for any type of occasion. All in all, the Ses Creative Candle Making Kit provides everything a beginner needs to get started on their candle making journey. So go ahead and jump into the wonderful world of candle crafting – you won’t be disappointed!

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