Soy Candle Making Supplies Free Shipping

Soy Candle Making Supplies with Free Shipping

Creating your own soy candles is an enjoyable and environmentally friendly craft. With the right supplies, it’s easier than ever to create beautiful, scented candles at home.

The Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax makes a great candle-making material for a number of reasons:

  • It’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • It burns more slowly and cleanly than other waxes
  • It’s easy to work with, and clean up is a breeze
  • It often contains fewer chemicals, making it safer to burn in your home

Getting Started: Candle-Making Supplies

Getting started with candle-making requires a few key items. You’ll need:

  • Soy wax flakes (available in various quantities and for different uses)
  • Candle wicks (in various lengths and complexities)
  • Candle containers or molds
  • Essential oils or fragrances
  • Color dyes (optional, depending on the look you want)

Where to Find Supplies: Free Shipping

For the best selection and convenience, online shopping is the way to go. When shopping online, you can compare prices and selection quickly and easily – and not just with one store. Plus, many online stores offer free shipping.

At, our huge inventory of candle-making supplies is always in-stock, and orders of $50 or more ship free. Plus, we offer a wide variety of soy wax flakes, wicks and candle containers, along with accessories from moulds to wick stabilizers. You’ll find all the items you need to create beautiful, custom-scented soy candles for yourself or for gifts.

Create Custom Soy Candles

Using the right items, you’ll discover candle-making is an enjoyable, satisfying craft. You’ll be able to make the exact candles you want, customizing the look, scent and size to your preference. Whether you’re making a simple, unscented soy candle or an elegant, customized candle, the result will be something beautiful, aromatic, and unique.

So explore our selection of soy candle-making supplies, and get started on your own custom candles. And remember: orders of $50.00 or more ship free.

Making Soy Candles At Home With Professional Supplies

For those looking to make handmade soy candles as a hobby or even to start a business, the options can seem daunting. Thankfully, there’s now an abundance of soy candle making supplies that make it easier and more accessible for everyone to make beautiful, luxurious soy candles with minimum fuss.

What Do You Need for Soy Candle Making?

The main items you’ll need for soy candle making are:

  • Wax: Soy wax flakes are an ideal choice as they are vegan, natural, and burn longer than other waxes.
  • Fragrance: Essential oils can be used to create natural, organic scents, or you can opt for synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Containers: Containers can be anything from jam jars to fancy glassware.
  • Wicks: Wicks should be chosen based on the wax and container used.
  • Other Supplies – This can include things like dye, sealing wax, glitter, tools for wax and wick placement, and more.

Benefits of Soy Wax for Candle Making

Soy wax is an ideal choice for candle making because of its many benefits. It’s:

  • Gentle on the environment and sustainable
  • Renewable and biodegradable
  • Produces a high quality, robust and long lasting candle
  • Easy to work with and hand-make
  • Natural and free of toxins
  • Burns longer than paraffin wax

Where to Buy Soy Candle Making Supplies With Free Shipping

Buying soy wax candle making supplies with free shipping can save you a lot of money, especially when you’re buying multiple items. Here are some of the best places to purchase supplies for your candle making needs:

  • Amazon: Amazon has a wide variety of soy wax, fragrance oils, and containers at great prices, plus free shipping with their Prime subscription.
  • Craft Fairs: Many craft fairs, especially those that focus on handmade or sustainable items, will have supplies you can use.
  • eBay: eBay offers both new and used items, making it a great source for bargain seekers looking for soy wax supplies.
  • Specialty Retailers: Specialty retailers like New Directions Aromatics offer quality soy wax, containers and wicks, plus free shipping on orders over $50.

How to Start Making Soy Candles At Home

Making soy candles at home can be a rewarding and enjoyable activity. Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Research and purchase the supplies you need
  2. Read up on candle making and safety procedures
  3. Create your own design or use a pre-existing template
  4. Melt the wax, add your scent and pour into the containers
  5. Cut the wicks to the appropriate length and place in the wax
  6. Allow the candles to cool before trimming the wicks
  7. Top up the wax, if needed, and enjoy!

With the right supplies and a bit of creativity, anyone can create beautiful, aromatic soy candles at home. And with free shipping on top of it all, why not give it a go?

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