Soy Wax Flakes For Candle Making

Soy wax flakes for candle making are becoming increasingly popular in the market. Not only are they an economical choice, but soy wax yields a cleaner and longer burn time than traditional paraffin wax and is made from a renewable, eco-friendly source that is harvested from the soya bean.

Also, since it does not contain chemical additives or other hazardous materials, it’s often considered safer than paraffin. The lower melting point of the soy wax also makes for easier cleanup when compared to otherwaxes used for candle making such as beeswax or paraffin wax.

When perusing the different types of waxes available for candle-making one important note to keep in mind is that all-natural waxes tend to produce less smoke during burning. Soy wax flake candles, made with 100% natural soybeans, are no exception and have consistently been found to produce less smoke when compared to paraffin candles which use petroleum-based waxes.

This difference in production should be especially considered by those with allergies as smoke has known potential respiratory risk factors.

Aside from being made of a renewable resource found right here in North America, soy candles are also highly customizable and can be used in combination with many different ingredients including fragrances, dyes and essential oils which result in unique finished products tailored to suit any creative desire.

Furthermore, because of their low melting point these candles burn slower and therefore can last much longer than their non-natural counterparts – making them an incredibly valuable investment (and gift) for any first time or experienced candle maker alike.

Understanding the Benefits of Soy Wax Flakes

Soy wax has become incredibly popular among both candle-makers and consumers alike due to its environmental advantages. Soy wax flakes, specifically, have become a popular choice for those looking to make their own candles at home. Below are some key benefits of soy wax flakes:

  • Renewable & Sustainable – Soybeans are a renewable and sustainable source of raw materials that have minimal impact on the environment, compared to other types of wax.
  • Non-Toxic & Safe – Soy wax does not contain any petroleum-based products (paraffin) or lead and is therefore nontoxic making it safer for those who use it and the environment around them.
  • Easy To Use – Soy wax flakes are relatively inexpensive and easy to use for a beginner candle maker. They can simply be melted in a double boiler or pot filled with water and are easier to handle than other forms of wax.

One of the main benefits of soy wax flakes is that they produce a clean burn. The duration of the flame is longer leading to greater value from each candle made with soy wax. In addition, the clean burning process also results in minimal soot or residue being created. This makes using soy wax flakes particularly beneficial if you want your candles to last longer with fewer pollutants released into the atmosphere.

Another benefit of using soy wax flakes is that they can hold higher amounts of fragrance oil than other types of waxes giving you more intense smells when burning your candles. On top of this, some brands even offer dye chips which can be added when melting the soy flakes for colored candles without affecting the quality or performance. These features make it easy for anyone to personalize their candles themselves at home even as a novice in candlemaking craftsmanship.

Finally, perhaps one of the greatest advantages offered by soy-wax is how much easier it is to remove from container should something go wrong during production. Unlike paraffin candles which can leave stubborn residues behind, soy based candles melt easily with hot water allowing novice mistake makers easy recovery time when crafting their own special creations.

What Are Soy Wax Flakes?

Soy wax flakes are a type of vegetable wax made from 100% natural soybean oil. The popularity of soy wax has grown in recent years because of its natural properties, such as being environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is an excellent choice for candle making, as it offers a wide variety of benefits. Here are some key advantages of using soy wax flakes for candle making:

Benefits Of Soy Wax Flakes For Candle Making

  • Cleaner Burning: One advantage of using soy wax is that it burns up to 50% cleaner than paraffin wax. This means that candles made with soy wax produce less soot and smoke when they are burning. This makes the air quality in your home much healthier and safer.
  • Longer Burn Times: Candles made from soy wax can last much longer than paraffin candles. Depending on their size and shape, they can burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles, meaning you won’t need to replace them as often.
  • Non-Toxic Formula: Soy wax contains no toxins or carcinogens that are found in traditional petroleum based paraffin candles. Therefore, when choosing a candle made from this type of material you know that it’s safe for your home and family.
  • Easy To Work With: > Soy wax is very easy to work with when it comes to candle making. It’s easy to melt down and form into containers and molds of any type – making it one of the best materials for creating unique shapes or styles for any decor.

Why Choose Soy Wax Flakes?

Using soy wax flakes for candle making offers an array of benefits. These include an attractive appearance, clean burning performance, non-toxic formula, economical cost and ease to use when creating different shapes or sizes for your candles. Additionally, because the use of properly sourced certified organic soy beans leads to a fully sustainable and renewable product; not only do you get great candles but you are also helping the environment at the same time.

Comparison of Different Types of Wax for Candle Making

Soy wax is a popular choice and a versatile wax for candle making. Soy wax flakes are easy to measure, melt and work with and can help create beautiful candles that last. Soy candles can offer long burning times, beautiful scents and a range of colors and shapes.

There are several types of wax available for candle makers, each offering unique benefits when it comes to creating that perfect candle. Depending on the type of product you are making different types of styles or looks may be achieved by using different waxes. Below are some popular types of wax that can be used when making candles:

  • Paraffin Wax – Paraffin wax is a popular choice for those who want affordability and availability as it is widely accessible. This type of wax provides scent throw, retains shape when still burning, has colors readily available and possesses excellent thermal stability.
  • Beeswax – The oldest known type of candle material has been around since ancient times but its popularity continues today due to its unique properties. It is highly combustible with a long burn time but beeswax may be difficult to work with because it needs to be melted at quite high temperatures.
  • Palm Wax – Palm wax will produce an interesting textured surface making them aesthetically pleasing in addition to having an even stronger scent throw than the other types mentioned. Palm wax will also create vibrant colors with stunning results while they burn.
  • Soy Wax Flakes – Soy candles are known for their clean burning effect compared to paraffin since they don’t release toxins into the air which makes them much better for your health as well as being better for the environment overall.
Candle Making in Golden

When selecting a type of candle making material one should consider his or her goals – whether it be budget constraints or environmental impact – as this will inform what kind of material would best suit the end goal you’re looking for. For example, while paraffin may be less expensive than soy or palm, generally those who need stronger scent throw would choose soy instead due to its greater potency in such area.

On top hand, if you’re more interested in vibrant colors then palm might be more suitable than soy due to its unparalleled hues capability when burned in comparison to the other three mentioned herein.

Pros and Cons of Using Soy Wax Flakes for Candle Making



  • Soy wax flakes are non-toxic and made out of natural, renewable materials.
  • 2.

  • Since soy wax is non-toxic, it’s a safe alternative to paraffin candles that can give off toxins when burned.

  • 3.

  • Soy wax burns at a lower temperature than most other waxes which means your candles will burn longer.
  • 4.

  • The low melting point of soy wax also means that you need less oil in your candle making mix to achieve the desired scent.
  • 5.

  • Soy wax has better scent throw than paraffin candles, meaning your scented candles will have a stronger fragrance when burning.
  • Cons


  • Soy wax may be more expensive than other types of candle making materials since it is harder to find and not as widely available.
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  • It may be harder to achieve consistency with the color of your finished product because different batches of soy wax may vary slightly in color or texture.
  • Tips and Tricks for Using Soy Wax Flakes for Candle Making

    Soy wax flakes are a great way to make unique candles for your home. Not only is soy wax a natural and renewable resource, but it also doesn’t produce the same noxious fumes that other waxes do. Making candles with soy wax flakes requires a little bit of preparation, however. Here are some tips and tricks for using soy wax flakes to make candles.

    Understanding Soy Wax

    When making candles with soy wax flakes, it’s important to understand the types of soy wax available on the market today. There are two main types of soy wax: traditional jojoba-based wax and vegetable based-waxes.

    Jojoba based-soy wax has been around since the mid 1990s and has high levels of hydrogenated oil content in it, while vegetable based-soy waxes have lower levels of hydrogenated oils but still hold an advantage over paraffin in terms of environmental impact. In either case, when making candles with soy wax flakes, you’ll want to choose one that best suits your needs in terms of sustainability and cost performance.

    Preparing Your Container

    When working with soy wax flakes, you’ll need to carefully select a container to be used for your candle. Make sure that your container is made out of glass or metal since these materials will hold up better under heat than plastic or ceramic containers.

    It’s also best to avoid containers with handles or lids since these can easily get too hot during the burning process. For safety reasons you should also avoid using containers with any sort of foam padding as this can become combustible when heated up by the candle flame.

    Choosing A Wicking Material

    The wicking material is another important consideration when making candles from soy wax flakes. Cotton is by far the most common choice for wick materials due its ability to hold up well under high temperatures and its affordability compared to other more expensive options such as hemp or linen wicks.

    Make sure that your cotton wick is securely fastened at least halfway down into your container before pouring in any melted soy candle wax so that it remains securely upright once fully cooled off after use It may also be a good idea to secure it with tape just in case it begins slipping after pouring the melted soy into the container.

    How to Choose the Right Soy Wax Flakes for Candle Making

    Choosing the right soy wax flakes for making candles can be overwhelming at first, but once done properly, you’ll have excellent results. When considering the best wax to use for your candle projects, there are a variety of factors to consider such as cost, burn time and ease of working with it.

    When selecting a soy wax-flakes product for candle making, it is essential to know the melting point characteristics of the wax. Typical soy wax flakes melt at about 125 degrees Fahrenheit (51 degrees Celsius). Due to its lower melting temperature, the soy wax is easier to work with during pouring than other types of waxes. The higher the melt point temperature, the thicker the liquid that will pool after burning and can be difficult to clean or remove.

    Soy wax also has a better scent throw than other paraffin or beeswax options. As it has a minimal scent when burnt compared to other types of candles and shows off added fragrances perfectly. Most importantly, one needs to make sure that they select a high quality and standardised product such as NZ Soy Candles which comes highly recommended by experienced candle makers due to its consistency and superior performance under various conditions.

    For those using vegan friendly products only, then soy wax should be your go-to option as it is both natural and renewable material derived from plants without any synthetic components in them. After researching these aspects of what makes up a great soy flake candle selection, all one has to do next is order the amount required for their creation.

    And if desired some assorted tins or jars with lids can make great holders for storing and displaying handmade items while protecting them from dust or moisture for longer life span.

    Method to Ensure Quality In Soy Wax Flakes For Candle Making

    Soy wax flakes is one of the most sought after natural materials for candle making, due to its low-smoke, high-quality finish which results in a longer lasting and cleaner burning flame. However, since it is a natural resource, there are certain measures that need to be taken to ensure the wax flakes used are of the highest quality possible.

    Here are some ways to ensure the quality of soy wax flakes for candle making

    • Purchase from reputable suppliers – Buying the wax flakes from a credible source like Beeswax Distributors or Candlewic guarantees their raw material is properly sourced with all certifications.
    • Check that they have been hexane-free processed – Soy wax can be processed using hexane which leaves an unpleasant scent when burned. It’s important to make sure that the supplier has done a hexane-free processing.
    • Use filtered flakes – Raw soy wax can have impurities and contaminants such as plant matter within it so filtering before use ensures none of these end up in your candles.
    • Test your batch prior to use – Before beginning any major project with new waxes, it’s best practice to do a small test run of burning. This will let you know straight away if there is any problem with the batch and allow you to contact your supplier quickly.
    • Store correctly – A lot of problems with soy wax chips can be avoided by storing them correctly after receiving them. With poor storage conditions come moisture buildup or bugs infestations further down the line which can ruin entire batches.
    Best Rated Scented Oils For Candle Making

    These methods help ensure that each batch of soy wax flakes used for candle making is free from impurities and toxins, allowing customers to have creative confidence when producing their light sources. It also helps keep costs lower by avoiding wastage through damaged batches. Therefore ensuring quality care when dealing with soy wax flakes essential in every candle maker’s process.

    Uses of Soy Wax Flakes for Candle Making

    Soy wax flakes are a popular choice of material to use in candle making. Their Earth-friendly and natural qualities make them a go-to option for those looking to create homemade candles with all-natural ingredients. The majority of soy wax flakes are made from domestically grown soybeans. The materials used in the formulation of soy wax are renewable, biodegradable, and vegan-friendly which makes it an ideal choice.

    Soybean oil is refined and processed without having to be bleached or hydrogenated. This makes it cleaner burning than some other conventional waxes like paraffin. An added bonus is its creamy white color which can offer an interesting contrast to colored dyes making the final product unique and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

    When using soy wax flakes for candle making you have plenty of options when it comes to scenting them as well. Soy wax holds scent very well, so there is no need to add extra additives in order to boost the fragrance level.

    Fragrance oils can be incorporated directly into melted wax without any issue arising or diluting the smell or hindering its performance in any way. SoyCandles typically burn up to 50% longer than their paraffin counterparts too, so you will get more bang out of your buck here.

    One more thing worth mentioning about soy candles made from soy wax flakes; they are much easier and require less work compared to paraffin candles. If you’re new to candle making this is something that should be taken into account when selecting which type of candle material is best suited for your needs.

    Common Questions About Soy Wax Flakes for Candle Making

    Soy wax flakes are a popular choice among candle makers when building their craft. This type of wax is biodegradable, renewable, and carries a low melting point so it’s easy to work with compared to other types of wax.

    While there’s an abundance of information about how soy wax works for making candles, there are still many questions asked by those just starting out on the craft or even experienced candle makers who may be interested in giving this type of wax a try.

    One common question about soy wax is whether or not it needs additives like scent or colorants added before being used for candle making. The answer to this question is actually no – because soy wax has its own natural moisture barrier, you can pour it as is without needing any extra ingredients if you don’t want any additional scents or colorants worked into your candles.

    Another query many people have regarding soy candles is what type of containers can be used for burning them safely. Since soy candles don’t have carbon-based soot produced when burning, they won’t soot up metal or glass vessels that are often used with other kinds of wax such as paraffin in order to prevent the vessel from becoming discolored over time.

    You should still avoid using broken glass jars though as these can ultimately interfere with the melted layers of both paraffin and soy-basedcandles, which could lead to melding irregularities throughout the candle along with weak burn times of 10 hours or less per each batch poured. Instead, you should stick to containers made from ceramics and clay in order to get the best burn times possible out of your homemade soy candles.

    Lastly, despite having easier melt points than other types of waxes, some holders might find that working with different brands and batches can still present them problems with excessive clumping while trying to mix larger batches all at once.

    Solutions include stirring regularly while heating more often than needed along with breaking up spheroid chunkiness at regular intervals when possible as well until the melty chunks resemble small flake sizes if needed prior use – this will also help ensure even consistency during each melt which can save unnecessary trouble in the long run down line too.


    Soy wax flakes are an increasingly popular wax choice when it comes to candle making. They are made from sustainable, natural soybeans and offer a number of benefits when compared with traditional paraffin wax. In terms of performance, soy wax typically has a slower burn rate and provides a clean, smoke-free flame. The low melting point of soy wax also makes it relatively easy to work with.

    The environmental benefits associated with using soy wax flakes for candle making should not be overlooked. Because the ingredients used to make this type of wax are derived from renewable sources such as soybean oils, manufacturing processes are much more eco-friendly than those used to produce other types of candles.

    This means that there is less waste generated during production, which reduces its carbon footprint. Additionally, since soy candles require fewer synthetic additives, they reduce the likelihood of contamination in the environment when burned.

    Finally, soy wax flakes can offer economic advantages for both consumers and producers alike. Soy-based candles typically last longer than their paraffin counterparts and often require minimal maintenance when compared with other types of candles.

    This could potentially translate into more savings for the consumer in the long run as they do not have to purchase additional supplies or replacements as often as before. On the business side, companies that opt for producing soy-based candles will find that they may be able to provide them at competitive prices due to their lower production costs.

    In conclusion, there are many benefits when it comes to using soy wax flakes for candle making. From its user-friendliness that allows producers to easily work with it on a variety of projects; its low melting point; its clean burning properties; its environmental friendliness thanks to its renewable sources; and even its economical advantage over other types of materials; these features combine together make it an attractive choice amongst many in both commercial and DIY settings worldwide.

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