Sprinkles For Candle Making


Sprinkles are a type of decorative embellishment made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are used to add both color and texture to arts and crafts projects such as candles. Depending on the type, sprinkles can be purchased from most craft stores like Michaels or online from websites specializing in candle-making supplies. To use them in candle making, simply sprinkle the desired amount into the wax after it’s melted and before pouring it into the mold. When purchasing sprinkles for candle making, it is best to select wick-safe types such as biodegradable glitter, mica powder, cured botanicals; avoid embossed shapes as they can obstruct burning. Additionally, those creating multi-colored candles should consider using an individual sprinkle container for each color so that none of the sprinkles mix between layers. Once complete, keep stored in tightly sealed containers away from bright sunlight or excess humidity so that it retains its beauty indefinitely!

Specific Benefits of Using Sprinkles for Candle Making

Using sprinkles for candle making can provide a myriad of benefits. First, the individual pieces of wax are smaller than traditional wax chunks used in other types of candle making, allowing you to achieve more intricate designs. Second, because the pieces are so small, they will melt more quickly leading to an even burning rate. Additionally, these small pieces are great for layering colors for beautiful designs that bring light and interest to any room it is placed in. Lastly, these little bits offer a wide array of colors, enabling countless possibilities in candle design!

Different Types of Sprinkles and Colors Available for Candle Making

Sprinkles are a great way to add a unique, decorative touch to any candle. They come in a variety of colors and shapes to fit any theme. To give your candles that extra special sparkle, try using specialty glitters and metal leaf. Glitters come in many forms such as iridescent, metallic, flake, and polyester. Metal leaf can also be used to make your candles stand out even more with its shimmering finish. Shards of glass or acrylic can be used for an interesting decorative effect as well. No matter what powdery material you choose—colored chilli powders, mica dusts, complimentary flower petals–you will be sure to spruce up your candles with extra pizzazz. With all the options available for sprinkles for candle making, you’re sure to find something perfect for every occasion!

Step-by-Step Guide for Making DIY Candles with Sprinkles

1. Gather your supplies. Start by collecting all of the things you will need to make candles with sprinkles: wax, wicks, a container for the candle, and sprinkles. You may also want to have a double boiler, skewers or sticks for stirring, and safety gear such as eyewear and gloves for when the wax is hot.

2. Put together your wick. Once you have all of the supplies you need, set up the wick in your container according to the instructions on the package. Make sure that it’s straight and secure before continuing.

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3. Get started melting your wax. Place your wax into a double boiler, making sure that it doesn’t overfill as it could catch fire if it boils over! While it melts, start prepping your sprinkles if necessary – you might need to break them into smaller pieces so that they fit in your container nicely when adding them later on!

4. Once melted, carefully pour wax into containers. Once the wax has melted fully and reached the desired temperature (using a thermometer if necessary), slowly pour it into the jar or container where you set up the wick earlier until it reaches just below half full – don’t fill too high as this can lead to problems later on! At this point you should also check to make sure that your wick is standing correctly in its place at the center of your container before finishing filling with wax..

5. Add sprinkles and stir with skewer or stick (optional). This step is completely optional – but if desired add small amounts of sprinkles while still stirring with a stick or skewer between each addition so they don’t settle too clumpsy in one area rather then spreading through-out evenly and finally fill to top without added extras (sprinkles will tend to float!). Let cool completely before burning!.

Essential Safety Advice for Handling Sprinkles

It is important to practice safe handling of sprinkles for candle making! Before beginning, lay out a piece of newspaper or paper towel on a flat, sturdy surface and clear the space around you. Wear gloves after washing your hands with soap and water, as glitter can be an irritant. Keep long hair tied back away from the sprinkles. Make sure all tools have been properly cleaned and dried before using. Don’t forget protective eyewear or a face shield just in case any glitter jumps up quickly. The workspace should also be well ventilated to limit the inhalation of particles and use a dust mask if desired. Place the sprinkle jars or bags away from the work area so there are no chances for accidents when working with hot wax and wicks. Finally, properly store remaining sprinkle containers, ensuring that they are tightly sealed in a cool location away from direct sunlight.

Creative Ideas for Decorating Candles with Sprinkles

When it comes to decorating candles with sprinkles, the possibilities are endless! With just some sprinkles and adhesive, you can transform plain candles into beautiful, personalized home décor. Here are just a few of the creative ways you can decorate your candles with sprinkles:

• For a classic look, cover the sides of your candle with adhesive, then roll it in white or pink rock candy sprinkles. You can also create festive designs on beeswax candles with colorful confetti or jimmies.

• Make a modern statement by using silver glitter for an upscale sheen on any standard wax candle. If you want to add extra glitz and glamour to your candle making project, alternating colors of glitter sprinkled around is sure to provide the perfect touch.

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• If you’re feeling even more creative, combine different shapes and sizes of pearls and sugar beads together in unique patterns and colors for a breathtaking candle! Or use pearl border tape around each side of the candle for an exotic effect.

• If you’re looking for something less delicate then mix edible graham cracker crumbs or other cereal pieces randomly around your entire candle or in specific areas such as along its edges. Primary colors or multi-colored cereal pieces can be used. Colorful spices such as ground cinnamon can also make eye-catching accents when sprinkled on top of a completed wax pouring design like that found in layered pillar candles.

Using these ideas as inspiration, think outside the box when creating exciting new looks out of decorative candies, chocolates, café-style cookies (for larger candles) and other types of sprays that attach easily onto melted wax surfaces or flat bases such as plates (for dripless tapers). Create bold geometric shapes made up entirely of themed treats with gumdrops and different colored fruit slices for a bright and cheery display!

Alternative Uses for Sprinkles Outside Candle Making

Sprinkles are an incredibly versatile and inexpensive crafting material. Not limited to just candle making, these tiny edible decorations can also be used as decorations on a variety of creative projects such as cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cake pops, ice cream sundaes, doughnuts, and other baked goods. Furthermore, sprinkles can also be used in creative arts crafts such as slime and scrapbooking. They can even be used to brighten up gift wraps or to create beautiful artwork on items like cards or frames! Finally, they are the perfect addition to any child’s sensory bin – add color and texture to your playtime! Sprinkles provide endless possibilities for creativity!


Candles have been around for centuries, but sprinkles are a relatively new component to the craft. Sprinkles add more fun and depth to candle making than ever before. Whether you are looking to make something special for a loved one or for yourself, candles with sprinkles make a great choice. There are many creative ways to use sprinkles when making your own candles at home including mixing them in with Melt & Pour waxes, using them on top of making taper candles dipped in glitter, adding color swirls with additional textures from metallic micro-sprinkles and pressed petals and herbs, and even incorporating beads within the body of the candle. With suitable materials and techniques, unique candles can be easily crafted with fun touches that will add that extra special something to any gift or decoration. The possibilities when it comes to decorating handmade candles with sprinkles truly seem endless!

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