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Westport Continuing Education offers a variety of classes for those looking to learn and develop new skills. One of the most popular classes is candle making. In this class, you will learn everything from the basics of getting started in the craft to the intricate details of creating beautiful works of art with candles. With basic knowledge of candle making, you can create unique gifts, make memories with friends and family, or simply explore a new creative outlet.

In this class, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of candle making such as types of waxes used in creating candles, wicking types and techniques to manipulate burning behavior and how scents affect your creations. You’ll also learn how to build molds, color candles and more advanced techniques like embedding decorative items in your finished product. Plus, you’ll gain experience through hands-on projects that apply these concepts to existing projects such as tealights or container candles.

This class provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in crafting their own original creations from natural beeswax and essential oils, using modern melting equipment including electric melting pots (Melters/pour pots) for convenience if needed as well as double boilers for melt points that are higher than what modern electric melting pots are capable of reaching so you have the freedom to work with different waxes and products including soy wax and natural waxes. In the end, students will leave with a better understanding of an age old craft, a variety of options for their future projects ,and beautiful completed pieces that can be kept or gifted away.

What is Candle Making and its History?

Candle making is a centuries-old tradition dating back to the time of Ancient Egypt, when people used tallow made from animal fat as fuel for lighting. Over time, various materials such as beeswax and paraffin wax were also used to create candles of different sizes and shapes. Candle making can be considered an art form as well, with painters and sculptors using it to create works of art ranging from aesthetic designs made out of beeswax forms to ornate crockery studded with embedded pieces of wax. The Westport Continuing Education candle making courses are designed to teach how to safely handle the necessary materials and how best to form them into small masterpieces that you can take home after class.

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Candles

The benefits of making your own candles are almost endless. For starters, you have the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and unique out of simple materials. The aromatic scent of your candle and the gentle flicker of the flame can bring relaxation to anyone who takes the time to appreciate it. Creating candles also allows you to explore a variety of coloring techniques, shapes and sizes, and scents; all elements that can be combined for a truly unique experience. Last but not least, when you make a DIY candle at home, you know exactly what ingredients are being used; free from fillers or harmful chemicals that may go into mass-produced candles in a factory setting. Overall, creating your own candle allows for creativity and relaxation, while reducing waste from discarded packaging materials from purchasing store bought products.

Candle Making Patterns

Finding the Best Quality Supplies for Your Candles

When it comes to making quality candles, choosing the right supplies is a crucial element. Having the right materials can mean the difference between having candles that are strong and beautiful or dull and bubbly. To choose the best quality candle supplies you should start by looking for wicks that are made of natural fibers such as hemp or cotton. These wicks keep your candles burning steadily without sputtering or smoking. Next, you should look for waxes and essential oils that are specifically suited to candle making. Beeswax and vegetable-based waxes provide superior performance and longer burning time compared to other waxes. Essential oils help to enhance the scent of your candles and make them smell great when lit. Finally, make sure your colorants are specifically designed for use in candles; these will help you create stunning visuals as well as interesting scents. With these simple tips in mind, you can select high-quality candle making supplies that will enhance the finished product and make them truly special.

What Resources Do I Need for Candle Making?

If you are interested in candle making, there are various tools you will need to have on hand in order to be successful. Generally, for candle making it is recommended to have some sort of wax melter or pot. This can range from a large pot over a double boiler, a Crock-Pot, or even an electric wax warmer. It is important to choose the correct size and type of wax, according to the size of candle(s) that you wish to make, as well as which type of wick you intend to use. Additionally, safety measures such as heat resistant gloves and safety glasses should always be worn when melting wax or during the pouring process. Additional supplies needed may include scent oils (if desired), glass containers, thermometer, and two or more pieces of wicking material—depending on how many candles will be made at once–as well as essential oils if desired. There are many resources available online with instructions and tutorials on how to make candles safely and successfully using these materials.

Learn More About the Westport Candle Making Course

Westport Continuing Education’s candle making course provides an opportunity for local residents to explore their creativity. Participants in this class will learn the basics of how to create handmade candles from start to finish, from choosing wax and fragrances to using the various tools and equipment necessary for a professional end product. Additionally, instructor guidance and demonstrations aim to give participants confidence in translating ideas into a final product. Through this course, individuals can make outstanding candles within each type of scent and color, make their own custom designs, and understand the core principles behind the art of candle making. Shopping trips are also organized by the instructors so that students can have an opportunity to purchase premium supplies as needed. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to execute specific techniques with confidence, as well as share knowledge with others interested in creating homemade candles. They will also have a portfolio of handmade finished products they can proudly showcase.

Explore the Different Types of Candles You Can Create

Westport Continuing Education Candle Making course offers participants the chance to gain an understanding of the basics of candle making and much more. During the course, participants will learn a variety of candle-making techniques such as pouring, dipping, rolling, and more. They’ll also learn about different types of waxes such as paraffin, beeswax, and soy. Participants will discover an array of decorative items that can be used in creating layered designs or intricate patterns on candles. By exploring fragrances and colors, they’ll have the opportunity to customize each candle according to their own taste. After mastering the essentials of candle making, participants will be given various projects to stretch their creative abilities while they gain even more knowledge on how to bring out the best potential from their hand-crafted candles. In addition to the practical experience and education gained in the class, participants will also take home several handmade pieces — constructed during each session — for further use or for gifting purposes.

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Expert Tips for Making the Perfect Candle

Westport Continuing Education offers a candle making program, providing students with helpful tips and techniques to make the perfect candle. To ensure success in their creation, aspiring artisans should follow these guidelines:
1. Select the right materials: Choosing wax and wicks specific to candle-making is crucial for successful results. Visit craft stores or look online for wax blends designed specifically for candles as well as pre-tabbed and pre-sized wicks that are primed with wax.
2. Measure the ingredients carefully: Use a kitchen scale or measuring cups when adding ingredients, such as fragrance oils and dyes, to your wax mixture. Too much of either can result in a misshapen candle or one that crackles when burning.
3. Set up the pouring area correctly: Create a safe station by setting up containers of cold water nearby while melting into which you can lower your wax beaker if it gets too hot or starts to overheat.
4. Prepare molds prior to pouring: Make sure any molds you’ve chosen are secured properly before pouring in the molten wax mix. Do not use paper molds as these could potentially ignite if exposed to an open flame for too long. Additionally, double check not to pour too much wax into your mold as this may cause issues when trying to remove your formed candle from its container after cooling.
5. Allow enough time for cooling: Letting your created candle cool down completely will dictate its shape and prevent any cracking due to excessive heat exposure when removing it from its container afterwards. It’s best to let sit overnight so you have plenty of time for fixing mistakes if need be before using!


Candle making is an art form that has been around for centuries, and through Westport Continuing Education, anyone can become a candle-making pro. The course allows the student to develop the skills needed to make their own beautiful, unique candles at home. From selecting the perfect colors and fragrances to mastering the techniques and tools required, Westport Continuing Education’s Candle Making course is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and experience necessary for success. Not only will it improve existing skills but also provide you with fresh ideas on how to add creative flair to your craft. Make what you want by customizing your candles’ colors, shapes, sizes and scents! Still need more inspiration? With creative instructors who bring in new ideas from the world of candle-making every class, this course provides endless possibilities for unlocking your creativity. Unlock your imagination and let Westport Continuing Education help turn it into reality!

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