Stainless Steel Jug For Candle Making

Introduction to Stainless Steel Jugs for Candle Making

A stainless steel jug is a commonly used container for making handmade candles. Stainless steel is beneficial to use as a candle-making material due to its non-corrosive, durable and rust resistant properties. In today’s world that values environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices, stainless steel is the perfect choice of material when looking at candle making supplies. The stainless steel makes it easy to heat wax to the necessary melting temperatures, while also not suffering any damage from extreme temperatures.

The benefits of using stainless steel jugs are vast and include being able to measure the temperature of wax more accurately compared to other materials due its quick response time; not adding any impurities or taste alterations that could occur with other materials; Made of thinner gauge than most metals allowing for an even heat flow; Economical as opposed to buying expensive thermometers and equipment; flexibility as candle makers are able to get creative no matter the size or shapes needed for each project.

As such, many in the candle making industry have embraced using stainless steel jugs for their projects as they are incredibly versatile and can be used with both paraffin and natural waxes without the risk of corrosion or warping. As one begins their journey into DIY candle making, they will quickly learn how important having the right supplies are when it comes to creating beautiful fragrance filled candles. Investing in quality stainless steel jugs with provide peace of mind when handling hot wax and allow users to make wonderfully scented candles with ease.

Different Types of Stainless Steel Jug for Candle Making

Small Jugs – Small jugs are popular for candle making due to their lightweight nature and ability to be held in one hand. They usually come in square, round and rectangular shapes and range in size from 8 ounces to 4 quarts. The smaller sizes can easily store any wax mixtures without taking up too much space.

Medium Jugs – Medium jugs are the most common size used for candle making. This size of jug is capable of holding a large amount of wax mixture, so it is perfect if you need to make multiple candles in one go or create scent variations that require larger batches. Medium sized jugs generally range from 8 quarts to 16 quarts and come in many different shapes such as rectangular, oval, cone-shaped and pyramid-shaped designs.

Large Jugs – Large jugs are best suited for extensive candle making projects such as those involving intricate designs or a lot of ingredients. They have the capacity to hold up to 4 gallons ” more than enough for most projects! Round, egg-shaped and cylindrical styles are particularly popular for larger jugs but some unique square designs can also be found.

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Pros & Cons – Stainless steel is well known for being lightweight yet durable and having very good heat resistant qualities; however, it may not be suitable if you require your jug to keep its shape while melting wax as steel will expand when heated too quickly or too intensely. Furthermore, stainless steel jugs tend to be fairly expensive which has put off many bargain shoppers from investing in one; however, the quality aspect should certainly not be overlooked when considering these products.

Tips for Purchasing the Right Stainless Steel Jug for Candle Making

1. Determine what type of wax and wicks you will be using when making your candles, as this will help you determine which size and shape of jug would be the best fit.

2. Research different jugs and check reviews so you can make an informed decision about which jug is right for your needs.

3. Decide if you need a stainless steel jug with a handle or one without, depending on how easy it needs to be to carry while pouring hot wax into the molds.

4. Look for a heat-safe spray coating that is made specifically for stainless steel jugs so you can protect them during candle-making tasks like heating up the wax or cooling down the wax too quickly and it does not cause damage to the metal surfaces.

5. Choose an appropriate size container depending on how much wax you plan to prepare at once ” if you are making large batches of candles, a larger size jug may be more suitable than one that has a smaller capacity for candle-making jobs that are substantial in volume.

Utilizing a Stainless Steel Jug for Candle Making

When utilizing a stainless steel jug for candle making, there are many unique and interesting designs one can produce. For example, many experienced artisans use the stainless steel jug to make “Stainless Steel Swirl” candles by pouring wax at different temperatures into the jug. This creates a visually-interesting pattern within the molten wax that is eye-catching and captivating. Likewise, many candle makers pour multiple wicks of various sizes into their stainless steel jugs in order to create “Multi-Wick” or “Layer” candles. These candles contain wicks of different widths, allowing for concentrations of heat during burning to vary throughout the whole candle design. Such techniques featuring the utilization of a stainless steel jug truly bring out the creative side of any enthusiastic candle maker!

DIY Candle Making Projects Using a Stainless Steel Jug

Screen Design Candles: Create individualized candles with a screen design by first covering the entire top of the stainless steel jug with melted wax. To create your unique design, use a frame and mesh screening material layered inside. Place the jug on a flat surface, pushing the screened material against it until the design is transferred onto the wax. Allow for cooling time before removing the frame and mesh.

Mosaic Candle Vase: To make this easy-yet-elegant candle vase out of stainless steel jug, you’ll need 1/4 inch shaped mosaic tiles, grout and sealer. Begin by using waterproof construction adhesive to attach 3/4 squares of tile to all sides and the top edge of your jug. Fill in blank spaces, change colors or use an alternating pattern for a unique look. When completely dry, spread grout over all tiling areas before allowing a full 24 hours for it to harden. Finally, apply sealer over the outside tile joints and grout lines to keep them from becoming discolored or stained by heat or water from burning candles.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Leaks: One of the main issues that you may have with using a stainless steel jug for candle making is the wax leaking. This can be caused by a few factors. If the wick is too large, or if it is not securely seated in the wax, this will cause a leak. Additionally, if the wick tab isn’t the correct size, then it won’t be able to hold back melted wax which may result in it spilling out of the jug. To avoid this issue, ensure that you purchase a properly sized wick made from organic material and make sure that it is securely seated in place with hot glue or another method.

Losing Scent: Another issue with stainless steel jugs for candle making is that your scent can sometimes start to fade over time and as you light candles repeatedly. To prevent this problem from occurring, use high-quality fragrance oil for your candles and make sure to store them away from sources of heat or direct sunlight when not in use. Additionally, make sure to trim your wicks regularly and clean out your jugs after each use so that the scent will last longer.


Reading the reviews of stainless steel jugs for candle making can be helpful when looking for the best potential product to use. Being a type of metal that does not corrode or rust, stainless steel is often preferred for candle making as it will not breakdown or contaminate the wax. Furthermore, most jugs come with a secure tight-fitting lid, meaning that melted wax will not easily escape. This makes them ideal for double boiler set ups and storage of large batches of melted wax. While some users find their lamp design to be convenient for candlemaking projects, other’s find them difficult to clean and store due to their rigid cylindrical shape. Nonetheless, overall this type of containers are highly recommended by experienced crafters who are looking for a safe way to melt wax in bulk quantities and store them away comfortably afterwards. We highly encourage you to purchase your own stainless steel jug and try out your own candlemaking projects!

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