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Taper candle making is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that can provide many hours of satisfaction – both in the process of creation and in the resulting beautiful product. Whether you plan to make candles as a source of relaxation or with the intention of turning a profit, this comprehensive guide to taper candle making supplies will ensure that you have all that you need to thoroughly enjoy the process.

The basic items necessary for crafting taper candles include wax, pre-tabbed wicks, wick pins, containers, thermometers, stirring sticks and other tools. The type of wax used will depend on the desired characteristics of your finished product; for example, if you wish for your candles to be hard and long-lasting, paraffin wax would likely be suitable. Pre-tabbed wicks are convenient as they come prepared with an end tabbed at each end to help anchor them in place during assembly, while pins double as anchors during production as well as helping keep wicks straight during burning. Containers are useful for melting wax securely at the required temperature; be sure to choose one with a wide opening so that your tools fit easily inside . An accurate thermometer is also essential for preventing your wax from exceeding temperatures hot enough to cause burn damage or soft enough to form gloopy shapes when poured. Stirring sticks must also be provided before pouring is begun ” available in various materials ranging from plastic spoons to wooden paddles ” finding the right sticks ensures that adequate mixing action occurs without risking overheating or scalding yourself. Other tools such as funnel jugs can simplify messy transactions with fresh molds and steamers assist with removing embedded air bubbles when finishing products off with an even sheen.

Essentially any resources acquired through proper research should guarantee optimal results with beautiful final products worthy of august appreciation. Following this comprehensive guide should provide you confidence when looking into taper candle making supplies!

What is a Taper Candle?

A taper candle is a type of candle that is made from wax and has a tapered shape. It often stands in a candlestick holder, but can also be attached to a full-sized candelabra or even held in the hand like an incense stick. Traditionally, taper candles were used for religious ceremonies. Today, they have become popular for home decor and special occasion decorations.

When making taper candles, there are several supplies that are necessary for the best results. Candle wax and wick are usually found in craft stores and come in many colors. Wicks must be cut down to the desired length of the candle. A pouring pot is needed to heat the wax until it’s melted and ready to be poured into molds or directly into the final shape of the candle. Additionally, some sort of melting apparatus such as a double boiler is essential, along with tools such as thermometers and wooden stirrers to accurately measure temperature and mix tinting materials with ease while ensuring safety during use. To finish off the candles, decorative holders can be added to give them an extra embellishment or a more ornate look depending on your preferences.

Reasons to Use Unscented Taper Candles

Using unscented taper candles for your craft projects has many benefits. Firstly, not all components of scented candles are natural; scents are created synthetically or by using essential oils that may have damaging effects to some people who suffer from allergies. Secondly, there is nothing quite like the clean, calming glow of an all-natural candle without any added scent, which can easily come through a scent-infused candle and overwhelm the atmosphere around it. Thirdly, using fragrance-free candles allows you to enjoy the smell of whatever burning incense or essential oil blend you sprinkle on top of your finished product. Lastly, unscented taper candles provide more versatility than those with scents when used in conjunction with other supplies such as holders and jars. There’s no need to worry about clashing aromas; simply mix and match!

Kit For Making Candles

Essential Supplies to Make Unscented Taper Candles

When it comes to making your own taper candles, there are a few essential supplies you’ll need. Before you embark on your taper candle-making journey, stock up on wax flakes and the appropriate wicks for the size candles that you’d like to make. Depending on the project, you may also require dye chips, fragrances and thermometers. Additionally, securing double boiler sets with a heavy duty handle and spoons made of silicone or wooden will give you an even burn as you heat up your wax in preparation for pouring into the mold. Lastly, it is essential to have a variety of molds at various sizes”tapers usually get their namesake from the long tapered form they take– before making your candles.

Shopping for Quality Taper Candle Making Supplies

When shopping for the supplies you need to make taper candles, it is important to consider the quality of all materials. Quality wax, wicks, and moulds should all be taken into consideration when making your purchases. Wax is usually sold in blocks or slabs and can range from lower grades appropriate for beginners to higher grade wax with a more professional finish. The wicks also vary in size and material, with cored wicking being the most popular choice. Speciality moulds must be purchased to achieve the desired finished product. Some come in sets while others require individual pieces put together ” this will depend on what sort of style or design you are looking for. Lastly, colourants and fragrances can add life to any candle but make sure you choose ones that are safe for candle making. Taking proper care with these considerations will ensure you have a successful taper candle-making experience.

Matching Candle Wax and Wicks to Your Design

The first step is to obtain the necessary candle-making supplies. This includes wax, wicks, molds, and dyes or scents depending on how you plan to customize your candles. Before selecting your wax, decide what type of candle you are making; there are a variety of wax types including paraffin, beeswax, palm oil, soy wax, and more. Consider factors such as melting temperature and shrinkage for a successful pour when selecting the ideal wax for your candles. After picking the right wax for your project, select cheesecloth-backed cotton or paper-core wicks that match the size of the mold and needed burn time. In addition to this, if you wish to color or add scent to create fancier taper candles then you will also need appropriate dye chips and fragrance oils that coordinate with the type of wax you have chosen. This can help make your those unique taper candles even more special and personal!

Adding Color to Your Taper Candles

Adding color to your taper candles is a great way to make them unique and beautiful. You can choose from one of the many types of wax available, such as beeswax, paraffin wax, or soy wax, as well as several different types of dyes and pigments. When you use a dye, it is best to also use an additive such as stearic acid to help preserve the color once the candle has burned. Pigments are more durable than dyes and can be an ideal choice for making candles with bright colors that will last longer against burning flames. With both options, you must ensure that the materials are thoroughly blended before pouring them in your molds. Wicks are also an important component when adding color to taper candles; cotton or paper corded wicks work best and will allow your candles to burn uniformly without producing smoke or leaving residue on the side of the glass container.

What Is the Best Candle Making Kit

Learning the Basics of Taper Candle Making

Taper candle making is a fun and rewarding craft that can offer hours of creative satisfaction. To begin taper candle making, it’s important to gather the necessary supplies for the job. Depending on your level of experience, the supplies may include: Candle wax in block or granulated form; wicking material, such as pre-tabbed wicks and base connectors; wax dyes or a set of standard candle colors; melting pots, thermometers and spout ladles; double-boiler equipment; molds to create specific shapes and designs; tools such as cutting tools, dipping forms and pouring pitchers; plus pour and cool kits which include silicone mats and cooling trays. For added texture effects, items such as glitter, natural herbs or leaves may be used. After acquiring all your supplies, you’ll be ready to get started on creating magnificent one-of-a-kind personal taper candles!

Advanced Tips for Crafting Unique Tapered Candles

When it comes to crafting unique tapered candles, there are some essential supplies and tips you should consider for a successful project. In addition to the basic taper candle supplies ” beeswax, wicking, and molds ” you may want to pick up one or more of the following items:

-Molding sheets: These thin sheets are made from a variety of materials ” aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic fiber, fiberglass cloth ” and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Molding sheets let you customize the shape of your taper candles so they’re perfect for whatever occasion or décor you have in mind.

-Colors: Adding coloring to your candle wax can make all the difference when crafting unique tapered candles. There are many types of colorants available that won’t discolor or damage the wax over time. Be sure to use only non-flammable colorants.

-Fragrances: Consider adding aromatherapy fragrances such as lavender or sandalwood oil to give your taper candles a special scent. Just remember not to add too much fragrance oil ” 1/4 teaspoon will do just fine!

-Tools: You’ll need some basic tools like scissors, measuring spoons and ladles for melting the wax and wicking tweezers for adjusting the wicks after pouring. Additionally, depending on your design you might require other tools like cookie cutters or pastry bags for intricate designs or decorations.

Once you have all the additional supplies mentioned above (or other supplies that may be necessary depending on your desired design), it’s time to start creating your perfect custom taper candles! Skillfully combining these advanced tips with basics such as shaping and sizing will help you craft beautiful tapered candles every time – whether they’re gifts for loved ones or decoration pieces for special occasions. Have fun experimenting!


Once you have the necessary supplies for making taper candles, you can begin to consider creative ways to display them. One idea is to make a statement on your mantelpiece by arranging tall and short candlesticks in alternating heights. For a more subtle effect, you could place votives or tea lights on top of an interesting base such as a stack of books or a pile of stones. You could even use artificial greenery to provide extra visual interest around the candles. If space allows, make an arrangement of several different sizes and heights of candlesticks that will add vertical interest and drama. Cylinder vases are also great for displaying votives and tapers in twos or threes. Tapers look extremely beautiful when floated in water; make sure to keep the water topped off for best effects. Don’t worry about the drips; unscented white wax creates a pleasant natural look when melted on dark surfaces like countertops and dressers.

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