Used Candle Making Equipment For Sale

The art and craft of candle making has been loved by makers for centuries, so much so that there is a great selection of used candle making equipment for sale. With the diversity of suppliers and the age-old tradition behind the craft, both beginners and experienced crafters have access to an extensive array of both new and used products to suit their needs.

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to explore the hobby or a professional looking to expand your offerings, used candle making equipment for sale can open the door to many possibilities.

Types Of Equipment Available Used kit sets often provide an entry point into the hobby of candle making but there’s more available than just these kits. Molds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes from standard molds re-used again and again, upcycled household item molds like ice cube trays, or artful hand crafted custom molds.

Wax materials range from paraffin, which can be colored easily with liquid dyes suitable for pillar candles, up to plant derived soy wax which is best suited for container candles along with vegetable based waxes blended out of beeswax with various additives.

These range in melting points from 125F right up to 180F+ when blended correctly. Wicks come in every size imaginable as well as materials including paper core cotton braid wicks that are notorious when it comes to wooden wick candles made popular by online crafts retailers such as Etsy.

Advantages And Disadvantages One advantage of purchasing used supplies is that they’re more affordable compared to their new counterparts. Alternatively buying pre-used moulds can be risky unless they are known sources since you don’t know how well they’ve been taken care of or what chemicals may have been using within them previously.

This same concern applies when buying any secondhand products such as pre-Owned essential oils or pre-owned dyes too however this risk factor can often be mitigated through careful research prior to purchase.

Another disadvantage is availability – there’s no set schedule or predictability when it comes to devices being offered available so you’ll need to keep an eye out for deals as they pop up across numerous websites and forums dedicated solely towards this passion of ours: Candle Making.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Used Candle Making Equipment

The advantages of buying used candle making equipment are numerous and varied. Purchasing used equipment can save a business money, as it often costs significantly less than purchasing new equipment. The lower cost can provide more capital for startup businesses or those with limited resources, providing them the opportunity to get off the ground instead of pouring all their resources into expensive manufacturing or production machinery that may not be necessary at that point.

Furthermore, used equipment may help reduce overhead costs and increase profits. Additionally, since used equipment has already been broken in and tested by previous owners, it is often easier to set up since all of the kinks, so to speak, have already been worked out.

There are some drawbacks to buying used candle-making equipment as well. Finding parts and replacements for older models of candle-making machines can be difficult if they are no longer being produced or stocked by manufacturers.

This can greatly impact a business’s ability to replace parts should anything need replacing or repairing in order for the machine to operate properly. Moreover, there is always the risk that the item purchased could be defective or otherwise not work correctly without any visible signs on the exterior; this will require adequate testing prior to purchase in many cases which also increases overhead costs associated with maintenance and repair.

Benefits of Buying Used Candle-Making Equipment

  • Cost savings: Used candle-making machines cost significantly less than new ones.
  • Overhead Reduction: Reduces overhead costs associated with manufacturing processes.
  • Tested Operation: Machines have already been tested under operation conditions so set up is noticeably easier.
  • Capital Savings: Allows businesses with limited resources to invest in other areas instead of investing money exclusively into Machines.

Different Types of Used Candle Making Equipment Available

Used candle making equipment is available in wide ranging varieties. Each piece of used equipment caters towards a different need or type of task related to the candle making process, and can easily be found on online auction sites or specialty websites. Some of the more common types available for purchase include:

  • Pouring Pot and Container – Generally made of stainless steel, these pieces come in various sizes and can range from small tankards to large industrial kettles. They are used for hot pouring wax into moulds or molds.
  • Moulds and Molds – Casting tapered and cylinder shaped candles requires the use of specialized metal moulds often made from aluminum, bronze, copper, iron or stainless steel. Smaller scale production may require soldering irons with removable mouled attachments designed to maintain shape and height consistency.
  • Wicking Equipment – Many different types of wicking equipment are used according to the type of candle being poured. Cotton pre-tabbed wicks are most commonly used in mass-market productions such as votives or pillars while twisted paper, haywire, rolled wood core threading is popular for custom production.
  • Melting Tanks – Temperature controlled melting tanks may be necessary for chunk waxes such as beeswax or paraffin waxes. All size abilities are available from smaller hand held containers to large heated kettles.
  • Labelling Machines – Labeling machines are not required but do give that professional touch when labeling product finished in candle tins, jars or boxes.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to purchasing used candle making equipment is that with prices significantly lower than buying brand new machinery it frees up needed capital for investing elsewhere within your business. Used equipment is usually easy to find however caution must be exercised when buying due to needing thorough cleaning prior to use as germicidal agents eliminate any remnants of bacteria left behind by its previous owner’s materials.

Tips for Finding Quality Used Candle Making Supplies

Buying used candle making supplies can offer significant savings, however it is important to ensure that you purchase quality items. Poor quality supplies can yield disappointing results so it is beneficial to take the time to research and assess each item before you make a purchase. Here are some tips that will help you find reliable used candle making equipment.

Research Reputable Sellers

Before purchasing anything, it pays to take the time to research any online or in-person sellers. Check their reviews and ratings from other customers and see if they have been featured in established publications or outlets such as magazines or blogs.

Speak directly with the seller and inquire about their return policy and potential guarantees of quality products. If selling locally, you should consider taking the time to visit their store in person for an assessment of items on hand.

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Inspect Quality & Function Of Equipment

It is also important to inspect any used equipment carefully prior to purchase, ensuring there are no cracks, rust or signs of damage present which may render a product unusable. You should also check that all moving parts function correctly, surrounding seals are tight and buttons work properly on electric equipment such as wax melters.

It may., therefore, be worthwhile purchasing an additional warranty if available as this can protect against manufacturer defects or malfunctions which might not be apparent until later in the candle-making process.

Check Prices Carefully Against New Products

When assessing second-hand items, it is important to check prices carefully against average cost for new products from reputable suppliers such as retailers and wholesalers. This will give you an indication of whether the seller’s price is reasonable – comparing numerous suppliers provides insight into any potential discounts available which might otherwise be missed. Where possible, purchase products with an extended warranty clause included in case repairs need doing quickly if any equipment fails during use down the line.

Popular Used Candle Making Equipment Trends

Used candle making equipment is becoming increasingly popular, as budding entrepreneurs around the world seek out unique and innovative ways to start their own business. Whether you want to create one-of-a-kind scented candles, mold artistic figures with wax, or even use colorants and dyes to create intricate designs on your products, used candle making equipment will provide the supplies needed for any project.

Variety of Quality Supplies

When searching for used candlemaking equipment, buyers should look for a supplier that offers a wide variety of quality supplies. Common items sold include: wicks, waxes, colors, molds, containers and dyes.

With these tools in hand, it’s possible to craft the candles of your dreams without breaking the bank on start up costs. Buyers should also be sure to select a seller who only stocks high-quality merchandise – otherwise they may end up replacing their supplies more often than necessary.

Affordable Prices

Another benefit to buying used candle making equipment is how affordable it can be. While larger companies may have to shell out thousands of dollars for the same types of supplies from a retail store or manufacturer, small businesses and individuals may be able to find excellent deals on lightly used products that are still in great condition.

Some popular online retailers even cost compare rates between different suppliers – this way buyers can get an idea of which product offers the best value without having to do too much research beforehand.

Finding Used Candle Making Equipment

Most sellers offer their wares through online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy; however there are also brick-and-mortar locations or local artist fairs where buyers can purchase used candle making supplies directly from vendors or even other craftsmen or hobbyists looking to rid themselves of unwanted inventory. For those interested in purchasing multiple pieces at once (i.e., starter kits) some manufacturers offer special introductory prices when ordering in bulk.

Just make sure you conduct careful research on all stores and check customer reviews before committing – after all you want your new business venture off on the right foot.

Benefits of Buying Used Candle Making Equipment over New

1. Cost-Effective: One of the major benefits of buying used candle making equipment is that it is much more cost-effective than buying new. Used equipment will often be considerably less expensive than similar manufacturer items or ‘brand new’ models, so you can save a lot of money without compromising on quality or functionality.

2. Quality Equipment: It’s important to remember that just because the item is used doesn’t mean it isn’t quality equipment. Most used candle making equipment has been carefully maintained and inspected by a trained technician prior to sale so you’re likely to be getting an item that works just as well as its new counterpart would.

3. Variety of Options: Another great benefit of buying used candle making equipment is that there are plenty of options available to you, meaning you can find exactly what you need without being limited by what’s on offer in brand new stores. From unique vintage finds to recent industry standards, if it’s out there for sale, chances are you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Comprehensive List Of Benefits

  • Cost-effective alternative to purchasing brand new equipment.
  • The chance to find quality products with the assurance that they are safe and functional.
  • Much wider selection when compared to shops with only brand new products.
  • Risk of buying faulty products is much lower due to previous inspection.
  • Greater variety from older instruments and rarer items.

Cost Comparison between New and Used Candle Making Equipment

The market for candle making equipment is a growing one. As more and more people find out how easy and fun it can be to make their own candles, the number of businesses selling used candle making equipment increases.

Whether you are just getting started in the world of candle making or have been doing so for a while, you may be wondering how cost-effective purchasing used equipment can be. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the cost difference between buying new and used materials and equipment for candle making.

When considering the purchase of used candle making materials and equipment, one of the most important factors to consider is quality. It’s important to inspect any item carefully before committing to buy it – paying close attention to wear and signs of damage. The last thing anyone wants is potentially faulty materials that could cause an accident while working with flammable materials.

However, finding quality used items from reputable sources can provide great savings over buying new equivalents. If possible, getting an exact measurement of the item so further research on current price points for similar items can also help provide assurance that you are getting a good deal.

When looking into used supplies specifically, there are even more considerations to think about, mostly depending on what substances are involved in production line (i.e., waxes).

While some waxes do not change composition with age – there are paraffin and soy based candles – others may degrade over time such as beeswax or palm wax varieties, which should only be considered if you know they haven’t been sitting around too long as their properties will start changing quickly after a certain amount of time has passed due to humidity changes.

Overall, when taking cost into consideration when looking at purchasing both new or used materials or equipment for candle making purposes, it pays to shop around and compare prices. Researching provides good insight into what each option has available – but ultimately it comes down to preference since depending on where buyers shop they can often get a good deal without compromising safety or quality regardless of whether they decide new or used products.

Where to Buy Used Candle Making Equipment

Used candle making equipment is an excellent way to get started in the industry without having to purchase brand new supplies and machines. It can save money that can then be put towards making and selling more candles. Established candle makers also use used equipment because these pieces are often reliable and economical. There are several places where you can buy used candle making equipment, including online auctions, classified ads, second-hand stores, or from other established candle makers.

When shopping for used candle making equipment, it is important to inspect the items closely before purchasing them. This means looking for signs of wear and tear as well as testing them out to make sure all necessary components are included and working properly. It is also a good idea to take measurements so you know what size of equipment you need.

Making Wax Candle

Buying used candle making equipment online has some extra benefits over visiting a physical store or auction. You have the opportunity to search specifically for the items you need, compare prices from multiple sellers quickly, read reviews about the product’s condition from others who have used it in the past, and ask questions directly via email if needed.

It is possible to find incredible savings when shopping for used candle making equipment by doing research on current price trends within your budget range. Auctions are another great way to source bargains on used items as they tend to attract buyers with competitive bid prices compared to those listed at second-hand stores or individual sellers online.

Taking part in forums related to candle making and asking those experienced in the field will also be helpful when seeking advice about prices and quality of pieces available on the market today.

What to Look for when Buying Used Candle Making Equipment

When you are about to purchase used candle making equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s important that you understand what to look for and how to find the best deals. Researching the current market value of equipment in various condition categories helps give buyers an idea of what they should be looking for when they shop. Additionally, buyers should ask questions to evaluate if the equipment is what they need for their needs.

When evaluating used candle making equipment, it is important to look for signs of wear and tear. Make sure all components are functioning correctly and safety features are operating as expected. Inspect the equipment thoroughly including any cords or wiring and check it against its manufacturer’s user manual specifications if available.

Used machinery that has not been maintained properly may require repairs which can be costly and take up valuable time during production runs. As with any purchase, research any warranty options on used equipment carefully before purchasing so you know ahead of time what maintenance is required by the seller.

In addition to inspecting for any visible wear and tear, buyers should also investigate the performance and capacity potential of used candle making equipment before purchasing. Many second-hand items may have less computing power than their newer counterparts on the market, which could slow down production times significantly; something that can be detrimental depending on the applications or duties a business requires from their machine tools.

Researching feed rate compatibility is also worth exploring to determine whether consistent output can be achieved over long-term use with fewer stops/starts between batches of products being made on each run – something especially important if working within tight deadlines regularly.

Another factor worth considering is energy efficiency – high consumption rates associated with antiquated machines only serves as additional manufacturing overhead costs over time; though some businesses do prefer older technology compared to modern advancements due its proven reliability record firsthand. Lastly, research service contracts when available as it can provide peace of mind in terms of having access use whenever needed or predictable uptime without extra trouble shooting fees during unexpected downtime.

Professional Tips for Maintenance of Used Candle Making Equipment

Used candle making equipment can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. With proper maintenance, used equipment can last for many years and provide reliable service. However, to ensure that your used candle making machinery is functioning correctly and safely, it’s important to follow a few key tips. Here is a list of details on how best to maintain used candle making equipment:

  • Always inspect the machine for loose bolts or screws. Make sure everything is tight and secure.
  • Check hoses and gaskets for wear or leaks before use.
  • Regularly clean the wick trimmer blades to ensure that the wicks will trim evenly.

As candle making requires tremendous precision and accuracy, regular maintenance will ensure that your used candle making equipment continues to perform its duties without any errors. To lubricate heavily-used parts such as rotators or trimmers, use 10W-30 oil applied with an applicator brush. After lubrication, run the machine a few times to distribute the oil evenly. This will not only help keep your machine in good condition but also help reduce noise levels during operation.

For wax melting systems, you should always check that the heaters are working properly before each use by monitoring temperature readings accurately from both digital displays and thermometers. By understanding how hot enough wax needs to be in order for desired scents and colors is essential in getting right consistency which results in good quality candles each time they are made.

It is important to pay special attention to your wax tanks when performing upkeep so dirt or wax residue does not accumulate over time inside which could damage other components on the machine eventually leading up to more costly repairs or replacements down the line.


When it comes to candle making, buying used equipment can be an excellent way to save money and get started in the hobby without breaking the bank. Making sure you understand what is included with each piece of equipment, thoroughly inspecting it for any remaining wax residue or damages, and doing some research into various brands can help you make an informed decision when selecting used candle making equipment.

The first thing to consider when evaluating used candle-making equipment is quality. You will want to look for high-quality pieces that have been cared for properly and not extensively used or damaged.

Many higher-end pieces have various temperature settings and mechanisms that may need calibration in order for them to work correctly, so make sure to be on the lookout for these as well. If possible, you should test all machinery before finalizing your purchase in order to guarantee its efficiency.

It’s also important to check whether any of the supplies which are sold with the equipment are part of the package or if they must be purchased separately. Many times there can be a gap between what’s included with a piece of used equipment and what’s needed to operate it effectively; this can add unanticipated costs that could otherwise be avoided by purchasing more complete kits off of marketplaces like eBay or Google Shopping.

Additionally, researching reviews online and speaking with local crafts people about their experiences with different brands can help you better assess which one fits your budget and needs best.

Ultimately, making a good investment means weighing both quality and cost together; investing too heavily in superior quality alone may not provide enough value for your money whereas investing insufficiently into cutting corners could lead to a lot of frustrations further down the line when trying to make candles. After carefully considering all factors involved it should be easy enough to select used candle making equipment safely without overspending.

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