Vintage Candle Making Molds

Introduction to Vintage Candle Making Molds

Vintage candle making molds have been part of traditional candle crafting since time immemorial. The earliest artifacts date from Ancient Egypt and depict molds used to manufacture religious symbols in candle wax. In the Middle Ages, intricate beeswax candles were made using carved wooden molds, often so ornate that historians believe these candles’ decorations had a cultural or religious significance. Later in the 17th and 18th centuries, the use of metal molds became common with steel and brass being two popular choices of materials. These were typically made by hammering sheets of metal into specific shapes then joining and soldering them together. In Victorian times, specialty ceramics also came into fashion and were intricately painted by hand to create decorative typestyles including textured fabrics, exotic flowers and animals. Each successive century brought new innovations in technology which has only increased the possibilities for creating unique vintage molds today.

A History of Vintage Candle Making Molds

17th Century: Candle molds were first used in the 17th century by tallow chandlers. Initially, tallow was melted and poured into a wooden box or bucket until it hardened. Eventually, these craftsmen determined that using metal molds would create an easier way to make and shape candles.

18th Century: By the 18th century, craftspeople began to use a variety of metals such as bronze, copper, silver, and brass to create intricate candle molds. These typically consisted of two parts: one portion with a hole at the center for pouring in hot wax, and another piece with structure that allowed for creating impressive designs on the candles. The pieces could be connected together by binding them with small rivets or screws.

19th Century: During this century, industrialization made candle-making more efficient and accessible than ever before. Wooden molds were still common during this period but they were gradually replaced by iron casting methods which allowed for mass production of candles. This process also enabled different companies to specialize in specific candle designs which further enhanced variety among commercial wax products of the time.

20th Century: By the start of the 20th century, candle production moved towards more modernized methods and machinery such as automated injection molding machines which revolutionized the industry once again. However, vintage candle making molds still remain popular among craftspeople as they are used to create custom-made products that feature designs inspired by previous decades.

Different Types of Vintage Candle Making Molds Available

Standard Candle Molds:
Taper candle molds are essential for making the traditional type of candle. These molds either come in one or two pieces and make candles with a classic shape that is tapered at the top and bottom. Single-piece molds are held together with metal clamps and are easy to use. With double-piece molds, the base acts as a reservoir while the upper part has spacing that determines the diameter of the candle. These may require additional work because they have to be filled with wax more than once to form a complete product.

Specialty Candle Molds:
Asymmetrical or abstract shapes require specialty candle molds, which can be found in many sizes and varieties including cylindrical, tray-type, octagonal, origami, brick, and even spiral shapes for instance. Non-cylindrical or lofted candles are usually made from custom-designed molds due to their creative designs.

Vintage Style Candle Molds:
People who love re-creating vintage style candles can find plenty of original molds from the 1800s through 1950s that were used to recreate these looks. Many of these vintagestyle designs feature classic flower motifs as well as intricate swirls and waves running along their surfaces – perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your home décor. They also often come in multiple pieces that offer several options when it comes to crafting your candles’ unique look.

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Benefits of Using Vintage Candle Making Molds

Using vintage candle making molds can bring a unique, rustic flair to your candles and can truly transform the appearance of your finished product. One of the major benefits is that you will never create two identical products because each and every mold is slightly different from all the others. This can make for unique, one-of-a-kind candles for a special occasion or as a great gift for someone special.

Another benefit to using vintage molds is that they tend to be larger than modern molds, allowing you to create larger, more impressive pieces with greater detail. Vintage molds are also made out of metal while many recent models are plastic or silicone which adds an interesting texture when the wax is pushed out. In addition, some vintage styles have special designs or details that can be used to create beautiful decorative pieces that may be interesting conversation topics.

When compared to modern molds, vintage ones require a little extra care as they must not be overheated in order to prevent any damage or deformation due to high temperatures. They may need more frequent cleaning since small crevices tend to develop and capture wax residues over time. Nonetheless, their unique textures and charismatic appeal makes them well worth the effort required when crafting your own candles with them!

How to Clean and Care for Your Vintage Candle Making Mold

Cleaning your Vintage Candle Making Mold:

When it comes to cleaning your vintage candle making mold, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, for any kind of wax residue, you will want to use a gentle heat source alongside an old toothbrush to scrape away the wax residue. NEVER submerge or soak your vintage candle making mold in any type of liquid as this will cause irreparable damage. Additionally, some molds may have intricate designs that prove difficult to clean; in these cases it is best to use a soft-bristled brush with some warm water (for stubbornly stuck-on debris). Once you’ve removed any way residue it is always wise to allow the molds to dry completely before continuing on.

Care for Your Vintage Candle Making Mold:

Once your molds are cleaned and free of wax residue and dirt, you can begin the process of properly caring for them. Start by lightly coating all sides in vegetable oil or mineral oil and then wiping away the excess with a paper or cloth towel. Now they are ready to be stored! The best way to store your vintage candle making molds is by keeping them in sealed boxes — preferably airtight — which will protect them from humidity and dust build up. If left out in excessively humid environments these can slowly become distorted overtime due to warping. Also keep an eye out for rust spots which could also form if not taken care of quickly enough. Of course another great way of caring for these molds is by using them frequently! Ultimately, with the proper care and vigilance, these vintage candle making molds can last for years and years with no problem at all!

Tips for Using Vintage Candle Making Molds

Getting the Perfect Pour

Candle Making Wax

When using vintage candle making molds, it is important to get the perfect pour. This will ensure that candles come out with a smooth, consistent texture and design. To do this, make sure the wax is at the correct temperature – typically between 125-145 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature probes are ideal for testing the temperature of the wax. When it reaches the desired temperature, carefully pour it into the mold – any spillage should be wiped away immediately in order to keep a clean shape. Move quickly during this step as wait too long can cause burning or even explosion of the wax as it cools down too rapidly in your container.

Troubleshooting Problems With Molds

If you find yourself having issues with pouring wax into molds, certain troubleshooting tips can help you improve your technique and overall results:
* Make sure to preheat your molds so that they’re warm when you pour your wax into them
* Be sure to use enough wick which helps support hot liquid wax when pouring
* Don’t overfill your mold — use too much wax and it will be difficult to achieve an even shape once removed from the mold
* Never skimp on cleaning out old candle remains before starting a new project; otherwise leftover scent or chemicals can interfere with injection of new material
* Always follow recommended guidelines when using heat sources such as a double boiler
Follow these steps and you should have no trouble getting perfect results every time when using antique candle making molds!

Creative Ways to Decorate with Vintage Candle Making Molds

• Crafting your own personalized candles: A simple but striking way to use vintage candle molds is to create your own personalized, customized candles. Pick a favorite scent or try out several different ones to find the perfect match!
• Making a wax impression of a meaningful object: Make a special keepsake or sentimental gift by placing objects such as seashells, coins, pressed flowers or jewelry into the mold and pouring liquid wax into it. Once hardened the object will be embedded in the hardened wax for all time.
• Decorating with wax shapes: Remove old candlewax from molds and use them to decorate shelves, mantles and tabletops as sculptural decorations. Or place battery-operated tea lights inside them for an ambient light.
• Creating unique office supplies: Use vibrant colored wax melted down from old molds to coat jars, notebooks and pencil holders for stylish organizational accessories. The soft fragrances can help create a beautiful work atmosphere too!
• Installing outdoor lighting outdoors: Attach outdoor lighting hardware with waterproof screws behind vintage candle molds and hang them along fence posts and outer walls of homes or business premises to give a classic yet charming touch.


Vintage candle making molds add a timeless beauty to any project. They can be used to make special keepsakes and decorations, adding a special touch to any home. Furthermore, they have been around for centuries and are often the perfect accent piece when carefully selected and artfully crafted. Whether you choose to use vintage molds yourself or give them as a gift that is sure to last a lifetime, these candle making molds can hold a unique significance for all who use them. With their ornate designs, these molds are an important factor in preserving the beauty of our past.

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