Wax Levelers For Candle Making


Candle making is an art form that involves the practice of melting wax and pouring it into a candle mold in order to create a beautiful, unique piece. Making sure that the surface level of the candle is perfectly even is an important component of this process. To ensure that candles come out perfectly balanced, many candle makers use wax levelers. Wax levelers are made up of specialized tools used to adjust and smooth out the surface of a candle after it has been poured, eliminating unsightly lumps or waves on the surface and ensuring your candles are perfectly flat. This not only improves the overall quality of your candles but also helps them burn more consistently and brightly. In addition, wax levelers can be used to adjust the size and shape of your candle by smoothing out any excess material around its outer edge for accuracy and uniformity.

What are Wax Levelers and How Do They Work?

Wax levelers are a type of tool used in candle making. They are designed to help ensure that candles have even edges and consistent widths during production. Wax levelers work by utilizing two thin pieces of metal that evenly spread and shape the freshly melted wax before it cools. The two thin pieces act as guides for where the wax should be poured, and then they compress down the finished product to create a smooth, flat top and bottom of the candle. With certain models, the exact height of each candle can be adjusted with a simple adjustment knob so that no two candles are exactly alike. Most wax levelers also feature an adjustable space between both blades so that different sized candles can be easily made without sacrificing precision.

Benefits of Using Wax Levelers

Wax levelers are essential tools for candle makers. They help to measure accurately and evenly distribute wax during the making of candles, guaranteeing a high-quality product at the end of the process. Wax levelers enable you to achieve perfectly shaped, uniform candles that won’t sink in the middle or expand unevenly. This will lead to fewer flaws in your finished product and an improved overall look. Additionally, wax levelers can reduce the amount of scrap wax created during the candle making process, saving time and resources in the production line. They also make achieving desired scents and colors more accurate, as well as enabling safety compliance efforts in regards to fire hazards and environmental protection standards. Overall, with these tools you can create superior quality candles more quickly.

Different Ways to Use Wax Levelers

Wax levelers are an invaluable tool for any candle maker, as they help create perfectly even wax layers which will solidify in a uniform manner. Wax levelers can be used in a variety of ways to create candles or other items with neat and even layers of wax.

One of the most common ways to use wax levelers is to achieve the correct thickness for each layer of wax. This requires filling the mold with wax, and then gently dragging the heated leveler across the surface of the melted wax. This will remove any excess or unevenness, allowing you to achieve perfectly flat and even layers for your candles or other creations.

Another way you can use your wax leveler is to scrape off every bit of excess wax before switching between colors or scents in your candle mix. This will ensure that all residual color and scent is completely removed so that one smell doesn’t overpower another when burning.

Finally, if you have multiple identical molds, you can use your wax leveler as a jig to ensure that all layers match up correctly when poured into several molds at once. Simply place a string of melted was across each mold – using the same cross-sectional dimensions throughout – and then insert dowels between them before using your heated leveler along each interconnected line so that each layer matches up accordingly, ultimately ensuring a perfect result!

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Tips for Choosing the Right Wax Levelers

When selecting wax levelers for candle making, it is important to consider the texture, size and design of the levelers as well as their durability. Wax levelers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of candles. Therefore, it is important to find one that best fits your needs. Additionally, they can be bought in both natural materials such as bamboo or metal and synthetic materials such as plastic. Natural materials allow for better heat conductivity which speeds up work time while metal ones offer stability and strength. Finally, it is recommended to look for wax levelers that are made with non-stick coating as this helps prevent spills or messes when pouring hot wax into molds.

Different Types of Wax Levelers Available

Wax levelers are a must-have tool for aspiring candle makers. They make it much easier to ensure all your candles are the same height and size. There are two different types of wax levelers available, plastic and metal.

Plastic wax levelers are one of the most affordable options, but require frequent cleaning because they tend to get clogged since plastic is porous. Plastic wax levelers work great for larger areas, where the candle does not need extra attention or detailed designs.

Metal wax levelers offer more precision than plastic models, as they can easily create sharp curves and clean edges in your candles with ease. They usually cost more due to their durability”metal tools don’t have to be cleaned nearly as often as plastic versions do”making them better suited for intricate creations. Some types may also come with added features such as wheels or handles that make them easier to maneuver. Additionally, metal wax levelers last longer than other materials due to their durability and resistance to heat and wear-and-tear.

In addition to standard wax levelers, there are also specialty tools on the market that can be used for a variety of purposes in candle making projects”these include beveled edge cutters, carvers, craters (used for creating unique texture patterns), drill presses (necessary for drilling wicks into candles), melters, molds and thermometers. All these tools will help you achieve your desired effects when craftsing custom candles!

Common Uses for Wax Levelers

Wax levelers for candle making are tools used to allow for even and consistent pouring of wax into molds. They hold the wax at a consistent height, which makes it easier to get an evenly shaped and sized candle. There are several different types of wax levelers available; some having multiple levels that allow the user to adjust the height of the wax. Using wax levelers can also help reduce air bubbles in candles, resulting in a smoother finish with fewer imperfections. In addition, they can help save time when making multiple candles as each one will be poured from the same height consistently. Aside from their primary use for candle-making, wax levelers can also be used for other types of art projects such as soap-making or creating sculptures out of melted wax. They are typically made from heat resistant plastic or metal and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to fit a variety of needs.

Tips for Properly Operating Wax Levelers

Wax levelers are essential tools for any candle making operation. They provide an accurate way to measure the amount of wax desired and create smooth, even surfaces in the finished product. Many first-time candle makers have difficulty with their wax levelers and getting them set properly. Here are some tips for getting the best performance out of your wax levelers:

• Begin by ensuring the table you’re using is clean and flat so your wax will level properly. Any dust or dirt can cause unsightly bumps or hollows when pouring and can affect how evenly your liquid wax distributes over your container.

• Adjust the bevel angle on your wax leveler to create different heights within a single pour. This allows you more control when creating more intricate designs as you cast your candles, whether they be pillars, votives, tapers, etc.

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• Make sure that you maintain consistent pressure on each side of the leveler when pouring to ensure that it exerts the same amount of pressure towards each corner for an even surface when finished. Too little pressure can create porous sections in a large pour; too much pressure can cause cracking along edges or surfaces once dry.

• Remove all excess heat from hot poured waxes before allowing them to dry as this helps prevent condensation from forming underneath layers of poured wax causing unevenness after curing or setting.

• Always read and follow manufacturer instructions regarding use and maintenance of your wax levelers prior to use in order to achieve the maximum results with minimal effort and time investment into each piece created!

How to Care For and Maintain Wax Levelers

Wax levelers are an essential tool for candle makers, allowing them to achieve even and consistent layers of wax throughout the process of making candles. To ensure good results, it is important that wax levelers be cared for and maintained properly.

One essential step to caring for wax levelers is ensuring that they remain clean and free from any wick scraps, oils, or other debris. This can be done by wiping the surface of the leveler with a soft cloth or brush after each use. It is also important to check the leveler arms periodically to make sure that all surfaces are in good condition and free from any obstructions that could impede their functioning. Additionally, regular inspections of the hinges should be conducted in order to ensure proper alignment and mobility between parts.

Another key element in maintaining wax levelers is keeping them properly lubricated so as to prevent them from suffering corrosion or becoming too stiff or brittle over time. The item instructions should indicate what type of lubricant is approved for use with the specific tool; this could range from food-safe mineral oil to specialized silicone sprays designed specifically for tools and hardware components.

Alternative Product Options for Leveling Wax

If you are interested in candle making, wax levelers are essential for your work. Aside from wax levelers specifically made for candle making, there are many other product options and techniques that can be used to level wax. One of the most simple methods is to use a ruler or coin and a kitchen grater. You can also try using a vinyl knife or an old butter knife and applying pressure on the sides of the container to get an even layer. You can also purchase special tools such as wrappers and spreaders which you can attach to a candle mold then pour the melted wax into it, ensuring your candles come out perfectly round every time. There are also silicone molds in various shapes like animals, hearts and stars that you can melt your wax into which instantly create beautifully detailed designs. Lastly, adding a layer of plaster or casting stones at the bottom helps protect your molds from getting burn marks over time. With all these diverse tools and techniques for leveling wax available, you have plenty of options for creating quality candles!


Wax levelers for candle making are a great tool to employ when creating candles. They provide greater precision in wax layers and help create a smooth finished product. Moreover, they reduce the amount of time needed to set wax levels during production. In addition, wax levelers can be used with a variety of different styles and types of candles – ranging from traditional tea lights to decorative pillars and votives. Furthermore, the use of wax levelers can help reduce the risk of uneven burning or uneven coloring when using colored wax. Thus, all candlemakers should consider incorporating this tool into their craft to ensure that they produce quality candles with a professional finish.

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