Wax Poetic Candle Making


Wax Poetic Candle Making is an art of combining the calming effects of scents, colors and textures that help create a truly unique touch in any home. Using all-natural ingredients for their candles, Wax Poetic creates delightful scents with unique blends of essential oils and safe, high-quality waxes. Each candle is then poured and handcrafted with expertise to ensure an even burn that will last from start to finish.

The many benefits to using Wax Poetic Candles include longer burning times for up to 10 hours, the ability to choose more unique scent combinations, a cleaner and longer-lasting scent when burned properly, and being free of paraffin wax which is known for its negative environmental impacts. Wax Poetic’s candles also contain organic essential oils sourced from farmer’s markets or local suppliers which helps support a sustainable lifestyle as well as giving you access to purer forms of essential oils. Plus each candle is packaged eco-friendly with recyclable materials helping reduce their carbon footprint while still providing exceptional quality products. You can be sure that you are investing in the best when you purchase Wax Poetic Candles! With so many reasons why they stand out above the competition, Wax Poetic Candles are perfect for adding beauty and aroma to any home.

Types of Candles You Can Create

There are many different types of wax candles you can create when it comes to candle making. Here are some of the most common styles, along with how to choose the right one for your project:

1. Pillar Candles: Pillar candles are cylindrical in shape and come in a variety of sizes. These candles often have a clean, elegant look and are ideal for special events. When choosing pillar candles, consider their color, scent, size, price range and flame color.

2. Votive Candles: Votive candles are small and usually made with a votive-style container or jar. They are also available in many colors and fragrances, allowing for additional customization options. Votive candles can be used for romantic occasions such as weddings or anniversaries or as decoration around the house.

3. Floating Candles: Floating candles provide a softer atmosphere due to the way they flicker on the water surface without any smoke or odor produced by traditional wicks. They come in various shapes and sizes as well as colorful scents to create an inviting atmosphere wherever you need it most.

4. Taper Candles: Taper candles provide stunning vertical height and align perfectly with taper holders due to their slender shape that won’t tip over easily while burning on any surface they’re placed on! As mentioned previously, they’re available in several colors and fragrances”making them great for festive gatherings like dinner parties or holidays!

5. Tealight Candles: Tealight candles are small wax cups encasing a wick surrounded by white wax that gives off soft light when burned; because of their miniature size they make perfect accent pieces like table centerpieces during special events! Consider what kind of fragrance you’d like to enjoy while burning these mini marvels; sometimes multiple kinds can be purchased together so that each time you light one up the room is filled with pleasant aromas!

No matter which style of candle you decide on working with, remember to always select your wax type carefully according to its melting point (the optimal temperature for melting) and burn time depending on the application you plan to use it for! With this knowledge combined with an ample amount of creative inspiration anyone could become a successful at-home candle maker; have fun experimenting with different scents & colors until your expectations have been met & feeling confident about your newest creation!

Wax & Scent Selection

When selecting wax and scents for your candles it is important to consider the type of wax, the type of scent and how they will both interact. Start by selecting a wax that is suitable for candle making and appropriate to meet your needs. Popular options include beeswax, soy wax, paraffin wax, and other types of formulated waxes. Each option has its own set of pros and cons so be sure to select one that best suits your purpose such as what type of candle you’re attempting to make.

For fragrance, you have multiple options ranging from synthetic fragrances or essential oils. Synthetic fragrances usually come in larger volume so may require less in each batch than essential oils. Essential oils are natural which some people prefer but beware when mixing with certain types of waxes as it can negatively affect burning time, scent throw, etc., It is also important to know what temperatures different scents will start having an effect so you can further customize your candle experience! Finally make sure whatever product you choose carries a certified kosher labeling if using for religious purposes.

In addition to considering the parameters above there are few final pointers; aim for 4-7% scent concentration per pound of wax used then test burning before committing on a large batch. Don’t forget there should always be a pretesting phase if using natural-based scents – if using multiple fragrances together layer them one at a time over several batches because these small changes can produce big surprise results once lit!

What Can I Put A Candle In

Making Wax Poetic Candles

1. Pre-heat your work station: Pre-heating your work area is necessary to ensure the wax won’t cool too quickly or harden before you can finish, set and shape it into a candle. Pre-heat the space by using a heat lamp or mini heater to maintain a comfortable temperature (65°F).

2. Determine Candle Mold Type: Choose between ceramic, metal, plastic, silicone molds, or hand-roll application based on the desired candle shape. To form beeswax sheets, use pellon sheets hammered with a rolling pin to flatten and adhere them together with double sided tape for cylinder candles. For shorter styles choose shallow cube molds for perfect cubes to stack them in multiples for unique designs .

3. Prepare Wick Tabs: Position wax tabs at opposite ends of the mold with adhesive dots provided in starter kits for better support and alignment. Make sure that the tab doesn’t extend from above the top of the mold as this would interfere with closing it up after pour.

4. Melt Wax: Directions may vary according to chosen type of wax; poured waxes can be melted in stovetop double boilers that consist of two pans placed inside each other and leveled in low heat settings while blocks are microwaved or heated over the stove individually on low heat until they melt away – both methods should be shaken intermittently during melting process to avoid scorching or accumulating dust particles in resultant liquid wax blend.

5. Pour & Allow Time To Cool/Set: With protective essential oils added as per requirements – referred by product directions ” begin pouring molten hot wax inside prepped molds assisting its flow towards sides with a ladle and topping off towards upper rim if needed; let stand undisturbed till temperature reaches room level allowing time for it to solidify gradually back into useable casted shape ready for final trimming touches at edges and decoration options such as silk painting techniques etc..

Necessary Tools & Accessories

Wax Poetic candle making is a fun and rewarding craft that anyone can do. To make the perfect candle, there are certain tools and accessories you will need to have. A candle wax melting pot provides an easy way to melt wax chunks. Alternatively, you can use a double boiler to melt the wax. You will also need wick holders, thermometers, and pouring jugs for holding wax in bulk quantities. For fragrance, a trusted scent oil is recommended for the candles. A flat surface such as a stovetop is necessary for cooling pillar candles or votive candles with containers.

To add decorative touches, a range of moulds and dyes help you create one-of-a-kind pieces with your own signature design sense. Various shapes are available in silicon molds while traditional molds are made from aluminum or plastic. Dyes can be added to the melted wax prior to pouring into molds or onto wicks depending on the desired effect. Additionally, glitter and sequins may be used to jazz up finished candles before they set and harden overnight. Finally, supplies like scissors which allow you to trim your wick’s length before lighting are also needed tools of the trade in this crafty endeavor!

Prolonging Your Candle’s Life

Candle burning is an activity enjoyed by people all over the world. Whether you like the atmosphere it creates or simply appreciate the pleasant smell of scented wax, keeping your candle burning for as long as possible is important. Wax Poetic Candle Making provides several tips and tricks to help prolong your candle’s life:

1. Before lighting, trim the wick to 1/4 inch with a proper wick trimmer. This ensures that your flame remains proportionate to your candle container size and prevents large flames from consuming all of your wax too quickly.

2. For a clean burning experience keep the wax pool free of any debris ” this will allow more oxygen to flow inside preventing soot build-up on the walls of your candle container or in the air surrounding it.

3. Once lit, don’t burn a candle continuously for more than four hours; allowing some time between uses helps prevent tunneling which results in an uneven melt pool that can cause cracking on one side after a period of use.

4. To create an even melt pool every time you light do not move a jar candle once lit and rotate it during use if you choose taper candles where possible ” this will ensure that both sides have an even melt pool as well as providing uniform color and scent throw throughout your room.

5. Before extinguishing, blow out gently instead of snuffing it with force – this will prevent wax from splattering and help maintain clean burning habits!

Displaying Your Candle Creations

Wax Poetic Candle Making is a fun and creative hobby that has recently become popular. It involves combining colors, scents, shapes, and designs to create unique candles that can be used as decorations or gifts. Now you’ve crafted these beautiful candles, the next step is to display them in unique and creative ways.

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One way of displaying your candle creations is to use decorative holders or stands. Candles can be placed inside holders that range from terracotta pots to mason jars. This allows for both the design and scent of each candle to be on display, even when it’s not lit. Another idea is to mount candles onto decorative plates or stands. These can then be arranged on shelves or mantlepieces, creating a statement piece for your home.

You could also use free-standing displays such as plinths or blocks to place different sized candles on in ascending order. This will give an impressive visual impact and make sure that all the intricate details of your candles can be appreciated clearly. Alternatively, why not hang some of your candles? Hang smaller votives on ribbons or strings and create a stunning mobile display ” perfect for making a dramatic entrance into any room!

No matter which ideas you decide to go with, wax poetic candle making will allow you bring plenty of new life into your home – all through the power of fragrance!

Benefits of Making Wax Poetic Candles

The act of making wax poetic candles is not only a creative, but therapeutic activity. From the start of the process ” selecting quality wax and fragrances, to the finished product ” a beautiful, unique candle that you created yourself ” there is much to be enjoyed in this craft. Below are some of the other benefits of making wax poetic candles:

1. The ability to find joy in being creative – Candle making allows for one’s creativity to come to life. Using various colors, scents and containers enables an individual to fully express themselves through their creations. This can be especially beneficial for those looking for an outlet during difficult times.

2. Financial savings from creating your own candles instead of purchasing them – By investing in supplies and tools up front, candle makers typically save money when creating their own products than they would by buying store bought candles, both over time and with each individual candle they make.

3. A sense of accomplishment upon seeing the final results – After crafting a product with one’s own two hands, there’s nothing quite like being able to admire what has been created, take pride in it and use it as a reward after a successful hard day’s work.

4. Low impact on environment due to soy-based ingredients – Compared to paraffin wax candles which involve burning petroleum-based derivatives which can pose health risks when inhaled, soy based candles are made from natural vegetable oil leaving far less toxins released into the air upon burning and allowing for a healthier experience all around for candle makers and consumers alike.

5. Gift giving opportunities – Crafting custom candles also creates meaningful gifts that can be shared with friends or family members who will appreciate its uniqueness rather than picking out mass produced items from stores or online retailers at prices which do not accurately reflect their true worth because of their generic packaging or impersonal look-and-feel .


Once you have mastered the basics of wax poetic candle making, there are endless opportunities to explore your creativity. Start by gathering some resources and tips that will help get you started at creating your own unique wax poetic candles.

One great resource is finding an experienced candlemaker who can offer advice and tips for using different tools and materials. It might be helpful to also sign up for a class or join a local candlemaking organization in order to learn from more experienced artisans.

The type of wax used when making wax poetic candles is incredibly important and it’s essential to use quality ingredients. If possible, buy vegan-friendly beeswax or soy wax as those tend to burn much cleaner than typical paraffin candles do. Paraffin can release toxins into the air, so if possible, steer clear of it altogether when making your candles.

Different fragrances will also create unique combinations. Once you decide on your desired scent blend, practice adding the oils while melting the wax with a double boiler method in order to ensure proper layering between the fragrance and other elements that go into creating each individual candle.

Finally, having an assortment of colors allows one to truly customize these candles and make them perfect for special occasions, decorations or gifts for others. Use natural dyes like ground spices or plant powders to experiment with color variation; mostly human-made dyes should be avoided as those may not be safe for consumption (ease select dye products accordingly).

Have fun and remember that practice makes perfect when it comes down to mastering this beautiful craft!

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