Where To Buy Fragrance Oils For Candle Making


Fragrance oils are concentrated essences derived from natural or synthetic sources. They are used to add olfactory appeal to many products, including candles. When added to candle wax, they can create a range of pleasing aromas and fragrances that help generate ambiance and charm in any setting. These scents can also evoke memories and feelings of well-being associated with certain times or places.

Using fragrance oils for candle making can also provide a lasting scent for the user’s enjoyment even long after the candle is extinguished. Candle makers can customize their projects with an endless array of possible scents, from floral varieties like lavender and jasmine, to delectable sweets like cinnamon and vanilla, to masculine woods such as sandalwood and cedar. So whether someone wants to craft a holiday gift for friends or family – or create something special for oneself – fragrance oils make it possible to craft custom candles that are truly unique.

To embark upon your own exploration of these delightful fragrances, you must first learn where to buy fragrance oils for candle making so you have a base stock on which to build your creations. Fortunately there are numerous retailers selling quality aroma extracts appropriate for this purpose, both online and in physical stores all across the country. A quick web search should yield plenty of information on potential vendors near you – alternatively you could use this reference guide as a starting point before undertaking any further research!

Types of Fragrance Oils Used in Candle Making

Fragrance oils are a popular choice for making candles because of their versatility. Depending on the scent and strength you wish to evoke, there is likely a type of fragrance oil that can do the trick! Popular fragrance oils used in candle making include floral, fruity, fresh, woodsy, herbal and spice notes. Floral scents like jasmine, lavender, gardenia or rose can create a calming and romantic atmosphere. Tropical favourites such as coconut or mango give an exotic cheerful mood. Fresh scents like cool citrus or sea mist provide energetic uplifting aromas. And herbs like peppermint or sage combined with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg can invoke warming comforting vibes.

When looking to buy fragrance oils used in candle making it’s best to opt for high-quality essential grade oil. Premium natural essential oils have higher concentrations of the main ingredient so require less to achieve the desired scent. Essential grade oils are also free from phthalates which are a harmful chemical found in cheaper synthetic options that can irritate skin and lungs when burned. High-grade essential oil suppliers stocks premium quality product focused on environmental sustainability with ethical processes and packaging. Such suppliers generally offer customers: sample sizes; flexible ordering options; combining orders; and a wide range of fragrances blended with natural ingredients including extracts, absolutes and resins made using traditional methods passed down over generations with characteristically unique aromatic profiles.

Where to Buy Fragrance Oils for Candle Making

Fragrance oils are the essential ingredient to having candles that smell wonderful and make your home feel inviting. There are numerous places to buy fragrance oils for candle making, from online stores to local craft shops. Depending on where you look, you can find a wide selection of cottage industry-approved heavy fragrance load oils, skin-safe essentials, and cosmetic grade fragrances that are perfect for all your candle making needs.

When looking to buy fragrance oils for candle making, one of the most popular places is an online shop like CandleScience or Wholesale Supplies Plus. Both companies carry a variety of high-quality products that are tested and specifically designed for use in candles. You can narrow down the selections based on scent family (fruity, floral, musk, etc.), size of bottle (1 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., etc.), availability of blends or oils created specifically for different months or occasions (Mother’s Day blend or summertime blend). In addition to stock items in their store database, both CandleScience and Wholesale Supplies Plus let customers customize their own unique scent ideas with their Create Your Own fragrance oil feature.

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For those who favor a more traditional shopping experience, local hobby craft shops and specialty suppliers such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby offer some great options as well. Here shoppers will be able to peruse the numerous bottles and entice themselves with samples offered at every counter before deciding upon a selection friendly to their budget. Since these stores tend to focus mainly on supplies needed by hobbyists such as scrapbooking and beadwork there are usually larger ranges available than what would be found at a beauty supply store like Sephora.

No matter where you choose obtain your preferred scents for candle making, it’s important to do your research ahead of time so that you get the right product each time without spending above your budget or dealing with saturation or discoloration issues once they have been used and burned in candles.

a. Local Retailers

Fragrance oils for candle making are widely available from many local retailers. Craft stores and home goods stores often carry a selection of scent oils specifically designed for use in candles. Some specialty shops focused on candle making even have an extensive selection of fragrance oils for you to choose from, allowing you to pick and choose until you find the perfect one for your own candle making project. Consult with the sales staff to ensure that you purchase a scent oil formulated especially for candles, as some fragrance oils may not be suitable for burning.

b. Online Retailers

Buying fragrance oils for candle making online is an easy and convenient way to purchase the ingredients needed for your project. There are multiple online retailers that offer a variety of scent options, often at discounted prices. Additionally, some online stores cater specifically to candle and soap makers and may offer special deals or promotions that can’t be found elsewhere. Online retailers often provide detailed descriptions of the different types of fragrance oils they offer so you can make an informed decision on which one suits your needs best. Shipping times will vary from retailer to retailer so consider this when ordering and make sure to read over delivery policies before placing your order to avoid any costly mistakes or misunderstandings.

c. Wholesale Speciality Shops

Wholesale speciality shops are great for buying fragrance oils for candle making. These stores often offer a wide selection of products, meaning a wide range of prices and scents to choose from. It also gives you access to experts in the fragrancing industry who can help you find the perfect scent for your candles. One of the advantages when dealing with wholesale speciality shops is that they typically have lower prices than retail stores due to their bulk purchase options. They often stock large amounts of scented oils, which means you can get better value for money when buying in larger quantities. In addition, if you need any assistance with selecting or blending the right oils, staff at wholesale specialty shops can provide assistance and advice.

Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are an essential ingredient in candle making, and choosing the right fragrance oil makes the difference in a great-smelling candle or one that fizzles. When searching for the best fragrance oils for your candles, there are several factors to consider. First, look for quality fragrance oils from reputable suppliers that specialize in aromatics. Most suppliers offer a range of different scents including single notes and complex combinations. Researching each scent is important so you can decide what type of smell you want in your candles. Additionally, research perfume manufacturers to understand their processes for creating oils and ingredients selection because manufacturers use different additives and processes which may affect the aroma of the oil. Another factor to consider when purchasing fragrance oils is cost – high-quality products tend to be more expensive than lower-quality versions and it’s worth investing a bit more if it means your candles will smell great! Finally, pay attention to volume sizes when shopping; larger bottles may offer better value but beware of “fake” oversized bottles that don’t provide enough oil for filling multiple candles without running out. By researching suppliers, researching product ingredients and reviewing volumes carefully, you can purchase high-quality fragrance oils with confidence so you can achieve stunning results with every candle you make!

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Creative Ideas For Using Fragrance Oils in Candle Making Projects

Fragrance oils can add a delightful aroma to your candle making projects. Before you purchase scent oils for your candles, it is important to understand the types of oils that are available, their effects and what type of base wax or carrier oil will best complement them.

When it comes to where to buy fragrance oils for candle making, there are many online stores that offer a variety of scents at varying prices. Many local craft stores and home improvement stores carry some basic scent oils as well. For a more unique selection, specialty retailers may be the best option and often offer information on how to mix signature fragrances.

Creative ideas for using fragrance oils in candle making projects can include adding special aromas during different stages of production like blending a combination of lavender and lemon scented oil while melting the wax or rubbing tea tree oil onto the wick before dipping it into the heated wax. You can also lightly swab scent oils directly onto finished candles just before burning them or soak wooden wicks into containers with a few drops of concentrated essential oil long enough until they absorb the scent.


Creating the perfect scented candle starts with choosing the right fragrance oil. Quality fragrance oils are essential ingredients to achieving superior scent throw – a measure of how well a candle`s scent is detected by those in its vicinity. To ensure you can create a candle with maximum scent throw, it is important to purchase your fragrance oils from reputable suppliers who are experienced and knowledgeable about creating candles with great fragrance. This means finding fragrance oil suppliers with an extensive selection and offering high-quality, pure oils designed for candlemaking. Online retailers often have sales incentives and discounts which make purchasing large quantities of quality oils more affordable. Additionally, these merchants usually offer guarantees on their products as well as guides and advice on creating superior scented candles. With careful research and informed purchasing decisions, you’ll be able to find the best fragrance oils for your candle-making projects – so you can achieve the perfect scented candle every time!

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