Where to Buy Gel Wax for Candle Making

Gel wax has become increasingly popular in the world of candle making due to its unique properties and versatility. This article will guide you on where to buy gel wax for candle making, whether you prefer shopping online or visiting local stores. But before we delve into the best places to purchase gel wax, let’s take a moment to understand what makes it so appealing to candle makers.

Unlike traditional waxes such as soy or beeswax, gel wax offers a distinct set of benefits that make it stand out. It has a transparent appearance that allows for stunning decorative possibilities when incorporating colors and embeds into your candles. Additionally, gel wax burns longer than other types of wax, providing an elegant and long-lasting burn time for your creations.

Moreover, the texture and consistency of gel wax allow for intricate designs that can mimic objects suspended in water or even create lifelike ocean scenes. This uniqueness is what makes gel wax so desirable among those seeking to add a touch of artistry and creativity to their home decor or handmade gifts.

If you are new to using gel wax or simply want to expand your collection, learning where to buy this specialty item is essential. In the following sections, we will provide a comprehensive guide on various places where you can find reliable and reputable sources of gel wax for your candle making ventures.

Whether you prefer browsing through online marketplaces or enjoy exploring local stores and craft shops personally, we have got you covered with helpful recommendations and tips along the way.

Why try gel wax for candle making

Gel wax is a unique and popular choice for candle making due to its distinct properties and advantages over traditional wax options. This section aims to delve into the benefits of using gel wax and highlight why it is worth trying for candle making enthusiasts.

Transparent and Unique Appearance

One of the main reasons to consider using gel wax is its transparent nature, which allows for beautiful, translucent candles. Unlike traditional waxes that may be opaque or colored, gel wax offers a unique visual appeal. With its ability to suspend decorative elements such as embeds, seashells, or flowers, gel candles can be transformed into stunning pieces of art that add an elegant touch to any space.

Longer Burn Time

Another advantage of using gel wax is its longer burn time compared to other candle waxes. Gel candles tend to burn slower because they have a higher density which results in more fuel being available for combustion. This means that you can enjoy your gel wax candles for hours on end without worrying about them burning out too quickly.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Gel wax offers great versatility when it comes to candle making creativity. It can be poured into various shapes and containers, including glass jars, wine glasses, or even mason jars. Additionally, the consistency of gel wax allows for easy embedding of objects like charms or beads, giving you endless possibilities for customization. Furthermore, working with gel wax is relatively easy as it does not require any additional additives or pre-treatments like traditional waxes do.

The important factors to consider before buying gel wax

Purchasing gel wax for candle making requires careful consideration of several key factors to ensure you are getting the best product for your needs. Before making a purchase, it is important to understand these factors and keep them in mind to make an informed decision. Here are some important aspects to consider:

  1. Quality: The quality of gel wax can greatly impact the overall candle-making experience as well as the final product. Look for gel wax that is specifically designed for candle making and has been tested for safety and performance. Check customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality of the product before purchasing.
  2. Transparency: Gel wax comes in different levels of transparency, which can affect the appearance of your candles when they are lit. Decide whether you want completely transparent or slightly opaque gel wax based on your desired candle design.
  3. Fragrance Compatibility: Consider whether you want to add fragrance oils or essential oils to your candles. Not all gel waxes are compatible with fragrance additives, so check if the gel wax you choose can hold fragrances without losing its clarity or causing any other issues.
  4. Heat Resistance: Gel wax has a high melting point, but not all brands have the same resistance to heat. If you plan on creating candles that burn for longer periods of time or in warm environments, choose a gel wax with excellent heat resistance.
  5. Container Compatibility: Think about the type and size of containers you will be using for your candles. Gel wax is known for its ability to suspend objects within the candle, so consider whether you want to embed any decorative elements within the gel wax and ensure that your chosen gel wax is suitable for that purpose.

When purchasing gel wax, it is advisable to buy from reliable and reputable sources that specialize in candle-making supplies. These sources often offer a wide range of options, ensuring you find exactly what you need for your project. Next, we will explore popular online marketplaces that offer a diverse selection of gel wax options to choose from.

Where to buy gel wax for candle making

Online marketplaces for gel wax

One of the most convenient ways to purchase gel wax for candle making is through online marketplaces. These platforms offer a wide selection of gel wax options, allowing you to compare prices, read reviews, and choose the product that best suits your needs. Here are some popular e-commerce websites where you can find gel wax:

  1. Amazon: As one of the largest online retailers, Amazon offers a vast array of gel waxes from various brands and sellers. You can easily search for specific products, read customer reviews, and explore different price ranges. Additionally, Amazon often provides discounts and deals on gel wax kits or bulk purchases.
  2. Etsy: Known for its handmade and artisanal offerings, Etsy is a great platform to find unique and high-quality gel wax options. Many independent candle makers sell their own gel wax creations on this website, allowing you to support small businesses while purchasing gel wax that meets your preferences.
  3. eBay: Another well-known online marketplace, eBay offers a range of gel waxes at different price points. It’s important to carefully review seller ratings and descriptions to ensure you’re purchasing from reputable sources. Additionally, eBay sometimes hosts auctions where you can bid on gel wax products and potentially score great deals.

Local stores and craft shops

If you prefer an in-person shopping experience or want to see the products before purchasing them, local stores and craft shops can be excellent places to buy gel wax for candle making. Here are some places where you may find gel wax:

  1. Arts and crafts stores: Visit big-name chains like Michaels or Hobby Lobby as they usually carry a variety of candle making supplies including gel wax. These stores often have dedicated sections for arts and crafts materials where you can browse different brands and types of gel waxes.
  2. Specialized candle supply shops: Look for local specialty stores dedicated specifically to candle making supplies. These stores often have a wide selection of gel wax options and knowledgeable staff who can help answer any questions you may have about the products.
  3. Craft fairs and festivals: Keep an eye out for craft fairs or festivals in your area that feature artisans and vendors selling their handmade goods. These events can be a great opportunity to purchase unique gel wax blends directly from the makers themselves, as well as learn more about different techniques and styles of candle making.
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Remember to check the store hours and availability before visiting, as some local shops may have limited operating hours or require appointments due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Online marketplaces for gel wax

Online marketplaces provide a convenient and extensive selection of gel wax for candle making. These platforms are not only easily accessible but also allow you to compare prices, read reviews from other users, and often offer discounts or promotions. Here are some popular e-commerce platforms and websites where you can find a wide range of gel wax options:

  • Amazon: As one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon offers a diverse range of gel waxes from various brands and suppliers. You can find different types of gel wax, such as clear or colored, in different quantities and sizes. Additionally, Amazon provides customer ratings and reviews to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.
  • Etsy: Known for its unique artisan products, Etsy has a vibrant community of independent sellers who offer handmade and specialty items. Many talented candle makers sell their own gel wax creations or provide high-quality gel wax supplies on this platform. Shopping on Etsy allows you to support small businesses while finding unique gel wax options.
  • eBay: Another well-known online marketplace, eBay offers a vast selection of products, including gel wax for candle making. You can find both new and used items at competitive prices. eBay also features auctions where you may have the opportunity to purchase gel wax at lower prices or find rare and discontinued varieties.
AmazonLargest online marketplaceDiverse range of gel waxes from various brands; customer ratings and reviews
EtsyArtisan products and suppliesCandles made by talented independent sellers; unique options
eBayOnline auction and shopping platformWide selection of gel waxes; competitive prices; opportunity for lower prices or rare varieties

It is important to note that when purchasing gel wax from online marketplaces, it is advisable to review the seller’s ratings and feedback to ensure their credibility. Additionally, consider factors such as shipping costs and delivery timeframes when making your purchase.

These online platforms offer convenience, a wide range of options, and often competitive prices. However, it is always recommended to compare prices across different sellers and platforms before making a final decision. With the variety available through these online marketplaces, you are more likely to find the perfect gel wax for your candle making projects.

Local stores and craft shops

Local stores and craft shops provide a convenient option for those who prefer to physically browse and purchase gel wax for candle making. These establishments offer a hands-on shopping experience and the opportunity to interact with knowledgeable staff who can offer guidance and recommendations. Here are some of the places where you can find gel wax for your candle making projects:

  1. Artisan supply shops: These specialized stores cater to craft enthusiasts and often carry a wide range of materials and supplies, including gel wax for candle making. They typically offer different brands and variations of gel wax, allowing you to choose based on your specific needs. You can also find various accessories such as fragrance oils, wicks, molds, and dyes in these shops.
  2. Local craft fairs: Craft fairs are events where artisans come together to showcase their handmade creations, including candles made with gel wax. Attending these fairs not only gives you access to a variety of unique gel wax options but also allows you to connect with local candle makers who can share their experiences and recommendations for using gel wax effectively.
  3. Home improvement stores: Some larger home improvement retailers may feature a crafts or hobby section that carries candle making supplies, including gel wax. While the selection might be more limited compared to specialty stores, these retailers often stock basic gel wax kits that contain everything you need to get started.
  4. Thrift shops or secondhand stores: Don’t overlook thrift shops or secondhand stores when searching for gel wax. These places occasionally have crafting supplies donated by individuals who no longer need them. Although it may require some luck and patience, you might stumble upon a hidden gem in the form of unused or lightly used gel wax at discounted prices.

When purchasing from local stores and craft shops, it’s essential to communicate with staff members about any specific requirements or preferences you have regarding your desired type of gel wax. They may be able to provide expert advice on choosing the right product for your candle making projects. Additionally, don’t forget to compare prices and check for any ongoing promotions or discounts that could help you save money on your gel wax purchases.

Recommendations from experienced candle makers

Experienced candle makers are an invaluable resource for finding the best places to buy gel wax for candle making. These individuals have already gone through the process of trial and error and can offer valuable insights on where to find top-quality gel wax. By tapping into their knowledge and expertise, novice candle makers can save time and effort in locating reputable sources.

One common recommendation from experienced candle makers is to first check with local suppliers or craft stores that specialize in candle making. These establishments often carry a variety of different waxes, including gel wax. Not only can you see the product in person before purchasing, but you may also have the opportunity to ask questions or seek advice from knowledgeable staff members.

Online forums and communities dedicated to candle making are another great resource for recommendations from experienced candle makers. These platforms allow enthusiasts to share tips, tricks, and information about their favorite suppliers. By participating in these communities, novice candle makers can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding sourcing high-quality gel wax.

In addition to seeking recommendations from fellow candle makers, it’s also important to conduct thorough research on potential suppliers. Look for reviews or testimonials from other customers who have purchased gel wax from the supplier you are considering. This will help ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable source that offers high-quality products.

Overall, gathering insights and advice from experienced candle makers is essential in finding reliable sources for gel wax. Whether through local suppliers or online communities, these individuals can provide valuable guidance based on their own experiences. Taking advantage of these resources will help ensure that novice candle makers find reputable sources of gel wax that meet their needs and enable them to create stunning candles at home.

www.candlemakingforum.comA popular online forum dedicated to all things related to candle making. Members share recommendations and advice on where to buy gel wax.
www.localcraftstores.comAn online directory of local craft stores that specialize in candle making supplies. Provides information on the availability of gel wax.
www.supplierreviews.comA website that aggregates reviews and testimonials from customers who have purchased gel wax from different suppliers. Helps users make informed decisions based on others’ experiences.

Comparing prices and deals

When it comes to purchasing gel wax for candle making, comparing prices and deals is an essential step to ensure you get the best value for your money. With the wide range of retailers available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all the options. This section will provide a breakdown of prices and discounts offered by different sellers, helping you make an informed decision.

One option to consider is online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. These platforms offer a vast selection of gel wax from various sellers, allowing you to compare prices easily. Keep in mind that prices may vary based on brand, quantity, and shipping fees. It’s always recommended to read customer reviews and check seller ratings to ensure reliability and quality.

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Additionally, many online retailers specialize in selling candle making supplies specifically. These websites often offer competitive pricing on gel wax along with bulk purchase discounts or promotions. Some popular online stores include CandleScience, Nature’s Garden Candles, and Bramble Berry. By visiting these specialized websites, you can find competitive prices along with detailed descriptions and additional information about the product.

If you prefer shopping locally or enjoy the experience of browsing through physical stores, visiting craft shops or artisan supply stores can also be a great option. Check your local directories for craft supply stores near you as they may carry gel wax specifically for candle making. Furthermore, attending craft fairs in your area can provide an opportunity to meet independent candle makers who sell their products directly or can recommend trusted suppliers at discounted rates.

Comparing prices is crucial when buying gel wax for candle making as it will help you make an informed decision while considering your budget constraints. Furthermore, keep an eye out for sales or promotional offers that some sellers may provide periodically.

By being vigilant about price comparisons and taking advantage of deals and discounts available from different sellers both online and locally, you’ll be able to get the best value for your money when purchasing gel wax for candle making projects.

Tips for buying gel wax

When it comes to buying gel wax for candle making, there are a few practical tips and considerations that can help ensure you make a well-informed purchase. Firstly, it is important to determine the specific type of gel wax you need for your candle making project. Gel waxes come in different formulas, such as high-density or low-density variations.

High-density gel wax produces a more translucent appearance, while low-density gel wax creates a more opaque look. Considering the desired outcome of your candles will help guide you in selecting the right type of gel wax.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the gel wax. Look for reputable brands that offer high-quality products. Reading customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of different gel waxes on the market. Additionally, checking if the gel wax has been tested and certified by regulatory bodies can give you peace of mind that it meets safety standards.

Furthermore, consider purchasing from reliable suppliers or retailers who specialize in candle making supplies. They are likely to offer a wide range of options and have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in choosing the right products for your needs. It is also worth considering their return policy and customer service reputation in case any issues arise with your purchase.

Lastly, take into account the quantity needed for your project and compare prices from different sellers to find the best value for money. Some suppliers may offer bulk discounts or promotions that can help save costs, especially if you plan on making candles regularly. However, be cautious of extremely low-priced options as they may indicate lower quality.

By keeping these practical tips and considerations in mind when buying gel wax for candle making, you can ensure that you make a well-informed purchase that meets your specific needs and expectations.


In conclusion, when it comes to candle making with gel wax, it is crucial to prioritize purchasing high-quality gel wax from trusted sources. The unique properties of gel wax make it a popular choice for candle makers, as it offers benefits and advantages over traditional wax options. However, in order to achieve the best results and ensure safety, it is essential to consider certain factors before buying gel wax.

One of the most important considerations is where to buy gel wax for candle making. Thankfully, there are numerous options available both online and offline. Online marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy offer a wide selection of gel waxes from various sellers, allowing you to compare prices and find the best deals. Additionally, many local stores and craft shops also carry gel waxes, providing a more hands-on shopping experience and the opportunity to consult with knowledgeable staff.

To further assist in your search for gel wax, it can be valuable to seek recommendations from experienced candle makers who have already tested different products and suppliers. They can provide insights on where they source their gel waxes and share their experiences with specific brands or sellers.

Lastly, while finding the best deal is important, it is equally vital to ensure that you are purchasing high-quality gel wax. It’s worth investing in reliable brands or reputable sellers that guarantee the purity and safety of their products. This will not only ensure optimal results in your candle making but also promote a safe and enjoyable crafting experience.

In summary, the popularity of gel wax for candle making continues to rise due to its unique properties. Exploring different sources for purchasing high-quality gel wax allows you to find the best options that suit your needs while ensuring success and enjoyment in your candle-making endeavors. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let the beauty of candles made with quality gel wax illuminate your surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wax do you use for gel candles?

Gel candles require a specific type of wax known as gel wax. Unlike traditional candle waxes such as beeswax or soy wax, gel wax is a translucent compound that has a consistency similar to jelly or gelatin.

It is specifically designed for making gel candles and allows for unique and creative candle designs. Gel waxes are typically made from mineral oil, resin, and polymer additives that give the wax its jelly-like texture and allow it to hold fragrance and color.

Is gel wax good for candles?

Gel wax can be an excellent choice for crafting candles due to its distinctive qualities. One of the main benefits of gel wax is its transparency, which allows for creating visually appealing candles with embedded objects such as seashells, beads, or decorative items.

The gel’s clarity also creates a beautiful lantern effect when the candle flame shines through it. Additionally, since gel waxes have a lower melting point than other types of candle waxes, they tend to burn longer and slower, providing extended burn times compared to traditional paraffin or soy candles.

What do I need to make gel candles at home?

To make gel candles at home, you will need several essential materials. Firstly, you will require a container to hold the gel wax; glass containers are often preferred as they showcase the transparent qualities of the gel. Along with this, you’ll need wicks specifically designed for use with gel wax since regular cotton wicks may not perform well in this type of candle.

Then comes the crucial element – the gel wax itself – which can be purchased from craft stores or online suppliers specializing in candle-making materials. Additionally, you’ll need fragrance oils or essential oils if desired for scenting your candles and dye chips or liquid candle dyes to add color to the clear gel wax base. Lastly, various tools like a double boiler or microwave-safe container for melting the wax, thermometer, stirring utensils, and adhesive tabs for securing wicks should also be included in your kit for making homemade gel candles.

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