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Wholesale candle making supplies in New Zealand offer a great option for individuals and businesses looking for affordable, quality materials. They are available across the country, catering for all budgets and all levels of experience in candle making, from those just starting out to those with years of expertise in the craft. Whether you’re looking for waxes, fragrances, dyes, tools or additives, you’re sure to find everything you need to create beautiful candles with ease. Not only are wholesale candle making supplies in New Zealand good value for money but they also provide excellent customer service and offer helpful tips and advice. With so many choices it’s easy to find a supplier that’s right for you and is dedicated to delivering extraordinary products at an outstanding price. With access to top-quality resources, expert knowledge, and the ability to quickly source candles en masse; sourcing wholesale supplies can streamline the candle-making process while providing great savings. Additionally, many suppliers can also help guide customers through sourcing raw ingredients from reputable providers as well as offering guidance on working with essential oils or fragrances properly. With wholesale candle making supplies in New Zealand there is no reason why anyone should struggle when creating their own beautful candles.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Candle Supplies in New Zealand

Cost-Savings: When you purchase your candle-making supplies in bulk, prices are typically much lower than when buying smaller amounts from retail stores. This cost savings can be used to stock up on additional materials or to expand your business by helping you manufacture more candles with greater efficiency.

Variety: Buying supplies from a wholesale retailer gives you access to a wide variety of products such as waxes, containers, scents and wicks. You can also find specialized supplies for different sorts of candles.

Quality: Buying bulk quantities directly from wholesalers allows customers to evaluate the consistency and quality of their materials before committing to an entire production run. As these suppliers strive to get repeat business they make certain that the products they offer meet industry standards. Furthermore, wholesale suppliers tend to make available resources including technical advice and customer support related to candle making.

Popular Types of Wholesale Candle Making Supplies

Wholesale candle making supplies new Zealand offers a wide range of products for you to choose from, including popular types of candles such as votives, container candles, and pillar candles. Votives are small and usually light-colored that normally support short wicks. These small candles do not require an outer container to contain the wax and can be burned for shorter periods than most other types of candles. Container candles are available in all shapes and sizes, with many choices in colors, fragrances and decorations. These are often used at special events or occasions because they last a long time when burning and make attractive decorations while they do so. Pillar candles provide some height to any decorating space by standing either on their own or within a holder made specifically for them. When burning these tall wax cylinders produce a pleasantly mild scent that can be further enhanced with added fragrance oils if desired. Candle holders suitable for pillar candles come in many styles ranging from traditional to modern contemporary.

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Finding Quality Wholesale Suppliers in New Zealand

Finding quality wholesale candle making supplies in New Zealand can be difficult. There are a few online sources as well as some retailers and even local farmers who might have the products you need. For online sources, look for retailers with a good selection of products, reliable delivery times, and secure payment options. You may also want to compare prices and find out if they offer a discount for bulk orders. Many companies will offer discounts or free shipping on orders over a certain size.

For those based in New Zealand, it can be beneficial to search for local suppliers of candle making supplies as this can save on time and shipping costs. Some regional farms or beekeepers may even have access to beeswax, which is an essential raw material for many candles. Local craft shops often stock essential items such as wicks, moulds, dyes, scents and containers that are used in candle making. Another option for finding wholesale candle making supplies is to attend craft fairs or markets where many independent entrepreneurs sell their own wares. These places provide an excellent opportunity to buy from suppliers who use all-natural products at competitive prices.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Candle Supplies

When purchasing wholesale candle supplies for a candle making business or hobby, there are some things you should consider when making the decision.

-You need to ask your potential suppliers the right questions. Do they offer any discounts? What kind of bulk order options do they provide? Do they offer different types of materials, such as natural waxes, dyes, scents and wick? What is the quality like and how much do their products cost?

-You should also check online reviews before making a purchase. Reviews will help you determine if a supplier offers good quality products that meet your needs as well as reasonable prices.

-Finally, it’s important to compare prices between suppliers before committing to one. Different vendors may have different minimum order quantities or discounts available, so make sure you understand what each supplier is offering and consider if it is the best deal for your business needs. You might also want to contact local wholesalers for further information about their products and services.

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The Future of Wholesale Candle Supplies in New Zealand

Wholesale candle making supply businesses in New Zealand have witnessed an increase in their customer base in recent years, thanks to an influx of interest from the younger demographic. This has led to a rise in demand for a wider variety of quality supplies, as well as inventive products that service both the traditional and contemporary needs of this market.

The rapid growth of this industry is expected to continue over the coming years. Factors such as more people engaging with DIY projects, rising disposable income levels, and lax regulations on the sale and production of candles are all likely to combine to create a favourable climate for new investment and expansion into higher value product lines. The potential for growth across all segments looks robust, with new opportunities available both for products related to home decorating and improvement projects and specialist scent-based retail products.

In terms of regional development within New Zealand, analysts expect most activity to be initially concentrated within Auckland’s metropolitan area given its greater population density and better access to essential services such as transport. Over time however there should be increasing activity within other regions such as Wellington and Christchurch as they become more established providers of wholesale candle making supplies.

Finally, it is also worth noting that environmental considerations should not be ignored when discussing the future prospects for this industry. Major efforts have been made over recent years by manufacturers to reduce their waste output through improved production practices or recycling solutions – a trend which is expected to mirror global trends on sustainability over the coming years.


There are many benefits to buying wholesale candle making supplies in New Zealand. As an area with access to raw materials, ample sunlight and strong distribution networks, it is an ideal place for both new and experienced candle makers. Candle makers benefit from the wide variety of products and services available as well as reliable delivery channels, with most major suppliers offering next-day delivery across NZ. In addition, candle makers can also take advantage of lower prices due to the economies of scale associated with buying in bulk. With so many advantages, New Zealand is becoming a popular choice for those looking to buy their candle making supplies at wholesale prices. Recommended providers that offer quality products at competitive prices include Candle Makers Supply Co., Bees Wax Processing Solutions Limited and Whole Harvest Naturals Limited.

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