Wood Wicks For Making Soy Candles

##What Are Wood Wicks
Wood wicks are a type of wick specially made for use with soy candles and other types of wax. They are made of wood fibers and are not as prone to smudging or dripping as traditional cotton wicks. Wood wicks also burn more cleanly and at a lower temperature, which can make them a safer option for burning.

##Benefits of Wood Wicks
Wood wicks provide a number of benefits for making soy candles that include:

1. **Cleaner Burn:** Wood wicks burn cleaner than traditional cotton wicks due to much of the residue from the wood fiber being extinguished as the flame burns down. This helps reduce smoke while burning, resulting in a more natural and enjoyable scent.

2. **Lower Temperature:** Wood wicks burn at a much lower temperature than traditional cotton wicks, making them safer to use with soy wax. This also means that you can expect a cooler, longer-lasting candle with a flush burn.

3. **Consistent Soothing Crackling Sound:** Wood wicks make a soft, soothing crackling sound similar to that of a campfire while they burn. This creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in any room.

4. **Slow Burn:** Wood wicks tend to burn much slower than traditional cotton wicks, meaning that your candles will last significantly longer. This is especially beneficial for larger candles.

5. **More Visual Interest:** Wood wicks provide a unique and interesting visual effect when burning. The wood fibers curl and twist as the wax melts, creating a mesmerizing visual stimulus.

##How to Use Wood Wicks
Wood wicks offer numerous benefits but there are a few things you need to be aware of when using them. Here are a few tips to ensure your wood wicks are used safely and effectively:

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1. **Use the Right Size Candle Wick:** All wood wicks are not created equal, and you need to use the right size wick for the size of your candle. Too small a wick will not provide enough flare and likely won’t burn evenly, while too large a wick will cause too much flare and will likely result in a carbon trail. Wait until you see the first signs of vapor off your hot wax before you decide which wick size is best for your candle.

2. **Trim Your Wick:** Trimming your wood wick is essential in order to ensure an even, consistent burn. It is recommended to trim your wick to ¼” (6.35mm) prior to burning your soy candle.

3. **Keep Wood Wicks Upright:** Wood wicks will not burn correctly if they are not kept upright. Make sure that your wick is centered in the soy wax and is standing straight up.

Following these simple tips and using the right size wood wick can ensure that you get the most out of your soy candles with wood wicks. Wood wicks are an excellent way to add a unique, visually and aesthetically pleasing element to your candles.

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