Wooden Dough Bowls For Candle Making

Experienced Tips

Experienced candle makers often find wooden dough bowls a great tool for their craft. The bowls not only provide a stable, heat-resistant surface, but also make it easy to arrange different objects and items to create whimsical displays and interesting concepts. The size and shape of the bowl further enhance its usefulness as a decorative piece. As an added bonus, since most dough bowls are made from wood, they retain less soot than metal containers which makes them far safer to use for candle making.

One good tip when using a wooden dough bowl for candle making is to create small “dents,” or indentations, within the flat surface of the bowl with your finger or the handle of a spoon. Do this before you begin any layering or pouring of wax into the bowl; this will allow you to arrange various objects and items in interesting patterns for your desired sculptures and decorations. You could even go one step further by burning designs into the wood if desired as well!

When pouring your hot wax, ensure you are doing it in thin layers as opposed to dumping a large amount of wax into one area at once; this will help distribute heat more evenly throughout the area and avoid potential crack damage due to inconstant temperatures on surfaces that can’t handle them. Furthermore, be sure to get creative with filling materials too! Some people may opt for mosses or stones while others may choose colored polyfill materials; whatever path you take it’s important to make sure your candles burn safely so research before attempting new things.

Lastly, added decorations such as background material such as fabric ribbons or leaves can bring even more whimsy to the presentation and decorate your wooden dough bowl creations even further!


Candle 1


– 2 pounds of soy wax flakes
– Olive oil- based fragrance oil of your choice
– 1 natural wooden dough bowl
– Wooden wick sticks and wick tabs for each container
– Double boiler and large pot for melting wax
1. In a double boiler (or a large pot filled with water) combine the ingredient wax flakes, stirring constantly until melted.
2. Remove the boiling pot from heat and add several drops of your desired fragrance oil, stirring until combined.
3. Carefully pour enough melted wax into the wooden dough bowl, so that it fills 3/4 inch away from the top.
4. Prepare the wooden wick sticks by sticking them both down in a ring around the edge of the dough bowl, then affixing each one onto its wick tab with hot glue or another adhesive product.
5. With an oven mitt or other protective covering, slowly pour the rest of your melted wax into the interior of the dough bowl until it is level with the edges and comes just above where the box is seated on your table surface. Make sure to add additional adhesive to keep all wicks in place during this process if needed!
6. Allow your finished candle to cool for about 24 hours or until complete hardened before use – always trimming any excess charred pieces off from around each stick prior to lighting!

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Customization Options

Skills – Woodworking skills such as carving, sculpting, routing, and sanding can be used when customizing wooden dough bowls. With these skills, you can create intricate designs like a detailed flower pattern or a classic border. A wood burning tool may also be used to etch text embellishments onto the bowl.

Designs – For more creative designs, you could use paints and varnishes to add various colors and textures to the dough bowl. You could also paint decorative details onto it for an upcycled look, or use stencils for a modern style. Natural materials like stones, feathers or driftwood can also be used as accents on the bowl. You might even try filling in the center of a hollowed-out bowl with candle wax to create contrast and interest.


Wooden dough bowls make for exquisite candle holders that can add a unique charm and elegance to any area. Their unique shape and size make them stand out from other types of containers, giving the space a special touch of craftsmanship. With their warm wood tones, they will bring an inviting atmosphere to your home. The lovely texture of the wood creates an eye-catching contrast against the wax of the candles, making them look even more beautiful when lit up with soft glow. Not to mention that you’ll never have to worry about smoke or soot staining the walls because these vessels are flame retardant. Decorate your living room or dining room with wooden dough bowls full of candles and your guests won’t be able to resist their whimsical beauty.

Unique Uses

Wooden dough bowls can be used for more than just candle making. They make beautiful home décor pieces and can enhance the look of a room or kitchen when placed on an open shelf or countertop with decorative accents such as flowers, books, or trinkets. Wooden dough bowls are also excellent organizational items. These large bowls can be used to hold office supplies such as pens, paper clips, staplers and scissors near a desk or workspace. They can also be used to store craft supplies such as yarns and needlework supplies in the living room or bedroom. They are also great for storing arts and crafts materials in the children’s playroom.


When it comes to candle making, wooden dough bowls are a great option as they provide a unique way of displaying and burning candles. As these bowls are made from wood, they have an appealing rustic look that adds character to any room. In order to achieve the best results when using wooden dough bowls for candle making, you will need some basic accessories and tools.

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First and foremost, you will need wax for your candles. Depending on the type of wax you use, you may also need a pouring pot such as a double boiler since most forms of wax require gentle heat to melt. A wick and wick holder is also necessary for your candles as this allows them to burn safely and evenly. Lastly, candle dye can be used to add colour or fragrance if desired.


Wooden dough bowls make beautiful and versatile containers for candle-making. With just a few items like wax, wicks, fragrance oils, molds, and decorations, you can create stunning candles that would be the perfect gifts or decorations for your home. Making candles in wooden dough bowls is actually quite easy—here’s how you can do it:

Start by measuring out an appropriate amount of wax per bowl — the size of this will depend on the size of bowl you’re using. Once that’s done, add fragrance oil to your wax at heat-safe temperatures and stir until combined. Pour the melted wax into the bowl and let it cool for about an hour before adding a wick; then secure it with a pencil or chopstick pressed on top of the wax to hold it in place. As the candle burns away, remove any excess wax residue from around the edges of the bowl with a towel at intervals. Finally, decorate your candles with embellishments like flakes of dried flowers or colored shells (or any other desired decoration) for a one-of-a kind touch!

If you want to get creative with your project, there are also many YouTube tutorial videos featuring colorful dye treatments and intricate molding techniques as well as smaller DIY projects such as tea liters or crackled glasses with floating candles that you can try out in your dough bowl crafts. No matter which direction you choose to go in with your own creations, we hope these projects have inspired you to create something beautiful and unique!

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