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Xoy Candle Making blog is an online resource dedicated to providing helpful advice and tips to those interested in learning and making homemade, hand-crafted candles. We talk about all things related to candle making including melting wax, wicking materials, fragrances, molds, and decorative techniques.

Why Xoy is the Site for You

At Xoy, we understand the passion for making candles and strive for excellence in our work and the products we create. We provide insight and tutorials on how to craft everything from simple container candles to complicated and creative votives.

What You Can Find on Xoy

At Xoy Candle Making, we focus on educating candle makers on all topics related to the art of candle making. Here are some of the resources you can find on our blog:

  • Beginner How-tos: Get started off on the right foot with our comprehensive beginner guides on melting wax and wicking materials.
  • Decorative Techniques: Get inspired to create your own unique candles with our tutorials on melt-and-pour and hand-dipping techniques.
  • Helpful Tips: Get the full experience of candle making with our expert tips on how to make scented, decorated, and unique candles.

Meet the Creators of Xoy Candle Making

Xoy Candle Making is created by two candle makers with a passion for their craft. With over 10 years of experience in candle making, we bring our own tried-and-true methods to our blog to help inspire and educate other makers. Learn more about us here.

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Creating your own candles can be a rewarding and fun experience. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced crafter, or somewhere in between, the Xoy Candle Making Blog has you covered!

At Xoy Candle Making Blog, you’ll find helpful resources and tips on all aspects of candle making. From tutorials on creating stunning, fragrant container candles to in-depth guides on understanding the basics and each step of the candle-making process, we strive to provide you with useful and informative content.

### Candle-Making Basics

Whether you’re looking to learn the fundamentals, or just brushing up on the basics, we’ve got you covered. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guides on:

* Wicks

* Waxes

* Additives

* Containers

* Scents

* Colorants

* Melting

* Pouring

* Finishing

By having a firm understanding of the key elements of candle making, you can confidently embark on your next handmade candle project with confidence.

### Fragrance Types

The fragrances for your candles can be just as important as the wax, the dye, and the container. Selecting the correct type of fragrance is essential for making the best scented candles.

At Xoy Candle Making Blog, you’ll discover comprehensive guides on understanding the differences between fragrance oils, essential oils, and other types of scents– as well as how to select the perfect scent for a range of purposes.

### Step-by-Step Tutorials

Ready to try your hand at making a beautiful candles? The Xoy Candle Making Blog has you covered with our accessible step-by-step tutorials.

We feature tutorials for all levels of crafting skill, with options both for beginners (who may want to try a simplified container candle or votive) or experienced crafters looking to expand their skillset.

Our step-by-step tutorials go through each stage of the candle-making process, with detailed diagrams and photographs to accompany each stage.

### Troubleshooting Resources

The Xoy Candle Making blog is also home to troubleshooting resources– here, you’ll find expert advice on how to troubleshoot common issues in candle making, from dealing with glass containers that shatter during the melting phase to tips on fixing wick problems.

Whether you’re looking to gain a better understanding of the basics of candle making, explore new techniques and ideas to incorporate for your next project, or seek advice in troubleshooting, the Xoy Candle Making Blog has you covered.

Happy Crafting!

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