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Introduction to Candle Making Business in New Zealand

Candle making has become a popular and profitable business model both in New Zealand and worldwide. With the increased availability of materials, and rising popularity of home decor products such as candles, the demand for locally-made products continues to grow.

In the past, most candle makers based their business on local markets and craft fairs. However, this has begun to shift due to the increasing use of social media and e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Etsy. This allows entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience, expanding their customer base both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, many argue that e-commerce platforms have decreased production costs associated with local markets due to not having to pay stall fees or travel expenses incurred when attending events.

By setting up an online store, candle makers are able to invest in marketing strategies such as leveraging on search engine optimization (SEO) techniques or using paid promoted advertisement campaigns. Additionally, businesses can gain insight into customer behavior through tools such as Google Analytics – giving them the opportunity to learn about user preferences for different scents or waxes used in their production process; thus allowing them to tailor their products accordingly.

Finally, online stores offer candle makers a reliable retail channel that is available 24/7 – enabling customers from different parts of the world access at any time without the need for physical interaction or travel within usually long distances. This paves new opportunities for businesses based in New Zealand laying the foundation for successful expansion plans both domestically and internationally – securing profits through wide but effective reach across potential target audiences.

Common Candle Making Techniques Used in New Zealand

New Zealand’s candle makers use a variety of different candle making techniques to craft beautiful candles for all occasions. Some of the most popular techniques used are:

1. Container Candles: These candles, also known as “pour over” candles, are crafted in containers such as glass jars or jugs. The wax is melted and poured into the container, then a wick is spun at the center and wax additives like color and scents can be added if desired.

2. Hand Rolling: This is the traditional technique used in candle making and it involves rolling up sheets of wax around a wick and securing the two ends together with a band of steel or thread to hold them in position. The colours can be mixed before rolling to achieve different effects when lit.

3. Dipping: Wax is melted in bulk and the wick is then pushed into it until the desired length is reached. This method produces tapered candles which are often scented or infused with essential oils for a unique fragrance when burnt.

4. Molding: Pre-made molds are filled with liquid wax before being allowed to cool until set on one side before flipping to remove them from their holder once they are entirely solidified. This method allows candles with intricate shapes, sizes and appearances to be created quickly and easily with very little effort required by the maker.

5. Dripping: In this technique, hot liquid wax is drizzled onto an arrangement of several pieces of specific types of wire looped together over the top part of a larger container below providing support during burning while creating interesting patternsed or shaped designs along their sides For added effect lamp nanoparticles or glitter can be added during creation process..

Different Candle Making Business Models for New Zealand

The candle making business model in New Zealand is quite versatile and there are many different ways one can run a successful business. One model could be to open a shop that sells traditional candles such as tea lights, church candles and votives. This would involve purchasing supplies and equipment such as moulds and wicks, wax, colourants and fragrances, all of which can be sourced from suppliers both local and international. A candle-making workshop could also be offered where people can learn the techniques of candle-making in a safe environment. Another avenue for creating a successful business is by specializing in customised or personalised candles for occasions like weddings or birthdays. Customers can select the style, type, shape and size of their own personalized candle whilst learning the different skills involved with each item created. For those looking to create an online presence within the industry, there are marketing tools that can help such as SEO optimisation to ensure visibility on search engines. Alternatively one could offer subscription services whereby people sign up to receive monthly candles according to their preferences without needing to purchase them every time one runs out. Wholesale opportunities may also be available allowing retailers to purchase your product at discounted prices offering yet another source of income.

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Understanding Candle Making Ingredients and Safety Considerations

Candle Making ingredients used in New Zealand for creating beautiful, fragrant candles are many and varied. Some of the most common components include waxes such as paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax and cocoa butter; wicks such as cotton core wicks and hemp wicks; essential oils; dyes; molds; and containers.

When making candles in New Zealand you must pay attention to certain safety considerations. It is mandatory to only use approved flame retardants when mixing your own batch of wax and other ingredients, as this is the only way to ensure your candles are safe when lit. Ensure that the room you are working in is adequately ventilated, as some of the chemicals used in candle making can release fumes which can be harmful if breathed in for extended periods. When pouring or melting hot wax or using open flames take proper precautions ” wear safety glasses and long sleeves with elastic cuffs, have a fire extinguisher nearby and make sure your work area is clear of flammable material.

It’s also important that you create a good labeling system for your products so that all necessary warning information is displayed clearly for customers who will be using them at home. Collection containers should be labelled correctly according to their contents, particularly if they contain any hazardous waste, ensuring none of these end up being disposed of inappropriately. Take time to read up on all the regulations surrounding production facilities so as to ensure you remain compliant with local laws and policies which could result in hefty fines if disregarded. Lastly make sure to properly store your supplies away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures so they do not spoil or go off before being sold.

Financial Planning for a Candle Making Business

Starting a candle making business in New Zealand requires financial planning and budgeting in order to cover the various costs of setting up and running the business. Many of these expenses, such as raw materials and overhead costs, can’t be avoided. Considering all these costs upfront can help you to make an accurate estimate of the start-up capital required.

Some possible costs that you might need to consider include purchase of equipment like wax melting tanks and wick clippers, supplies like wicks, pre-waxed core candle wicks and molds, packaging material such as tins or jars, marketing material (posters and brochures), legal expenses (incorporation fees etc.) as well as initial operating expenses like utilities bills or website design. You may also want to account for insurance payments in case your products are damaged during shipment or don’t meet the quality standards set by relevant authorities. Furthermore, depending on your business structure, you may also have to factor in taxes when computing your total operational expenses. With proper financial planning for a candle making business you can ensure that your new venture has enough funds to cover every necessary expense without running out of money early into operations.

Advice on Finding the Right Location and Licensing Requirements

Finding a suitable location for a candle making business in New Zealand is an essential step for anyone planning to establish one. When thinking about the best place to set up shop, consider local foot traffic, competition by similar businesses, and other amenities that you may need such as access to electric power. Additionally, before setting up your shop make sure to check on the relevant licensing requirements. Depending on where you are located, different legal requirements and restrictions may apply. In general it is important to ensure your business holds a valid food license from the appropriate local authority as well as a fire safety rating from Fire and Emergency New Zealand. Additionally you may need separate licenses for selling the candles online or in stores outside of your own store or workshop. Before beginning to manufacture any candles it is also essential to research and understand important safety regulations such as proper labeling and child safety products. Finally make sure that all your packaging materials meet current regulations laid out by the Ministry of Primary Industries in regards to bio-security issues and non-food contact surfaces. By doing this you be can confident that when starting your candle making business everything will run smoothly!

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Strategies to Promote Your Candle Making Business

1. Create an Online Presence – Establish an online presence for your candle making business by building a website and engaging with customers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Utilize the platforms to showcase your product images, include customer reviews, announce special offers and promotions, and provide information about workshops, events or classes related to candle making.

2. Develop a Target Market ” Identify the type of consumers who are most interested in the services you offer. For example, those who want to craft their own candles may be loyal customers while individuals looking to buy pre-made products could be another target market. Focus your marketing efforts on reaching them through digital ads, direct mail campaigns or other creative methods.

3. Participate in Trade Shows ” Consider attending local trade shows where you can demonstrate your products as well as share techniques with aspiring candle makers. Get familiar with specific shows that attract your target audience so that you can design displays to showcase your candles in the best light possible.

4. Host Workshops or Classes ” Offer hands-on workshops or classes for both beginners and advanced levels in topics related to candle making such as wax working techniques, scent blending, decorating and production tips. You can use these opportunities not only to educate people but also expand clients’ awareness of the different types of candles available from your company.

5. Develop Collaborations ” Consider partnering with local florists and retailers for joint promotional campaigns that will help bring visibility to both businesses. Furthermore, collaborate with popular bloggers who specialize in crafting projects or lifestyle content related topics where they can feature items from your shop while giving their readers valuable information at the same time.

Exploring Expansion Opportunities

Expanding a candle making business in New Zealand can offer numerous opportunities. From setting up shop in more local locations and offering unique products to aiming for broad distribution through online stores and wholesalers, these steps can take a small candle maker’s business from humble beginnings to nationwide success.

First, there are the potential advancements from solely selling through a store front. This means opening more stores or targeting specific populations by setting up boutiques within malls or furniture stores. Another avenue that can help promote a candle making business is to create unique scents and packaging designs, as this can attract customers looking for more highly curated products. Additionally, online platforms such as Etsy allow for small businesses and individuals to showcase their goods on an international stage.

For those looking to gain broader access of their candles throughout New Zealand, then seeking out wholesale contracts may be the way forward. Developing relationships with distributors who will stock candle making companies’ wares in popular chains throughout the nation or in independent stores present further opportunities for growth. To expand even further, businesses might turn to export markets where they have seen success domestically, but with less competitors than other countries usually provide. With the right application of resources and targeted marketing strategies each of these avenues offers tremendous possibilities going forward in 2020.


In conclusion, it is evident that the potential for running a successful candle making business in New Zealand is high. With increasing consumer demand due to its eco-friendliness and minimal environmental impact, candles as a product have all the necessary features of becoming lucrative products. Additionally, given the ample availability of resources and easy-to-use design tools to craft beautiful candles, entrepreneurs can quickly learn the basics of candle making and build an affordable operating model. Furthermore, modern distribution channels make it easy to market these products across the country at minimal costs. All these factors combine to create an excellent opportunity for those who wish to set up operations in New Zealand’s candle making industry.

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