Candle Making For Kids In Clay Pot

## Candle Making for Kids in Clay Pots

Candle making is a great way for kids to have fun and explore their creativity. Making candles in clay pots is not only fun but is also a great way to show off their creativity and learn how to make something special. Here are some tips and tricks to help your kids get started on making candles in clay pots:

### Materials

The most important part of candle making with clay pots is having the right materials. Here are some supplies you and your kids will need:

* Clay Pots – Choose a pot that is the right size for your desired candles, the pot can be of any shape or colour.

* Soy wax – Choose soy wax because it’s easy to work with and produces less smoke and soot when burning.

* Candle wicks – Make sure to choose the right size for the size of the candle you’re making.

* Essential oils – Choose from a variety of scents and add a few drops of each scent into the wax.

* Color dye – You can use either powder or liquid and add a few drops to the wax to create the desired colour.

* Melting pot – You can purchase these online or in a local craft store.

### Preparing the Clay Pot

Before adding the wax, your kids will need to prepare the clay pot for the candle. Here are some steps that should be taken:

* Make sure to wipe off the clay pot with a damp cloth and gently remove any dust and residue.

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* Using a sharp knife, gently score the wax around the base of the clay pot to ensure the wax doesn’t crack when making the candle.

* Thread a length of candle wick through the pre-made hole in the top of the clay pot. Tie a knot and cut the excess wick. If the pot does not have a pre-made hole, your kids can also create one using a drill.

* Place the candle wick at the bottom of the pot and wrap it around a stick or pencil to keep it in place.

### Making the Candle

Once the clay pot is ready to be used, it’s time to start making the candle. Here are some steps your kids should take:

* Place the melting pot on a stove top, gather the materials and start melting the wax.

* Once the wax is melted, add the desired essential oil scents and dye.

* Carefully pour the wax into the prepared clay pot and allow it to cool overnight.

* When the wax is cooled and hard, snip the excess wick from the top of the candle and it is now ready to be used for lighting!

Making candles in clay pots is a great activity for kids to do with their friends or family. It is an easy and fun craft for them to make and best of all, it creates a beautiful and unique candle that can be used in their home.

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