Candle Making Machine Price List In Tamilnadu


The candle making machine price list in Tamilnadu provides a comprehensive guide to the various types of candle-making equipment available in the region. There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers offering different models of candle-making machines, with various features and capabilities. The machine price can vary widely depending on the type and size of the machine, as well as its manufacturer. In this article, we will discuss some of the main types of candle making machines in Tamilnadu, their features and anticipated cost.

Types & Features:

The main types of candle-making machines available in Tamilnadu include manual wax melting tanks, automatic wax injectors, manual wick sealing equipment, and electric molten wax motors. Manual wax melting tanks can be used to melt large volumes of wax quickly and effectively, while automatic wax injectors are capable of injecting molten wax into molds at high speeds. Manual wick sealing machines help protect finished candles from becoming brittle or cracked during storage or transport. Electric molten wax motors generate enough power to run large scale operations with multiple workers producing hundreds or thousands of candles per day. Each type has a unique set of features that make it best suited for specific applications and workloads.

The cost of these machines varies greatly depending on their size and features as mentioned above. However, prices tend to range from several thousand rupees up to one lakh rupees for larger industrial versions made by established businesses such as International Wax Solutions in Chennai or Classic Tools & Chemicals in Tiruppur District. For those looking for budget options, there are basic manual models sold at wholesale stores such as Nidra’s Wholesalers & Retailer for reasonable prices starting at about two thousand rupees each.

Benefits of Investing in a Candle Making Machine

Investing in a candle making machine can have many benefits. With the right equipment, you can produce high-quality scented and non-scented candles, which can be sold both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. This can be an excellent way to increase your profit margin and expand your business’s reach. Additionally, operating a candle making machine is easy and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Furthermore, investing in a candle making machine will help reduce production time compared to making handmade candles, meaning that you can turn around orders more quickly and efficiently. As such, investing in a candle-making machine could be the perfect way to grow your business.

Available Candle Making Machines in Tamilnadu

1. Handheld Candle Making Machine – this is the most basic type of machine, and it ranges in price between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 6,000 per unit. This machine can be used to make different types of candles such as birthday candles, religious candles, and event-specific decorations.

2. Automatic Candle Making Machine – this kind of machine is more expensive, ranging in price between Rs. 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per unit. These machines offer users greater levels of precision and accuracy in their candle production processes, resulting in better quality and aesthetic candles compared to hand-made ones. Furthermore, these machines are able to produce larger numbers of candles much faster than handheld models can do so.

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3. Industrial Grade Candle Making Machines – these machines are at the top end of the technological spectrum when it comes to candle making machines in Tamilnadu . They range in price anywhere from Rs 50,000 onwards depending on the various features such as speed capabilities and even decoration options available with them. These industrial grade machines are usually geared towards large scale production processes conducted by commercial businesses that need their own set up for creating beautiful designs and motifs on the finished products quickly and efficiently with all fairness towards automation capabilities designed into it.

Different Styles of Candle Making Machines

Candle making machines come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of candle makers. From large-scale production equipment to small batch candle makers, there is something available to suit every budget.The most popular styles of candle making machines include soup-creator pots, dip waxers, wax melters, dipping rigs and tealights machines.

Soup creator pots are ideal for big batches of candles and are often used for commercial production runs due to their high output rate and consistent quality. Dip waxers allow users to quickly create small batches of unique shaped candles with customized fragrance or colour mixtures. Wax melters provide a more controlled way to melt larger amounts of wax for use in either dip or pour waxing processes. Dipping rigs provide easy-to-use setup for melting and dipping hundreds of candles at once, which is perfect for busy market places or big events such as festivals. Tealights machines allow users to quickly produce multiple floating candles with little effort while still giving them the freedom to customize fragrances and colours if they wish.

Leading Manufacturers of Candle Making Machines

The leading manufacturers of candle making machines in Tamilnadu produce a diverse range of machines to meet the needs of candle makers across the region. Depending upon the type of candle being produced, these machines can range from single-head moulding presses and candle dipping systems, to fully-automated pouring and cooling machines. Prices for these different models vary depending on the specific components and features included in the machine. Generally speaking, the more automated and complex models will cost more than simpler configurations. For example, a basic one-head press model may cost around Rs 30,000 while a fully automated 9-head system with integrated cooling tanks could reach upwards of Rs 1 lakh. The prices also depend on the manufacturer as well as any additional add-on components required to ensure optimal results. To get an accurate price listing for Candle Making Machines in Tamilnadu, it is best to contact a few reliable manufacturers directly and request quotes based on your exact requirements.

Machine Price List in Tamilnadu

1. Handheld Candle Maker ” This machine is designed to make various candles with ease. It comes with adjustable wick size, adjustable mould size, and adjustable speed control. The price for this machine starts from Rs 5500/- to 10,000/- based on the features.

2. Portable Candle Maker ” This candle-making machine is perfect for use in a smaller setting as it can be moved from place to place. It has adjustable temperature settings and different sized moulds allowing users to make varied sizes of candles quickly and easily. Prices for this machine range between 12,000/- and 15,000/- depending on the model purchased.

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3. Automated Candle Maker ” This advanced candle-making machine is great for use in a commercial setting or even in a home business setting as it features automated features such as an embedded wax melting system, automated wick positioning system, and an automated cutting system. It is available starting at around Rs 25,000/- and can go up to 35,000/- based on the features obtained with the purchase.

4. Specialized Candle Maker ” This specialized candle-making machine guarantees high-quality output when used by an expert or someone familiar with the craft as this would help them get better performance out of the machine due to its accuracy level and efficiency features included in it. Also provides special effects like glitters and colors inserted into the candles made using this tool which adds value to their overall appearance making them attractive for sale purposes too! Price point of this item starts from Rs 60,000 onwards depending upon additional accessories accompanying one’s purchase.

Advice Before Purchasing a Candle Making Machine in Tamilnadu

Before you decide to purchase a candle making machine in Tamilnadu, it is important to do your research. Consider the different types of machines on the market and their prices. Make sure to compare features of each one as well as their reputation and customer service support. Additionally, consider if you need a basic model or if an upgraded version would be more useful for your candle making needs. It is also important to read reviews from other consumers so that you understand what others opinions are about the machine before investing in it. Finally, consider any additional costs such as installation, warranties, or other services that may be included with the purchase price of the machine. Doing your research carefully can help ensure that you make an informed choice when buying a candle making machine in Tamilnadu.


When looking to purchase a candle making machine in Tamil Nadu, it’s important to compare prices and features from different companies. Knowing the service record, delivery time and product quality of the company you select is essential for optimizing your purchase price. That is why it’s important to read reviews about the company before making a decision. You should also inquire about what kind of customer support they offer, including post-sale assistance if needed. In addition, it’s worth asking questions about any warranties or guarantees on their products as this could give you more peace of mind when investing in machinery. Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the company you choose offers enough room for customization so that your candle making process can be tailored to best meet your needs. With the right information and research, finding the perfect candle making machine at a reasonable price in Tamil Nadu is possible.

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