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The candle-making business at Robinson Mall dates back over twenty years. In the beginning, the store stocked simple wax candles in various colors, sizes, and scents. Customers were delighted with the many choices available, from vanilla-scented tea lights to festive holiday pillars. Over time, the store expanded its selection to encompass handmade soy candles and unique carvings of classic figures in beeswax. The store even began offering special candle-making classes where participants could learn a variety of techniques directly from expert candle makers. Today, Robinson Mall is known for an expansive collection of high-quality, affordable candles as well as tailored instruction in how to create stunning ornamental works of art with a few basic supplies.

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Candle Making Classes at Robinson Mall offer a unique, hands-on and creative way to learn how to make beautiful candles. The following classes are available:

1. Embedding Candles- This class teaches the basics of making beautiful candles with embeds. Learn how to use embeds to make decorative designs or embeds that tell a story. This can include poured wax flowers, charm bracelets, holiday shapes, and any other ideas!

2. Hand-painted Candles- Students will create unique hand-painted designs on their candles in this class. Paints from markers to acrylic are welcome! Alternatives such as wax pens or linocuts also provide an exciting opportunity for students of all ages.

3. Layered Candles ” During this class you will take simple layered designs and turn them into works of art! Use colors and textures to create a one-of-a-kind candle for yourself or for gifting purposes!

4. Scented Candle Making – Come discover the process of making sophisticated scented candles from choosing your wax type, scent concentration and container selection while learning the process that goes into producing excellent quality scented goods.

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Candle Making Robinson Mall is a popular spot that offers classes in candle-making. It’s situated in the heart of the mall, and it’s a great place to learn how to make candles by hand with traditional materials and tools. The classes are led by experienced candle-makers, and they offer plenty of tips on creating unique classic designs as well as more modern creations. Visitors to the mall can register for one class or multiple classes, depending on their skill level or interest.

At Candle Making Robinson Mall, participants will find large windows so they can take in the beauty of the mall while creating their candles. They’ll also have access to all necessary tools and supplies including waxes, wicks, melts, and even dyes for adding color to the finished product. Participants have the opportunity to craft both pillar candles and votive candles; and when they’ve completed their project, they can take them home as souvenirs or gifts.

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Visitors attending the Candle Making Robinson Mall can look forward to seeing a collection of beautiful images throughout the venue showcasing ideas for candle making projects. Moreover, knowledgeable instructors guide each session, providing participants with helpful advice so that they leave with new skills and creations they can be proud of. Some sessions may even be packed with samples too! Whether you’re a beginner or longtime enthusiast looking to perfect your craftsmanship, this is an excellent option for learning all about candle making!

Highlight the Instructors

Robinson Mall is providing a unique and creative experience for their customers, with the new candle making courses. With three experienced instructors available, all events are sure to be high quality and stimulating.

Instructor One ” Nancy Weston:
Nancy is a renowned artisan with over 20 years of experience creating candles. She has been featured in many popular magazines including Home & Garden and Better Homes & Gardens. She specializes in working with beeswax and creating natural aromatherapy scented candles. She has her own website which includes a blog where users can learn more about her techniques and process. You can follow Nancy’s work via her Instagram or Facebook page as well.

Instructor Two ” Mark Stahl:
Mark has been crafting candles for the past 10 years, specializing in customized creations for any event. He is highly skilled in different waxes and offering many scents for everyone’s preference. Apart from his Etsy store, Mark also shares his work on Instagram where he posts pictures of his most popular pieces along with tutorials that emulate his style in candle making. Try out your skills guided by Mark’s instruction!

Instructor Three ” Ashley Allaroe:
Ashley is a well-known candle instructor with almost 3 years of teaching people how to craft impeccable wax art pieces at what she calls “candle classes”. Her focus lies on hand dipped mixtures as well as other core aspects such as color blending and scenting methods by infusing elements exclusive to the Robinson Mall location hosting the course itself into each sample created during the classes she teaches there! Follow Ashley on Instagram to see some of her stunning creations or check out her Twitter page where videos feature color matching recipes or technique tips from her knowledge base!

Offer Tips for Beginner Candle Making Classes

One tip for beginner candle making classes is to focus on the basics before moving onto more complex techniques. Start off with a few essential skills like mastering the use of wicks, temperature control, and proper wax pouring. After mastering these core skillset, then move onto other methods such as experimenting with scents or changing up wax colors.

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Ideas for creating unique candles would include decorating them with extra embellishments like pinecones or cinnamon sticks, manipulating the wax texture with a special tool or mold, adding glitter accents key ingredients, creating swirled and layered designs around the edges of the container, and much more. Another idea would be to pick interesting containers to put your candles in such as ceramic mugs, wine glasses, and cute jars like Mason jars. The possibilities are endless!

Discuss Resources Available

Candle making supplies can be purchased from a local craft store such as Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabric and Crafts, Michaels, or your nearest Robinson Mall. Special supplies for candle making may include wax sheets, wicks, dyes or fragrances, molds for candle shapes and other essential materials for creating your own unique candles. Depending on the type of wax or scent you choose to use in your candle making process, some additional items that could be helpful are thermometers, double boilers, melting tanks and scales. Many stores stock pre-made kits that include most of the necessary components so if you don’t want to purchase everything separately this could be a great option too. Additionally, online stores like Amazon have a wide selection of supplies too if you prefer to shop that way.

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Interview 1:

Q: What inspired you to take a candle making class at Robinson Mall?

A: I wanted to learn something new and fun in my spare time. I thought learning how to make my own candles sounded like a great idea.

Q: How was your experience with the class?

A: It was really interesting! Our instructor walked us through all of the materials we would be using and how best to work with them. We had plenty of hands-on practice, so by the end just about everyone was able to make their own candle.

Q: What did you like most about taking the class?

A: The atmosphere of the mall was such a nice bonus as well. Everyone was having a great time strolling around looking for supplies, and it created a much more creative vibe than just sitting in someone’s home or studio making candles.

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