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Introduction is an online video hosting and streaming platform that offers countless hours of content, including tutorials on candle making. Making candles can be an enjoyable craft, providing creative outlets for expression and relaxation. It is not only a fun and easy hobby to pick up but it can also be used to create unique decorations for the home or to give away as thoughtful gifts for loved ones. By utilizing’s instructional videos, you can learn everything from the basics of candle making to more advanced techniques such as scenting and staining wax, creating intricate designs with molds, wicking materials, proper storage of candles, and everyone’s favorite: trouble shooting common mistakes.

Videos are extremely helpful in teaching people how to make candles since they offer spatially direct instructions unlike written tutorials which descriptions may require additional processing steps even for simple tasks like labeling a container of melted wax about to be poured into a mold. Furthermore, videos provide visual cues that facilitate learning in ways that text-based instructions cannot. In other words, seeing someone do something coupled with hearing their verbal instructions helps guide viewers in their own attempts while greatly limiting trial and error time frames or reliance on intuition or guesswork, providing learners an efficient way to grasp the skills needed to become competent candle makers in the shortest span possible.

Popular Candle Making Tutorials on provides a wide range of different candle making tutorials to both the novice and experienced crafter. Whether you’re just learning how to get started in candle making or want to master more complex techniques, the instructional videos on Youtube are sure to cater for all skill levels.

Experienced candle makers can check out tutorials from professional makers and make beautiful creations using beeswax, soy wax, and paraffin wax. For beginners, there are plenty of introductory videos that outline how to use different equipment and supplies, along with step-by-step directions for projects such as scented candles and homemade etchings. There are also difficult classes for students that prefer a challenge!

The service even offers an expert advice section that helps people find the right materials for their project by discussing techniques such as wicking properly, determining required pour temperatures and curing times. Additionally, many videos provide helpful tips on DIY home décor projects involving candles, which can be used to create stunning effects throughout a room.

How to Create a High-Quality Candle Making Tutorial on

Creating a high-quality candle making tutorial on can help you reach a larger audience and showcase your work. Here are some tips to ensure your video is professional and engaging for viewers:

1. Choose an informative and clear topic to cover in your tutorial: Making sure that your tutorial is focused on one specific procedure or topic, such as making scented candles or using different wax types, will keep the content interesting and relevant.

2. Record in a well-lit space: Because this is going to be uploaded online, investing in equipment such as LED lights, amps, and cameras can really increase the production value of your video. Not only will this make it more visually pleasing to watch, but it will also help establish you as a professional source of information in the industry.

3. Use high quality visuals: Including diagrams and images during specific moments in your video can help convey certain steps easier than words alone. Try finding graphics created by professionals online – this not only adds style points but also keeps everything consistent regarding quality throughout the video.

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4. Order matters: When creating your content, remember that viewers might come into the video with no knowledge at all about the topic – so start from basics and keep the pace steady throughout the entire presentation. Also remember to emphasize main points by breaking them up into individual sections rather than throwing too much information into one large block which can overwhelm viewers quickly!

5. Have multiple takes ready: Just because you’ve finished recording doesn’t mean you should wait until editing to make sure every step has been covered correctly–have multiple takes ready just incase something had been missed! This way you can have options available when beginning to edit and avoid any unnecessary hiccups along the way.

Tips for Choosing Suitable Tutorials to Follow on is an excellent source of information and instruction when it comes to learning candle making. When you decide to browse the many tutorials on, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Review ratings from other viewers that have watched the tutorial. Video reviews are especially helpful since they can provide direct feedback about whether the instructions worked for them or not. A higher rating may indicate that the tutorial is well-structured and thorough in its teaching.

2. Prefer videos with clear visuals and good audio quality, as this will make it easier for you to follow along with what the instructor is demonstrating without straining your eyes or ears trying to understand each step.

3. Seeking out tutorials made by experienced candle makers can help you be sure that what they teach is accurate and appropriate for your skill level, as well as identify potential areas where you may run into difficulty while following their directions.

4. Pay attention to details like whether or not the video contains a list of materials needed before beginning, if safety precautions are mentioned, and if suggestions are made for further topics one might research after completing each lesson in the tutorial series (if applicable). These added touches could help make your experience more organized and efficient when taking on a new project in candle making.

Critique and Feedback on Candle Making Tutorials on is an excellent source of information for those who are looking to learn the basics of candle making. With a quick search, you will find dozens of useful tutorials that teach you everything from the basics of wax selection and supplies to creative projects such as shaping, dyeing, and scented candles. You can also find reviews of different waxes or even watch experienced candle makers demonstrate complex methods.

However, it is important to note that Youtube tutorials don’t always provide specific enough instructions for beginners. In some cases, the tutorials may skip over details which could be crucial in candle-making such as the precise temperature to melt the wax or how much essential oil to add for desired scent strength. Because beginners may not be able to differentiate between minor mistakes or simply different techniques in an artist’s workflow, it is recommended that they consult with other resources such as books or blogs for more comprehensive instructions on each step before starting their own projects.

In addition, because many candle-making professors are utilizing Youtube heavily these days for promoting their courses, it is important to distinguish between valuable tutorials – filmed by experienced educators – and potentially lower quality videos produced by professionals who just want to gain popularity or sell products without providing quality instruction. To avoid this issue while still taking advantage of Youtube’s great selection of affordable learning material, we recommend reading up on user reviews and checking out the tutor’s previous work before signing up for any online course.

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Pros and Cons of Relying on Youtube for Candle Making Tutorials


1. Youtube offers a wide range of candle making tutorials and videos, so users can easily find the information they need.

2. Tutorials on Youtube are typically free to watch, so users don’t have to worry about paying for a tutorial.
3. Videos on Youtube provide an in-depth look at candle making techniques and processes, allowing users to get up close with the process and get an accurate representation of how candles are made.

4. Many videos on Youtube feature experienced or professional candle makers offering advice and tips to beginner or intermediate users that might be useful for those new to the craft of candle making.


1. Videos on Youtube do not always contain comprehensive instructions or explanations, which can lead to confusion or difficulty determining certain steps within a project.

2. The quality of many videos is quite low, either due to poor filming or inadequate sound engineering, which can make it difficult to follow along with some tutorials.

3. Some tutorials may skip over important safety measures (such as protecting hands during the wax-handling process), meaning users need to be careful watching all aspects of a video thoroughly before attempting a project themselves.

4. With thousands of tutorials available, it can take a lot of research and time watching several different videos before finding one that suits your needs correctly — and this issue is compounded if you’re searching for specific techniques or procedures that may not be as well-covered among some makers posted content..

Conclusion can be a great resource for those looking to learn the art of candle making. It offers an array of helpful videos, tutorials, and expert advice from experienced makers. Through Youtube you can gain access to insights from some of the most acclaimed in the craft, learning tips and tricks that cannot be found elsewhere. This can enhance your knowledge and skillset within the craft significantly.

However it is important to note that Youtube has its limitations. There are only so many resources available and this limited selection may not cover more advanced techniques or unique methods specific to certain types of candles. Additionally, many instructional videos come with no structured learning plan, meaning one must navigate between uploads effectively in order to reach their goals effectively. Finally, due to “ship by sight” laws regarding hazardous substances such as wax, learning through YouTube may not replace hands on training from a local source when focusing on larger scale production as your skill progresses.

Overall Youtube has much to offer aspiring craftspeople interested in candle making but should not be thought of as a true replacement for more comprehensive courses or intensive apprenticeships with experienced makers.

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