Candle Making Supplies In Kerala


Kerala, located on India’s southwestern coast, has a long history of candle-making craftsmanship. Rooted in the areas religious and ceremonial culture, every corner of this state has its own unique selection of locally sourced ingredients that are used to create candles.

These ingredients run the range from exotic plants and herbs to sweet smelling oils like sandalwood and myrrh. Local artisans hand dip each batch of candles with the utmost skill and care, creating an array of shapes and sizes that are absolutely beautiful! Many hang up their creations in windows or around their homes as symbols of good luck or spiritual connection.

In addition to the aesthetic enjoyment associated with owning handmade Kerala candles, there is also a practical component. Consumers who purchase locally crafted candles benefit not only economically by supporting local artisans directly, but also environmentally due to fewer resources (and waste) taken up with transportation costs for materials and processes.

The supportive environment for candle making found in Kerala is unique for its diversity in both style and sustainability. Candles crafted here can be found all over the world, emanating both beauty and tradition into homes around the globe.

History of Candle Making Supplies in Kerala

Candle making has been a popular art form in India for many centuries, with evidence of its existence since the period of the Moghul Empire. However, the development of the craft and its associated supplies had a particular appeal in Kerala.

The region was known for its aromas and essences from natural ingredients such as sandalwood and jasmine which, combined with oils, would be used to create richly scented candles. The first use of tallow or wax for candle making has also been traced to this area during the mid 1800s. Alongside this technique came a range of tools and utensils specifically designed for crafting candles such as molds, gauges, cylinders and more.

Regional influences have had an impact on candle making supplies over time too – Chinese wicks arrived in Kerala in the 1920s while Ayurvedic essential oils were used much later as well as flower petals incorporated into designs to give them unique decorative qualities. As more people began to explore the possibilities of candle making here, imported products like beeswax and paraffin wax also became widely used further spurring on innovation among craftsmen.

Today, traditional methods remain alongside modern approaches with a wide selection of specialty supplies available to suit all tastes from local vendors or online retailers specializing in Indian arts & crafts. Whether you’re looking to recreate ancient aromas or explore contemporary design techniques you’ll find what you need in Kerala!

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Common Candle Making Supplies in Kerala

Kerala has a rich history when it comes to candle making due to the use of traditional palm and coconut oils by local artisans. These particular types of oil provide superior performance when it comes to their softness, opacity, and stability when burned, which is why many local artisans have been using them for centuries.

Other key ingredients used in making candles from Kerala include different kinds of waxes (beeswax, paraffin wax, etc.), vegetable oils (olive oil, sunflower oil), and scented oils (essential oils like lavender or orange). When working with these materials sure to wear protective gear such as face masks and gloves as some of these products can be hazardous if not treated correctly.

The tools used in candlemaking vary depending on the type of candle being made. For example double-boilers may be used for melting both wax and natural substances like botanical butters or gels while pouring pots are used while pouring liquid mixtures into more permanent holders (glass votives, ceramic tealights). Other essential tools include wick cutters/holders/straighteners and wick dippers – all of which aid in producing successful candles that burn evenly.

Overall, candlemakers in Kerala have access to a wide range of materials including different types of waxes, essential oils and other scents, special bleaching agents and a selection of tools specific for crafting candles from melted ingredients. Understanding the fundamentals behind this ancient craft is important for anyone interested in experimenting with these supplies from Kerala’s culture-rich markets.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Candle Making Supplies in Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful region in India and known for its lush landscapes and unique culture. Candle-making has become popular not just in Kerala but in the whole country and abroad as well, giving birth to an industry where manufacturers and suppliers are setting up shop. To find the best candle making supplies in Kerala, it helps to turn to sources like local stores that specialize in craft supplies, online vendors who source their materials from local suppliers, or craft markets where there is often a range of selection from different sellers. Suppliers may also be found through specialty workshops where participants learn about candle-making techniques and discover locally sourced ingredients for their own products.

To ensure sustainable sourcing for the materials being used, seek out suppliers who adhere to fair trade practices guaranteeing equitable and ethical distribution of resources. This can include non-profits that work with sustainable communities to foster regenerative efforts around land conservation, harvest management, and animal welfare within their practice. Additionally, these networks can provide support for educational initiatives focused on candle making processes such as quality control in production methods, organic farming initiatives for bettering plants used as candles’ fuel sources, or participatory systems dedicated to training workers on new skills around renewable energy projects related to candle making.

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Tips and Tricks for Using Candle Making Supplies in Kerala

Purchasing Supplies: When purchasing candle making supplies in Kerala, ensure you have the correct setting for your workshop or home. Consider the cost of electricity with wax melting and other potential hazards before you begin creating your candles. It is also important to find good quality suppliers, particularly for your wick and wax. Using high-quality raw materials will result in the best candles that are safe for burning.

Handling Wax: Always melt wax in a double boiler or water bath on an even heat setting. Make sure you have a thermometer handy to monitor the temperature as melting too quickly can cause unwanted splattering and create air pockets in the wax which reduce the quality of your candle. Use caution when transferring hot wax from one container to another as it can easily spill, causing injury and possible damage to surfaces. Additionally, use oven mitts or heat pads when working with hot wax.

Stirring Wick: When adding wick to melted wax it should be gently stirred with a stick or chopstick so it stays submerged until completely saturated to avoid air bubbles forming in your candle’s centre. Keeping trimmed wicks in place while letting it cool is also essential as this will ensure proper alignment when finished.

Preventing Soot Buildup: Once lit, keep smoke from staining walls by using deep containers that fully protect the flame from any harsh winds that could cause soot buildup outside of the intended area. Candles will only burn perfectly if adjusted according to environmental factors like drafts and breezes without having any part of the flame exposed to such conditions formation of soot can be prevented entirely from happening at all times


In conclusion, candle making supplies are increasingly accessible in Kerala, making it easier for makers to start their own businesses and explore the craft of candle making. The growing candle industry in the region has become a viable source of income for many local communities and offers a great opportunity to generate financial security. Whether you are starting a new business or seeking to expand an existing one, this is a perfect way to diversify your product offerings and provide meaningful, sustainable livelihoods. With an abundance of resources available both online and offline, researching this rapidly growing industry in Kerala is a smart move that can benefit everyone involved.

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