Candle Making Supplies Perth Australia


Candle making supplies Perth Australia offer an extensive range of materials and products to assist anyone interested in creating a range of candle types and designs. In Perth, Australia alone, there are a number of suppliers for candle making supplies. However, what sets Marchand Candles apart is its exclusive use of quality waxes, scents and colours to ensure your handmade candles come out the highest possible quality.

The different candle types available include traditional paraffin wax tapers and jar candles, pillar candles, container candles and more recently ‘floating’ candles. Manufactured using materials such as waxes with therapeutic essential oils added to them, these hand-poured container style offerings can be tailored with customised shapes, sizes and colours. Marchand Candles also create novelty shaped jars (pumpkin shaped) which add charm whilst introducing aromas into your home with essential oils or fragrances that you have personally picked.

In addition to offering high-quality materials required for candle making from their store in Perth, Australia based Marchand Candles provide demonstrations on the art of candle making; enabling anyone interested in the craft to gain an understanding not only about ingredients but what is achievable when it comes to design.

Types of Candle Making Supplies Available in Perth

Candle making supplies in Perth, Australia vary widely and depending on the type of candle you are looking to make, you will need a few different items. Soy wax is popular for candle making due to its versatility and strong scent when melted. Fragrance oils can be used to enhance the scent of the melted wax and give it a pleasant aroma. Dyes can be used to give candles different colors; however, many candle makers prefer natural dyes or colorants instead. Containers such as glass jars and tins help to store the candles in so that they stay fresh for longer periods time. Wicks are also essential for the set-up of a candle flame and must be able to absorb wax easily in order to burn effectively. With these essential candle making supplies from Perth, you can create beautiful candles of your own design!

Different Ways to Utilise Candle Making Supplies from Perth

Decorative Candle Displays: Candle making supplies from Perth can be used to create beautiful candle displays. With coloured wax, dyes, and moulds, you can make a range of shapes and sizes that suit any décor. With candle holders, snuffers, and wicks available in different colours and materials, it’s easy to create an eye-catching display for any space. From churches to restaurants and even at home, these displays are sure to stand out.

Customised Gift Packaging: The vast array of candle making supplies from Perth makes it easy to make customised gift packaging for any occasion. You can choose from gorgeous boxes, tins or bags that come in a range of sizes and colours. Come up with interesting designs using various accessories like wax drips or fabric ribbons around the boxes, or add a personal touch with custom labels or wrapping paper with your logo or message printed on it.

Personal Candle Making Kits: Candle making kits are perfect gifts for those who love to craft! These kits contain all the supplies needed for individuals to create beautiful candles in their homes. In each kit you will usually find several moulds of different shapes as well as dyes, waxes and scents to help them add their own personal touches to the creations. Coloured wicks are also included so that they can pick out the perfect one for their needs!

Benefits of Making Candles from Supplies Found in Perth

When sourcing supplies for candle making from local vendors in Perth, Australia, there are many benefits. Firstly and most importantly, you can support local businesses by buying from them as opposed to purchasing from larger companies who often import their materials from overseas. Secondly, all the necessary supplies are easily accessible with many stores within the city itself and online retailers specializing in candle making items for those further away. Lastly, it is often much more cost-effective than purchasing imported items due to lower shipping costs. Furthermore, these businesses tend to supply wholesale prices on bulk orders so individual customers can get larger amounts at discounted prices. With such an array of stores selling candle supplies in Perth, Australia it is worth considering when next purchasing your materials or considering starting your own candle making business.

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Where to Find Affordable Candle Making Supplies from Perth

Online Shopping

When it comes to finding candle making supplies in Perth, Australia, one of the simplest solutions is to shop online. This method allows you to access a wide range of products from both local retailers and international suppliers. While some products are available at prices which are more expensive than those found in physical stores, there are also numerous opportunities to purchase items cheaply with special sales or discounts. Additionally, many websites provide highly helpful reviews that list comments by other consumers, which can help you understand the quality of the items before making a purchase.

Local Stores near You

If you intend to purchase your supplies locally in Perth, Australia, there are certainly plentiful options throughout the city. Numerous stores offer a variety of candle molds or scent-infusing oils at competitive prices as well as knowledgeable staff who can aid you in selecting the best items for your requirements. Furthermore, many changes periodically have offers or promotions on particular candle-making materials or tools which can make it feasible to acquire top quality items without spending an excessive amount of money.

Neighboring Towns

In addition to searching for candle making supplies within Perth itself, customers can also look further afield in neighboring towns such as Mandurah or Fremantle where they may locate even greater variety and value for money prices on their desired products. This option could be especially useful if reviewers have mentioned that certain stores stock more rare types of materials or exemplary customer service that certain websites don’t provide. With easy access afforded by relatively short distances between towns this could prove an ideal way of locating exactly what you need quickly and efficiently while still keeping costs low.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Candle Making Supplies from Perth

Quality Assurance

When shopping for candle making supplies from Perth, it is essential to check that all products have passed Quality Assurance measures. This includes ensuring that all components used have been tested for safety and efficiency. It is also important to check that the materials used are the best quality for making candles, such as bee’s wax, vegetable wax, soy wax and paraffin wax. In addition, look for suppliers who offer fresh batches of products consistently in order to ensure that your candles always burn properly and last a long time.

Diligently Research Each Product

In order to ensure you get the best possible knowledge on how to make the perfect candle, it is important to research each product thoroughly before buying them. Look at reviews online and ask fellow-candle makers if they know any success stories with specific types of supplies or brands. If you find more than one product which suits your needs perfectly, it can be advantageous to go with the one which costs less or offers more features as this could save you time and money in the long run.

Try Different Combinations

It can be helpful to experiment with different combinations of products when creating candles. Rather than sticking with what you know works for you or what has been recommended by someone else, try out new colouring agents or scent combinations; this could result in a unique and pleasant-smelling candle which people will love! You never know what incredible creations will come from testing out different ingredients; so embrace creativity and explore different possibilities when using candle making supplies from Perth Australia.

Making Embedded Candles

Creative Ways to Display Finished Candles from Perth Supplies

Customizing the containers is an easy and effective way to display finished candles from Perth supplies. Glass jars, tins, and mugs are all affordable and practical vessels for wax candles and can be decorated with decoupaged labels, painted patterns, or engraved runes. Experimenting with different types of containers is a great way to find the perfect style fit for each fragrance.

One creative way to bring attention to candle displays is through scent. If a store has a wide range of scents in their catalogue try creating an “aroma-matic” atmosphere by lighting several different ones at the same time and see how people react. This could also be done in an outdoor area or street market in order to draw passers-by into the stall.

Finally, it’s important for any business to utilize their packaging’s branding. Make sure that your product boxes are sturdy enough to protect candles during transportation and look good enough as part of a stall’s organising system or shelf-presentation solution. Go further than basic design by having interesting quotes screen printed across boxes or large fonts introducing fans to each fragrance. Advertising can allow potential customers to appreciate what they may be buying before they even open the box in the store!

Resources and Inspiration

Making your own candles can be an easy and delightful hobby. The city of Perth, Australia is host to a great array of candle making supplies, making it ideal for anyone looking to start this craft. For those starting out, there are qualified candle making classes available in many different locations throughout Perth that can provide novice crafters with the necessary guidance and insight into the basics of candle making.

For those wanting to further their knowledge or even expand upon existing abilities, there are a variety of online tutorials and tutorial videos available on candle making websites. Additionally, popular candle making bloggers and influencers have popped up all over social media in recent years who often share information about specific recipes, tools, and techniques used by professional crafters. This type of advice can be valuable when it comes to procurement ideas or simply learning more about the craft itself. By following these blogs and accounts closely you can also stay abreast of any trends, upcoming workshops, or other important industry news regarding candles and candle making supplies in Perth, Australia.


Candle making supplies from Perth Australia offer crafters a unique way of creating something special for their loved ones. With the range of colors, scents, and types of wax available at local stores, people can create something that is entirely their own. Candle makers can also benefit from the abundance of other materials such as wicks, jars, and decoration items to finish the project. With some basic instructions and a bit of practice, everyone can become a candlemaker!

By investing in quality supplies and taking the time to learn how to make candles correctly, crafting with wax becomes an exciting and rewarding experience. With more practice comes greater skill and with that more opportunities to explore new ideas or take on larger projects like scented pillars or intricate designs using multiple colors. For those with an artistic flair, designing centerpieces for events or making gifts for friends offers a fun challenge that will leave long-lasting memories. Whether one is making candles for personal use or looking to start up a thriving business ” the favorite suppliers from Perth will not let them down!

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