London Refinery Candle Making Reviews

In recent years, the art of handmade candle making has experienced a captivating resurgence in London. With its rich history steeped in craftsmanship and a growing demand for unique home fragrances, London has become a hub for talented artisans and candle enthusiasts alike. One brand that has risen to prominence is the London Refinery, known for their exquisite handcrafted candles that captivate the senses with their signature scents.

The allure of handmade candles lies not only in their ability to create a warm and inviting ambiance but also in the personal touch and attention to detail that goes into each creation. As more people seek out artisanal products that embody individuality and conscious living, London Refinery has emerged as a shining example of dedication to craft and sustainability.

What began as a small home-based business has now blossomed into a renowned candle making brand beloved by many. The journey of London Refinery is one born out of passion and determination, guiding them towards achieving recognition for their exceptional quality and commitment to eco-friendly practices. From humble beginnings, this brand has grown to captivate the hearts and minds of candle lovers throughout London.

As we delve deeper into the world of London Refinery, we will explore not only their unique candle making process but also gain insight into their remarkable range of signature scents. We will uncover testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the ethereal essence that these candles bring to any space they grace. Additionally, we will take an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into the workshops where magic happens, giving aspiring crafters inspiration for their own creations.

Join us on this fragrant journey through the enchanting world of London Refinery Candle Making Reviews as we uncover the secrets behind their success, discover tips and tricks for creating your own candles inspired by their craftsmanship, and explore their expansion into home fragrance and skincare products. Get ready to indulge your senses and embrace the art of candle making like never before.

History of London Refinery

London Refinery is a renowned candle making brand that has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small home-based business. The brand’s journey to success is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of its founder, Emma Sinclair. In this section, we will delve into the history of London Refinery and explore how it grew from a simple hobby into an internationally recognized brand.

The Birth of London Refinery

London Refinery was born out of Emma Sinclair’s love for both candles and natural ingredients. As a hobbyist candle maker, she found joy in creating handmade candles using only the finest quality ingredients. What started as a creative outlet soon gained popularity among friends and family, who raved about the unique scents and high-quality products.

Inspired by this positive feedback and driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Emma decided to turn her passion into a business. In 2016, she officially launched London Refinery as an online store, offering artisanal candles made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. The brand quickly gained traction in the market, attracting customers who appreciated the attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Growth and Recognition

As demand for their products grew, so did London Refinery’s operations. What once began as a small operation run out of Emma’s kitchen expanded into a dedicated production facility in East London. This growth allowed the brand to scale up their production while still maintaining their artisanal approach to candle making.

London Refinery’s commitment to craftsmanship did not go unnoticed. They have been recognized by various industry awards for their exceptional products and innovative approach. The brand’s dedication to sustainability also garnered them praise within the community of eco-conscious consumers.

Today, London Refinery continues to expand its reach both nationally and internationally. Their candles can be found in boutique stores across London and other major cities around the world.

Despite its success, the brand remains true to its roots, staying committed to creating handcrafted candles using natural and sustainable ingredients. London Refinery’s journey from a small home-based business to a renowned candle making brand is an inspiring example of how passion, craftsmanship, and sustainability can pave the way for success in the handmade industry.

Unveiling the Craftsmanship

London Refinery has gained a reputation for their unique candle making process, which sets them apart from other brands in the market. The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each candle is evident in the final product, creating a truly luxurious and aromatic experience for consumers.

At London Refinery, the candle making process begins with sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Only natural soy wax is used, which is known for its clean burn and long-lasting fragrance. The brand also carefully selects premium essential oils or vegan-friendly fragrance oils to create their signature scents.

Once the ingredients are gathered, the candle making team at London Refinery focuses on hand-pouring each candle. This attention to detail ensures that every candle is made with precision and care. The candles are poured in small batches to maintain quality control and optimize scent distribution.

After pouring, each candle is left to cure for at least 48 hours. This crucial step allows the fragrance and wax to fully integrate, resulting in a more consistent scent throw when the candles are burned. Finally, every finished candle is hand-painted with precision labels before being packaged and prepared for shipment.

The unique candle making process followed by London Refinery not only guarantees high-quality products but also helps to create an exceptional experience for customers. From start to finish, each step in the process showcases the brand’s commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. Whether it’s their attention to detail or their use of premium ingredients, London Refinery’s unique approach sets them apart in the world of handmade candles.

Natural Soy WaxHigh quality and clean burn
Premium Essential Oils/Vegan-friendly Fragrance OilsCreate signature scents

Exploring the Candle Collection

London Refinery’s candle collection is a true testament to the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each candle is created with a unique blend of high-quality ingredients, resulting in an exquisite sensory experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of their signature scents that have garnered rave reviews from customers.

1. Wild Fig & Cassis: This scent captures the essence of a stroll through an English garden, with notes of ripe figs and juicy blackcurrants. The delicate balance between sweetness and earthiness creates a calming ambiance that is perfect for relaxation.

2. Black Pomegranate: A luxurious and mysterious fragrance, this candle combines the rich aroma of pomegranate with hints of spicy pink pepper and woody patchouli. It adds a touch of opulence to any space, making it ideal for special occasions or creating a romantic atmosphere.

3. English Pear & Freesia: Experience the crispness of fresh fruits with this elegant candle. The sweet scent of ripe pears blends harmoniously with delicate floral notes of freesia, creating an uplifting and refreshing fragrance that can be enjoyed all year round.

To enhance the overall candle experience, London Refinery uses natural soy wax that burns cleanly and evenly, ensuring that each scent is released gradually without overpowering your senses. The elegant packaging adds another layer of sophistication to these already delightful candles.

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Customers have expressed their love for these signature scents in glowing testimonials. Many have praised the long-lasting nature of the candles, where even after multiple burns, the scent remains as robust as ever. Others appreciate how these candles fill their homes with warmth and relaxation after a long day.

Testimonials and Customer Experiences

When it comes to evaluating the quality and performance of a product, there is nothing more valuable than hearing from real customers. This section provides an insight into the testimonials and experiences of customers who have used London Refinery candle products. These reviews highlight the exceptional craftsmanship, captivating scents, and overall satisfaction with their purchase.

One customer, Sarah Henderson, expresses her delight in London Refinery candle products by saying, “The moment I lit my first London Refinery candle, I was instantly transported to a place of tranquility. The fragrance filled my home without being overpowering, creating a soothing ambiance that allowed me to unwind after a long day. The attention to detail in the design and packaging also added an element of luxury that truly enhanced my overall experience”.

Another customer, Mark Thompson, mentions his positive experience with London Refinery candles as gifts for friends and family. He says, “London Refinery has become my go-to brand for thoughtful gifts. The unique scents and elegant packaging make these candles a perfect choice for special occasions or simply showing someone you care. Each recipient has raved about the quality and beauty of these candles”.

These testimonies are just a glimpse into the positive feedback received by London Refinery regarding their candle products. Customers consistently appreciate the high-quality ingredients used in each handcrafted candle and commend the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

AspectCustomer Feedback
FragranceThe scents are unique and refreshing.
PackagingThe elegant packaging adds a touch of luxury.
Burning TimeThe candles burn evenly and last a long time.
CraftsmanshipThe attention to detail in the design is impressive.

London Refinery takes pride in creating an unforgettable experience for customers through their exquisite candle products, as reflected in these testimonials. As the article progresses, readers will gain further insight into the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability, ultimately solidifying London Refinery’s reputation as a top choice for candle enthusiasts.

Crafters’ Corner

London Refinery is not only known for their exquisite candles, but also for their unique candle making workshops. These workshops provide a behind the scenes look into the art and craft of making candles, giving participants the opportunity to create their own custom scented candles under the guidance of experienced candle makers.

The workshops take place in the heart of London, providing a cozy and creative atmosphere for participants to immerse themselves in the world of candle making. Upon arrival, attendees are greeted by the scent of various fragrances as they walk into a beautifully set up workshop space filled with all the necessary materials and tools.

During these workshops, participants are introduced to different types of wax, fragrances, wicks, and containers used in candle making. They learn about the importance of selecting high-quality ingredients and how they contribute to creating a well-crafted candle. The experienced instructors guide attendees through each step of the process, from measuring and melting wax to adding fragrance oils and pouring them into containers.

At London Refinery‘s workshops, creativity is encouraged as participants have the opportunity to customize their own scents using a variety of essential oils and fragrance oils. They can experiment with different combinations and ratios to create unique blends that reflect their personal preferences. This hands-on experience allows individuals to truly understand and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each London Refinery candle.

Workshop HighlightsDetails
LocationIn the heart of London
GuidanceExperienced candle makers provide step-by-step instructions
Materials & ToolsAll necessary materials and tools provided
CustomizationParticipants can create their own scents using essential oils and fragrance oils
Creative AtmosphereA cozy and inspiring space for participants to unleash their creativity

London Refinery’s candle making workshops offer a unique opportunity for both beginners and experienced crafters to learn and explore the art of candle making. Not only do participants get to take home their own handcrafted candles, but they also gain a deeper appreciation for the meticulous process that goes into creating each London Refinery product.

Whether attending alone or with a group, these workshops provide an unforgettable experience and a chance to connect with the brand on a personal level.

So, if you’re looking to try your hand at candle making or simply want to immerse yourself in a creative workshop experience, London Refinery’s candle making workshops are definitely worth exploring. They offer the perfect blend of education, hands-on activity, and fun, allowing you to discover your inner craftsperson while creating beautiful scented candles to enjoy in your own home.

Sustainability at its Core

London Refinery takes immense pride in its commitment to eco-friendly practices. As a brand that values sustainability, they have made conscious decisions and implemented various measures to ensure that their candle making process minimizes negative impacts on the environment. Their dedication to reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices sets them apart in the industry.

One of the key ways London Refinery demonstrates its commitment to sustainability is through their use of natural and responsibly sourced materials. They carefully select their ingredients, opting for sustainable alternatives whenever possible. For instance, their candles are made from soy wax, which is a renewable resource that burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax. Furthermore, they use lead-free cotton wicks, avoiding harmful substances often found in other candle products.

In addition to their choice of materials, London Refinery also focuses on minimizing waste in their production process. They strive for efficiency by implementing recycling and reusing strategies throughout their candle making workshops. From repurposing leftover wax to using sustainable packaging materials, every step is taken with conscious consideration for the environment.

London Refinery’s commitment to eco-friendly practices does not end with the production of candles. They extend this ethos into every aspect of their brand, including packaging and shipping. By using recyclable and biodegradable materials for packaging, they ensure that their products leave no lasting impact on the environment. Additionally, they continuously seek ways to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation by optimizing delivery routes and partnering with environmentally conscious shipping providers.

Through its unwavering dedication to sustainable practices, London Refinery sets a high standard for the candle making industry as a whole. By embracing eco-friendly alternatives and reducing waste at every stage of production, they inspire customers to make more conscious choices when it comes to home fragrances. London Refinery proves that luxury can coexist with sustainability, creating a bright future for handmade candle making in an environmentally responsible way.

Finding the Perfect Candle

London Refinery offers a wide range of candle options, each carefully crafted to create a unique ambiance and scent experience. With so many choices available, it may seem overwhelming to choose the right candle for every occasion. In this section, we will provide a guide to help you find the perfect London Refinery candle for any event or mood.

Occasion-Based Candles

London Refinery understands that different events call for different scents and atmospheres. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening at home, there is a candle that suits your specific needs.

Floating Candles Making At Home

For romantic occasions, such as anniversaries or date nights, consider the subtle floral notes of ‘Rose Noir’ or the warm and sensual aroma of ‘Amber & Patchouli’. If you’re looking to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for a lazy Sunday afternoon, ‘Vanilla & Sandalwood’ or ‘Sage & Lavender’ would be ideal choices.

Mood-Based Candles

Not only do London Refinery candles cater to specific occasions, but they also offer scents that cater to various moods. If you’re in need of an energizing pick-me-up after a long day at work, try the invigorating citrus scent of ‘Grapefruit & Eucalyptus’.

On the other hand, if you desire a calming and stress-relieving ambiance, opt for the soothing blend of ‘Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood’. The comprehensive range ensures that there is always a London Refinery candle to suit your desired mood.

Seasonal Candles

As the seasons change throughout the year, so do our preferences for scents. London Refinery recognizes this and offers seasonal candles that capture the essence of each time of year. In springtime, their ‘Blossom Gardens’ candle evokes freshly bloomed flowers, while in winter, ‘Winter Spice’ creates a cozy and festive atmosphere. With their seasonal candles, London Refinery allows you to fully embrace the spirit of each season.

Unlocking the Secrets

Choosing the Right Ingredients

One of the most important aspects of making your own candles inspired by London Refinery is selecting the right ingredients. As London Refinery values quality and craftsmanship, it is essential to invest in high-quality materials for your candle-making process. Start by choosing a natural wax, such as soy wax or beeswax, which not only burns cleaner but also allows the fragrance to shine through. Additionally, consider using wooden or cotton wicks for a more eco-friendly option.

Experimenting with Fragrances

London Refinery is known for its signature scents that captivate the senses and create a serene ambiance. To recreate their unique fragrances, you can experiment with essential oils and fragrance oils. Blend different scents together to create your own custom fragrance that reflects your personal style and preferences. Take inspiration from London Refinery’s collections and incorporate aromas like lavender, bergamot, jasmine, or even unique combinations like tobacco and vanilla.

Precision is Key

When it comes to candle making, precision is key to achieving professional-looking results. Pay attention to measurements when melting your wax and adding fragrances or colorants. Use a reliable thermometer to ensure the wax reaches the right temperature before pouring it into containers or molds. Allow adequate cooling time before trimming wicks or packaging your homemade candles to avoid any mishaps.

Personalize Your Creations

One of the benefits of making your own candles inspired by London Refinery is the ability to personalize them according to your taste and style. Get creative with container choices – whether it’s elegant glass jars or vintage teacups – that complement your home decor. Add decorative touches such as dried flowers, herbs, or colorful ribbons if desired. By incorporating these personal touches into your candle-making process, you can truly make each creation a reflection of yourself.

Candle Care and Safety

Once you’ve successfully made your own candles, it’s important to take proper care of them to ensure optimal performance and safety. Always follow burning instructions, including trimming the wick to a recommended length before each use and avoiding drafts that can cause uneven burning or excessive smoke.

Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended and keep them away from flammable materials. By practicing proper candle care and safety, you can enjoy your homemade creations inspired by London Refinery while ensuring a pleasant and secure environment.

Going Beyond Candles

London Refinery’s success and reputation in the candle making industry has paved the way for their expansion into other areas of home fragrance and skincare. Building upon the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has made their candles so popular, London Refinery has now curated a range of products that aim to enhance the ambiance of any space and offer luxurious self-care experiences.

In the realm of home fragrance, London Refinery offers diffusers and room sprays that bring their signature scents into every corner of your living space. These products are expertly designed to create a long-lasting and consistent scent experience, allowing you to fill your home with the delightful aromas that London Refinery is known for.

The diffusers feature high-quality reeds that gently release fragrance throughout the day, while the room sprays offer an instant burst of freshness with just a few spritzes.

London Refinery has also ventured into the realm of skincare, offering a range of luxurious bath and body products. Their selection includes hand washes, hand lotions, and body lotions that are crafted with natural ingredients and enriched with essential oils.

These products not only nourish and hydrate the skin but also envelops you in captivating fragrances that linger long after use. From uplifting citrus blends to soothing floral notes, each product offers a sensorial experience that enhances your daily self-care rituals.

With their expansion into home fragrance and skincare products, London Refinery continues their commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices. Like their candles, these new offerings are handmade in small batches using eco-friendly ingredients. Whether you’re seeking to add a touch of luxury to your living space or indulge in self-care moments infused with exquisite scents, London Refinery’s home fragrance and skincare collection delivers on both fronts.


In conclusion, London Refinery has carved its place in the candle making industry as a brand that stands for exceptional craftsmanship and unique scents. From its humble beginnings as a small home-based business to becoming a renowned name in the industry, London Refinery has shown unparalleled dedication to creating high-quality candles that leave a lasting impression.

The journey through this article has provided an insight into the artistry and meticulousness that goes into every candle made by London Refinery. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices is commendable, ensuring that customers can enjoy their candles guilt-free.

Moreover, the testimonials and customer experiences shared in this article speak volumes about the quality of London Refinery’s products. Customers praise not only the beautiful fragrances but also the long-lasting burn time and exquisite packaging. It is evident that these candles truly elevate any space they are placed in.

London Refinery’s expansion beyond candles to home fragrance and skincare products demonstrates their dedication to providing an unforgettable sensory experience. Whether it be diffusers or bath salts, customers can trust that they will receive the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence found in every London Refinery product.

In conclusion, London Refinery has become more than just a candle-making brand; it is an embodiment of artistry, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. The unforgettable experience of using their products makes one appreciate the beauty that handmade candles bring to our lives. With each flickering flame, London Refinery enhances our surroundings with unique scents, creating moments of tranquility and luxury that will be cherished for years to come.

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