Making Alum Crystal Candle Holders


An alum crystal candle holder is a type of decorative candle holder made of crystals created through the process of crystallization. These holders feature beautiful, brightly colored crystalline shapes and add a lovely accent to any setting. The production process utilizes a simple chemical reaction that creates large crystals around objects within an alum solution. As a result, they provide an affordable and enjoyable craft project with stunning results. Not only can one make these holders to display their own candles, it can also be used as gifts for family and friends. Furthermore, this activity requires minimal skill which makes it very beginner-friendly; after all anyone can become a scientist for a day!

Materials Needed

To create beautiful alum crystal candle holders, you’ll need a few materials. Gather the supplies you’ll need for this project before you begin – these include alum crystals, glass beakers, candle wicks, and wax. You can find alum crystals at most craft stores. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be used to make unique designs with their shapes and sizes. Glass beakers work well as candle holders since they are more durable than other types of container. Make sure to get the right size, so your candles fit comfortably inside without any of the wax leaking out. Candle wicks are necessary to feed the flame and keep it burning steadily throughout the night. Finally, choose a type of wax that’s suitable for making candles; paraffin or soy candles will work best. When using colored wax, make sure that it doesn’t coat the alum crystals too heavily or it may diminish the beauty those crystals provide.

Creating the Alum Crystal Candle Holder

1. Select a clean, sturdy glass or ceramic container to use as the base of your Alum Crystal Candle Holder. Make sure it is large enough to hold the crystals you gathered, and any additional elements that will be incorporated into the finished design (if desired). Any container can work as long as it’s safe for heat and not prone to breakage when handling.

2. Prepare an alum solution by dissolving 2 teaspoons of alum in 4 cups of boiling water and continue stirring until all of the powder is dissolved. Use a large bucket or bowl to contain the solution while it cools.

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3. Carefully submerge the container chosen for your candle holder into the alum solution, making sure that it is completely immersed in the liquid before removing it from the bucket/bowl after 15 minutes. Keep careful note of how much time has elapsed”the longer you leave it in, the larger your crystals will grow!

4. Once your container has been removed from the alum solution, put it away for several hours to overnight so that any remaining crystals can continue forming around its edges. During this time, test out different visuals using decorations such as stones and flowers in order to get a sense of what type of effect you would like from your finished product.

5. After several hours have passed (or even overnight if desired), carefully remove any extra crystal formations that may have attached themselves to your base and transfer them back into their original bowl/bucket or onto a towel or plate lined with parchment paper in order to save them for future projects!

6. Position your chosen decorations around the edges of your container and place a standard wax candle inside (wicks should face upwards). Make sure everything fits together nicely before affixing decorative items via hot glue or other adhesive materials if needed; alternatively, some items such as semi-precious stones can simply be added directly atop each layer without needing an adhesive! Finally, light up your unique creation and enjoy!

Decorating the Candle Holder

One way to enhance the candle holder is to paint it. Candles can be painted to match the color of your room, or a few different colors can be used to make a unique pattern. Glitter, sequins, beads and other decorative objects can then be added as well. Also, decoupage with patterns of scrapbook paper can be used to give an even more distinctive appearance. Another option is to use adhesive gemstones for a little sparkle. Even ribbons and lace in various hues and types can add charm and sophistication depending on the overall design you wish to create. Finally, you can use wood burning or carving tools to add engraved details for an even more intricate and personalized look.

Finishing Touches

1. Carefully place the completed alum crystal candle holder onto a flat surface.
2. Screw the base of the candle holder onto the bottom of the crystal. Make sure it is firmly in place and securely screwed in.
3. Place your favorite candle into the candle holder and light it, making sure you keep a safe distance from the flame for safety purposes.

Making A Strong Scented Candle

1. Check to make sure that the flame does not reach above and around the top edge of the crystal candle holder.
2. Inspect the area surrounding your candle and ensure there are no combustible items (e.g., paper, fabric, etc.) that could potentially catch fire if gently touched by your candle’s flame.
3. Take a few steps back and observe your finalized crystal candle holder to check its overall appearance once lit up with a burning flame inside it ” then you’re done!

Safety Tips

It is important to take safety precautions when creating and using your alum crystal candle holders. First, make sure you wear protective gloves and eye protection while handling the corrosive materials needed for the project, such as alum crystals, vinegar, and boiling water. Additionally, information should be gathered about proper preparation of all materials prior to beginning the project in order to ensure a safe result. You should only use appropriate containers that are made from either glass or heat-safe plastic when working with boiling water for the reaction between alum crystals and vinegar. When combustible materials are used during this project make sure that a fire extinguisher is nearby in case of an emergency. Lastly, do not leave burning candle unattended. Keep young children away from candles and always follow manufacturer instructions when using them. It is also important to keep your alum crystal candle holder(s) away from flammable objects such as furniture or curtains while they are lit. Following these safety tips will allow you to enjoy your homemade masterpiece safely!

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