Making Candle With Crayons


Making a candle with crayons is not only a great way to recycle unused or broken crayons, but it can also create a beautiful and unique decorative accent piece. This tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on how to transform your unwanted crayons into one-of-a-kind candles. All you need are some crayons, wax paper, a pair of scissors, an old metal tin (or other nonflammable container), and an open flame source. With the right supplies and instructions, you can easily make gorgeous homemade candle in just a few steps. Here’s how!

Step 1: Begin by gathering all of your supplies, making sure to include some crayon pieces that contain bright colors for your desired finished look. Cut the wick for your candle and set aside for later use.

Step 2: Using wax paper as your base, arrange the crayon pieces on the sheet in whatever pattern addresses or color scheme comes to mind. Heat up the bottom of your metal tin using an open flame source”this will help melt the materials below it much faster once you fill it with the heatable items.

Step 3: Carefully transfer each piece of wax paper containing the arranged crumbs to their prepared tins; allow space between each sheet so they don’t fuse together when melted down later. If needed, flip over the sheet while keeping it snug against the side edges of the tin containers so that any moisture attached to its underside won’t drip on top either resulting in similar adverse effects during further steps.Avoid getting too close to any open flames as melting wax is flammable and could cause injury if mishandled; never leave a burning flame unattended either!

Step 4: Once ready, place each tin filled with evenly distributed sheets of wax paper onto an open flame source for melting purposes ” this should be done outdoors because here again any fumes may escape which could cause potentially hazardous consequences if ignited elsewhere!) Allowing them to ‘bake’ until all traces of their original shape has disappeared from view; although individual pieces may still be partially visible about 10 minutes time should suffice for most cases. Keep watch over them until cool enough so that handling does not result in burns from their heat either” no less than 20 minutes should suffice before attempting removal’.

Step 5: Once cooled off some more carefully take out each completed item by pulling away at its edges and trimming away excess substances if needed before transferring into its final destination–this is where our first prepared wick becomes useful now as well since it can be collected atop each candle’s surface along its entire circumference! Finally simply enjoy those lovely DIY results with satisfaction assured knowing how easy yet rewarding such conversations are ” no matter what style arrangement were made originally these personalized items serve both aesthetically pleasing décor accents when lit but originally economical sources too!

Safety and Cleanup

When making candles with crayons, safety and cleanup must be considered. It is important to take certain safety measures when heating wax and using wicks. Make sure to use a heat-resistant container on a level surface that is away from drafts and flammable objects. It is also recommended to use oven mitts or thick towels for protection when handling the hot materials. For disposal, it is best to avoid pouring melted wax down the drain as this can cause clogs and plumbing issues. Allow any remaining wax solids in the containers to cool off before disposing in a sealed plastic bag in the trash can. Be sure not to throw out any used wicks until they have cooled off as they should no longer be lit by that point.

Gather Supplies

Necessary Supplies:
– Candle Wax
– Wick
– Gloves
– Crayons
– Double Boiler (or Substitute)
– Container or Mold for the Candle
– Two containers/pots to fit inside each other, one that is deep enough to contain wax and wick.

Bonus Items:
– Essential Oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary for extra scent.
-Lemon, orange, or cucumber slices for a light flavoring.
-Herbs such as dried chamomile flowers or rose petals for visual appeal.

Prep Work

When making candles with crayons it is important to make sure you have a well-prepared workspace. Gather all the essential materials, such as: crayons (variety of colors), wax, double boiler, wicks, paper towels or old cloths (to cover the workspace and test pour the melted wax onto). Arrange them at arm’s reach so they are easily accessible and ready to use. Also don’t forget to wear safety glasses and gloves when working with hot wax. Create a designated area to set out finished candles and designate an area for any scraps that you may create during the process. Most importantly make sure your surface can handle any spills of melted wax by having it covered by an old towel or large sheet of paper. Doing all these steps will help ensure a great end product!

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Making the Candle

1. Gather materials: 1 jar or tin, 1 crayon of your desired color, 1 wick, 1 teaspoon candle-making wax flakes, 1 hot glue gun.

2. To make the base of your candle, use the hot glue gun to stick the wick to the bottom center of the jar or tin. The adhesive should be strong enough to hold the wick in place without needing additional reinforcement.

3. Holding onto both ends of the wick (or having a friend hold onto one end) slowly swing it around in circles over a bowl while breaking off pieces of crayon into small bits. As this creates wax shavings, they will fall into the bowl below you will use these for your candle-making wax flakes later on in step 5. It’s important to note that different colors may discolor when heated so try and find a complementary color for your desired candle color before beginning this step as this part cannot be undone.

4. Once you’ve gotten all your desired amount of wax shaved off from the crayon put it aside and move on to Step 5

5. Now that you have your desired amount of wax flakes time create a double boiler by filling a medium-sized pot halfway with water and setting it over high heat on stovetop burner; now grab a slightly bigger pot than one used before and set it inside first pot with its rim mostly touching water level. Then pour melted wax chips into smaller pot keeping track how much you’ve put in ad stopping before any more goes over maximum line clearly visible inside larger pot – then cover smaller pot loosely with lid leaving space between two pots open while they heat together until eventually melted wax chips become liquidy enough to pour out from smaller container (but not boiling). Once ready turn burner down let cool before moving further along process .

6 . When wax has cooled enough turn off burner and pour correct amounts into previously prepared jar or tin making sure all surfaces being coated including sides bottom
7 . Set aside partially completed candle for about 30 minutes or until top appears solid which should happen pretty quickly
8 . After that’s been done – its time add finish touch adding decorations nail polish other forms decoration if desired

9 Finally when finished product looks good leave behind open space surrounding wick so heat doesn’t build up too much during lighting process Enjoy your custom handmade DIY candle!

Adding Color

When making candles with crayons, one of the main aspects to consider is color. To achieve vibrant and beautiful hues, start by picking out a few crayon colors that you’d like to combine. It is also important to think about how much color you would like the wax to take on when it melts; the smaller pieces of crayon can add more vibrancy than larger chunks. Consider combining different colored crayons for unique and vibrant results. For example, for a muted look try combining an earth tone such as green or brown with a bright red or blue. Alternatively, for an eye-catching candle combine several different loud colors such as orange, pink, purple, and yellow. If you are aiming for an ombre-like effect, you can also think about melting multiple shades of one color together such as blending yellow, orange and red together. The combinations of color possibilities are virtually endless! Have fun experimenting and have pride in displaying your own homemade creations!

Adding Scents

Fragrancing the candle can be done a few different ways. You can add scent to melted wax or you can use a fragrance oil and dab it directly onto the top of your wax that has already cooled and solidified. When adding scent directly to melted wax, you should use a fragrance oil specially designed for candles. This type of oil will mix with the wax in order to provide an even smell throughout the candle. Make sure that you are aware of any warnings that come with specific fragrances as some may have hazardous effects on skin or react differently when exposed to flame.

When customizing the strength of the scent, consider adding an amount of approximately 8-10% oils per pound of wax used in your candle. This percentage is known as “fragrance load”, and will vary depending on whether you using natural essential oils or synthetic fragrance oils, as essential oils tend to be more concentrated than synthetic ones. Additionally, some scents may require higher percentages than others in order to achieve the desired aroma effect.

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Layering scents is possible by simply combining two different fragrances before pouring them into your candle mold. In this case, it would work best if both fragrances complimented each other rather than competing with each other; combine floral with herbal or spice, citrus with woody scents, earthy scents with fresh fruits etc. The trick is to experiment and get creative until you find something that works well together!

Finishing Off

To securely fasten the wick and seal the lid to finish off your candle creation, you’ll need some hot glue. Begin by cutting the wick long enough for it to be firmly glued at the bottom of the jar, but not so much that it touches the wax. Then, mark a circle in the center of your lid slightly smaller than the diameter of your jar top. Finally, apply some hot glue and attach the wick to the inside of the lid in this circle. This ensures that it sticks through, while being held down by a secure rim all around it. Once this is done, let the glue cool; then all you have left to do is screw on your lid! Congratulations – you have now successfully made a candle using crayons!


When making candle with crayons, adding decorations can be an easy and enjoyable way to customize your candle. You can use short pieces of crayon to add shapes and designs on the side of the glass jar. To create a pattern, try drawing thin lines along the sides of the jar by melting multiple pieces of crayon in various colors at once. If you prefer larger designs, you can also cut shapes out of wax paper and layer them onto the outside of your jar. To make it even more decorative, glue objects such as seashells and feathers onto the melted wax surface. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily create unique candles that reflect your individual style!


Making candles with crayons can be a fun and unique way to add color and design to any occasion. You can make the experience special by having a ‘Candle Making’ party where guests have the chance to create their own candles customized by their own creative ideas. Decorate the area with colorful fabrics, ribbons, or decorations suitable for the occasion. Have a variety of crayon colors available as well as a selection of scents like vanilla, lavender, and rose. Guests can choose whatever scent they prefer along with the array of crayon shades to decorate their candle. Music and food can also add more enjoyment to your candle-making gathering. Set up an area for labeling and packaging so guests can label and wrap their creation when finished. Provide mason jars or decorative containers for pouring wax that is melted in advance before arriving at the party. This will let you concentrate on helping your guests finish their candles instead of worrying about keeping hot wax away from children or pets. When everyone has completed decorating their candle provide them with some tea light candles they can use while they appreciate their beautiful product!


1. Choose an appropriate container that can withstand heat and mold wax inside it.

2. Start by cutting your crayons into small pieces.

3. Add the crayon pieces to a double boiler or diy one with a glass jar and pot of boiling water.

4. Once the wax is melted, add a wick to the container before pouring in the hot wax carefully.

5. Leave the candle for 3-4 hours or until completely solidified before burning it.

6. Trim off excess wick from the candle and enjoy!


Making a candle out of crayons is a fun and creative way to spruce up any room. In addition to providing an aesthetically pleasing effect, candle making with crayons also provides the opportunity to customize your own personalized wax designs. With a few simple ingredients, you can create vibrant and unique candles that reflect your own personal style.

To conclude, the process of making candles with crayons requires some patience but yields beautiful and customized results that can bring life and color into any home décor. If you would like more assistance or ideas on how to make amazing candle creations, check out some of the online resources for additional inspiration and tips. YouTube is also a great resource for tutorials and ideas for creating unique, beautiful candle masterpieces.

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