Making Palm Oil Candles

To reduce their environmental impact, many people are turning to sustainable and eco-friendly options such as making palm oil candles. Palm oil is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides and is a renewable resource with a low carbon footprint.

This type of candle also burns cleaner than paraffin wax candles due to the fact there are fewer toxins released into the air when burning them. In addition, palm oil is obtained through responsible harvesting developments that increase sustainability and help protect local ecosystems.

Benefits of Making Palm Oil Candles Making palm oil candles has many benefits for both people and the environment. One benefit is that these candles burn more slowly than wax candles resulting in a longer-lasting flame. Palm oil candles also have a milder scent than paraffin, which can be overpowering in some cases when they’re lit. Furthermore, they burn steadily without dripping, providing an even light that will bring atmosphere to any room.

Safety Considerations When making these types of candles, it’s important to keep safety in mind while handling hot wax and fragrances used during the process. It’s best to use protective clothing such as gloves or aprons when working with hot wax and candle molds.

Additionally, one should make sure an appropriate area with proper ventilation is available before proceeding with making palm oil candles, since mixing fragrances and heated wax can cause unpleasant smells or fumes if not done correctly.

Overview of Palm Oil and Its Environmental Benefits

Palm oil is a commonly used vegetable oil, derived from the fruit of oil palm trees. It is efficient to produce and is neutral in human health impacts. It has a number of environmental benefits:

  • it does not require deforestation
  • it grows fast and needs fewer pesticides than other crops
  • its global production supports local communities by providing income while being ecologically sustainable

In addition, palm oil candles offer many benefits compared to traditional paraffin wax ones. They burn longer and have better air quality handling characteristics, including reduced soot production. The colour is also more consistent than with paraffin wax candles.

In recent years, palm oil candles have been gaining popularity in the candle market. They appeal to both serious candle aficionados who want a sustainable product, as well as someone looking for home décor pieces that add fragrance and light throughout their house. There are now companies like Palm Natural Candles which specialize in producing premium-grade handmade palm oil candles for use both indoors and outdoors.

The first step to making palm oil candles is selecting the right materials and supplies for the project. The primary ingredients needed are coconut or beeswax, carnauba wax, sustainably sourced Palmerosa Palmoil (also known as Malaysian Palm Oil) and wicks of various sizes depending on the type of candle desired.

To create candles with unique designs colourants or molds can be used, such as polyurethane rubber molds or silicone molds for forming interesting shapes around a core wick inside of a larger mould container.

Next, ingredients must be properly melted combine using either an open pot double-boiler system or using a closed microwave system if the recipe does not involve multiple layers. Once melted together in batches that fit into small heat safe containers or mold cups they can then be poured into their respective holders allowing them to cool at room temperature before adding any desired fragrances or decorations (e.g., glitter).

Finally once cooled overnight they can be removed from their containers where each individual wick must then trimmed down based on size preference prior to lighting up your newly created eco-friendly palm oil candle.

Different Supplies and Tools Needed to Make Palm Oil Candles

Making beautiful, high-quality candles requires the right supplies and tools. For making palm oil candles, this includes a few important items such as palm oil wax, wicks, containers, pour pots, fragrance oils, color chips or blocks, thermometers and other equipment.

Palm Oil Wax

The main item needed to make palm oil candles is wax. Normally it is best to use palm wax without mixing in any other type of wax.

This special kind of wax has an extraordinary melting point so it will give the candle extra structure and provide better burning performance. When looking for the right type of palm oil wax find one with at least 44% of fatty acids that are C16 and higher in order to get the best results.


It is also necessary to add the correct wicks to your candle making supplies list. Again, when using palm wax be sure to get specific recommended types of wicks that best fit what you are using.

Look for words such as “razzle” or “zinc core” as these indicate good options for palm wax candles. Make sure they also have a diameter that corresponds with your container size so the wick length will be correct and you don’t end up with burning problems due to a wick that is too short.

Containers and Pour Pots

Besides finding the proper ingredients make sure you have selected great containers or jars and holders for them. Consider getting metal containers when preparing several candles at once because they can endure boiling water temperatures which may be required during certain projects like reusing old jars from various foods like jams or jellies for pouring purposes instead of buying all new materials resulting in more cost savings overall.

Additionally purchase a couple thermometers so you can monitor temperatures while working thus ensuring accurate results every time you make a candle Many traditional holders must be manually poured but there are many different automated systems available for homemakers today if desired.

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In-Depth Guide on How to Make Palm Oil Candles

Palm oil candles are a great way to fill the home with a warm ambience and a gentle flicker of light. Making palm oil candles is an easy process that can be done for relatively little cost.

It requires no special tools or techniques, and the results make fantastic decorations or provide ambient lighting in any room. To get started, you’ll need either refined or unrefined red palm oil, essential oils or fragrance oils, wicks, candle jars/containers and a double boiler (optional).

The first step when it comes to making palm oil candles is to prepare your wick and container by attaching the wick tab to the bottom of your container with hot glue. Make sure that the flame doesn’t touch the sides while burning; if necessary, use some tin foil as a wick holder.

Next, you’ll need to melt your wax using either your double boiler (which is recommended) or on low heat in a pot on the stove-top – make sure you carefully monitor this so as not to burn yourself.

Once you have all of your supplies ready for making your palm oil candle, it’s time to add scent – whether that be with essential oils such as orange or lavender for aromatherapy benefits, or fragrance oils just for their scent alone. Start by measuring out the required amount of palm oil into either of these types of heating dishes and apply gentle heat until it melts before adding 3-6 drops per ounce of wax.

Now simply mix this together using either an electric hand mixer on low setting also stirring gently by hand until evenly combined before pouring the mixture into prepared containers – fill up approximately 1/2 inch below it’s brim. Insert pre-cut wicks then wait 4 hours for them to cool completely (this can take more or less depending on size).

After they’re set, trim wicks down 1/4 inch from top – voila. You have made yourself beautiful home scents (or gifts.) that will last.

Tips on How to Achieve Perfectly-Shaped Palm Oil Candles

Shaping palm oil candles is not as difficult as it might seem. You just need to have a good understanding of the candle-making process and be willing to experiment with different types of waxes and oils in order to create the perfect candle. So, let’s take a look at some tips that can help you make perfectly shaped palm oil candles.

The first step in creating a well-shaped candle is selecting the right type of wax for your project. Palm wax is often preferred for making palm oil candles because it produces a lighter and smoother finish than other waxy substances, such as beeswax or soy wax.

Additionally, it has a higher melting temperature that makes it easier to create shapes without the risk of them melting too quickly or not setting properly. It’s also important to note that other types of wax may be used when making palm oil candles, such as paraffin or vegetable-based waxes, however they will include a slightly different fragrance than traditional palm oil candles.

Another key factor in achieving perfectly shaped palm oil candles is the amount of heat applied during the candle-making process. Applying too little heat may result in an uneven shape due to incomplete melting of the wax while applying too much heat may cause overheating which could lead to air bubbles in the finished product.

To avoid this, melt your chosen form of wax slowly and aim for an even consistency before pouring into molds or using any alternative techniques. As an additional tip, cooling down hand-poured candles can also help reduce bubbles and assist with creating smoother shapes overall.

Finally, what many people don’t realize is that certain factors need to be considered when choosing a container or mould for your candle shape such as size limitations and compatibility with various types of wick materials. Too large containers can cause significant running issues while inadequate container sizes are more likely to cause tunneling and lead elements within larger batches turning out differently from one another.

Ensure you choose appropriately sized containers based on your desired candle shape and size before beginning your project.

Creative Ideas to Make Handcrafted Palm Oil Candles Look Professional

Making palm oil candles at home is a fun and rewarding activity that allows individuals to be creative, explore new scents and designs, and have some time away from the stresses of daily life. Crafting homemade candles is becoming more popular, as it’s a great way to make a unique gift or to decorate the home with something truly one of a kind.

By following the right steps, people can make beautiful professional looking wax melts that will stand out among regular store-bought varieties.

Choose Your Ingredients

The first step in making handcrafted candles is selecting your ingredients. A homemade candle requires two main ingredients: palm oil for fuel and fragrance oils for scent.

While there are many types of palm oil available on the market for wax melts, they must all be refined and food grade to ensure safety. It is important to get food grade fragrance oils that are properly labeled as safe for use in a candle so that no dangerous chemicals are released into the air from burning them.

Pick a Safe Vessel

Choosing an appropriate vessel for storing the melted wax can be tricky since the material must be heat resistant but still stylish and decorative. Typical vessels include jars, tins or silicone molds which should not contain any flammable materials such as wood or plastic as these may catch fire when introduced into direct flame source or unsafe temperatures.

It’s also important that you choose an appropriately sized container so that there’s enough room between the sides to ensure proper melting without it overflowing or coming even close to boiling over.

Adding Fragrance

Once you have selected your ingredients and vessel its time to add your favorite fragrances. Whether its citrusy bergamot, lavender rose petals or soothing sandalwood adding scent evaporates at different temperatures then lighting it up sets off an aroma which will last through multiple uses so experiment adding more than one type of scent separately.

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To achieve desired aroma levels experts recommend starting with 10-12 drops per pound of melted wax depending on intensity desired; add too little at first but keep in mind you can always add more later after trial testing it out burning time. This method allows people have full control over their own custom creations leaving unique signature behind every piece.

Solutions for Making Palm Oil Candles Last Longer

1. Trimming The Wick: Trim the wick of your palm oil candle to ⅛ inch or 0.125 inches, every time before lighting it. This helps to prevent large amounts of smoke, and will make sure the flame is positioned low enough for the wax pool size to exist without having a large ‘mushroom’ shaped wick.

2. Avoid Air Drafts: Direct breezes from ceiling fans, air conditioners, large windows or other breeze-creating sources will cause your palm oil candle to burn faster than normal. When possible, always burn this type of candle away from direct air drafts in order to make it last as long as possible.

3 Consider Reusing The Containers: Instead of throwing away used candles containers try re-purposing them and then add new candles afterwards. This not only provides you with an additional place to store used candles in but also allows you reuse their existing containers thus reducing waste again.

4 Add Essential Oils To Your Wax: Adding essential oils such as lavender or whatever suited you best can help lengthen the burning time of most types of waxes including palm wax candles as the essential oils can provide extra moisture once burned after they release their fragrances into the atmosphere.

5 Follow Burning Instructions: Make sure to follow all burning instructions when making your own palm oil candles as each type has its own particularities that must be followed consistently according to how strong/weak heat output would be and what ingredients are being used among other things which greatly impact their longevity in general.

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1. candles can also be repurposed into wax melts. This process is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. First, gather the candle wax you are looking to use and place it on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil or parchment paper.

Place the cookie sheet in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring every 5 minutes until all the wax has completely melted. Once liquid, pour the wax into molds of various shapes and sizes such as stars, circles, hearts, or any other shape desired.

2. created molded art pieces from the recycled palm oil candles by creating custom designs either on canvas or wood. Using various 3 dimensional items for imprints detailed patterns can be carved out or holes can be made using stencils for layering additional colors onto your project. After melting down all of your recycled wax, mix in new colors to create an organic ombre look composed of reclaimed materials.

3. write and design personalized cards using molds made from old candle wax. Heat up several pieces of wax together and slowly pour it onto molds that contain letters or shapes for a unique writing template perfect for sending messages to friends. Take advantage of any leftover bits of wick too by adding them in to your design for extra sparkle and shimmer.


It’s no surprise that making your own palm-oil candles is a great craft to get into. Not only is it fun and exciting process, but it can also lead to some amazing results.

With the ingredients readily available and the relatively straightforward instructions provided, anyone can have an experience creating their very own unique candle. Even if people do not want to try it themselves, they may be surprised to find out how healthy and beneficial candles made from palm oil are.

The health benefits of a candle made with pure palm oil far surpasses any other type of wax product. This is because all the vegetable oils used in its manufacture are natural and contain many essential vitamins and minerals required for optimal health.

These vitamins and minerals have been shown to help in disease prevention, improve our immune system functioning and even help reduce cholesterol levels in our bodies. This makes these candles not only aesthetically pleasing but also very beneficial to the health of consumers who light them up in their homes or office spaces.

The environmental benefits of using this form of wax product cannot be denied either. The lack of toxic emissions produced when burning a candle made with 100% vegetable oils makes them much safer than paraffin products, which can be dangerous for indoor air quality.

What’s more, palm-oil based candles tend to burn much cleaner than other non-vegetable alternative waxes – meaning you won’t get a coating of sooty residue on your walls or furniture after use. And what better way than knowing that you are aiding in eco-friendly preservation by opting for a renewable source harvesting approach such as this?

All things considered, we can conclude that if you’re looking for a new hobby to get involved with or simply want a beautiful candle that will enrich your environment while diminishing toxins from the atmosphere around you, then making a palm-oil candle might just be the right answer for you.

People everywhere should understand how beneficial these candles are not only for themselves but also for our planet’s health by reducing emissions released into the air every day.

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