Making Platters From Candle Sticks


Adding sparkle and glamour to any room, Platters made from Candle Sticks are both fashionable and practical. Whether you’re looking for a modern accent piece to spruce up your kitchen, or something special to add charm to your dining table, this guide will provide the tips and tricks that you need to craft unique and stylish platters of all sizes.

To get started, you’ll need some basic supplies:
-A Set of Candle Sticks
-Wood Glue
-Mod Podge or Decoupage Finish
-Paint Brush
-Wax Paper
-Decorative Paint (optional)

Before assembling your platter, make sure each candle stick is free of dirt and dust. Use a damp cloth soaked in water and a dab of mild soap to rub down the surface of each candle stick. Then dry them thoroughly with a clean rag before proceeding. Next, use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges on each candle stick. This will prevent any chipping when it comes time for gluing them together.

When laying out your design for the platter, consider the size and shape of your space before making a final decision on where you’ll place each candle stick piece. You can either create an intricate geometric pattern or simply stack them atop one another for added height – it’s really up to your personal preference! Once you have arranged all of pieces in the desired pattern, use wood glue along the edges to secure them into place. For extra stability, remove any excess glue with a damp cloth after gluing two pieces together.

To complete your platter design, use Mod Podge or Decoupage Finish as an additive layer between the base material (wood) and paint. This helps ensure that paint adheres properly without cracking or peeling over time. Using wax paper beneath the platter can also reduce messiness during painting projects; then let everything dry overnight before moving onto the next step: adding decorative touches! To give it even more flair, feel free to add gems stones or rhinestones around the edge using craft adhesive once fully dry– creating one-of-a-kind pieces full character!

Selecting Your Candle Sticks

When making platters from candle sticks, it is important to carefully consider the type and design that best suits your needs. While there are myriad of different designs and colors of candle sticks available, each is designed for a specific purpose or with a particular use in mind. For instance, some candle sticks may be designed to hold small tarts or other treats, while another set may be suited for displaying items such as jewelry or glassware. Additionally, the overall design of the candle stick can range from very ornate and elegant pieces to more contemporary shapes and styles. Furthermore, color can play a role in selecting the right candle stick – some people like to match their platters with certain decorations or furniture while others prefer neutral shades. Ultimately, choosing the right candles relies on personal preference and desired use.

Crafting Your Candle Stick Platter

Selecting Supplies: When selecting supplies to make a candle stick platter, you’ll need to choose three items — candle sticks, a platter (such as a cake stand), and adhesive. For the candle sticks, consider purchasing ones with similar shapes and designs; this will give your platter visual cohesion and balance. The diameter of the base of the candle sticks should also be considered; for example, if you’re using larger plates, then you may need longer candle sticks in order to make sure everything is within the appropriate size range.

Essential Oil Candle Making Supplies

Preparing the Surface: Before attaching your platter to the top of your candle stick stack, it’s important to prepare the surface correctly. Start by removing any wax residue from the top of each candle stick with a damp washcloth or cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Next, sand down each surface area that will come into contact with adhesive and/or other materials until they become smooth.

Attaching Platters: Based on what type of adhesive you select (hot glue, epoxy resin, etc.), carefully attach one edge of your plate or cake stand to the top of your stacks at even intervals around all sides. If any small gaps appear between plate edges or between plate edges and candle stick bases after adhesion is complete, these can typically be filled with hot glue. Let your finished project rest overnight before using it for events or display purposes!

Creative Inspiration

There are infinite ways a creative mind can upgrade candle stick platters with a personal touch. With some simple and affordable supplies from the craft store, you can bring your DIY project to life. One popular idea is to use materials like spray paint or decoupage glue to give the candle stick platter a fresh new look. Perhaps you could add decals or designs to make the platter more unique. Another great idea could be using glitter and epoxy sealant for an eye-catching look! You could even take a more abstract approach and experiment with different styles of paints or markers. Finally, if you have access to woodworking supplies, carving intricate details into the wooden candlestick can create an interesting texture to your platter design. No matter which route you take, adding special details is sure to make your platter stand out in any interior design theme!

Finishing Touches

You can complete the look of your homemade platters from candle sticks by adding a few finishing touches that pulled the look together. Some great complementary items to include are elegant cutlery, alongside colorful towels and utensils. You may choose to have all the same color or mix it up, depending on your taste. Cutlery such as forks, knives and spoons should be chosen in materials such as stainless steel, gold or silver to give an air of sophistication. Furthermore, you can handpick unique dish towels in colors that compliment your tableware. Finally, add a little bit of texture with texture-finished utensils like jar openers that come in various materials like copper and brass – this will definitely add something extra special to your platters!

DIY Ideas

If you want to personalize your platters even further, why not make them out of candle sticks? You can craft trendy, unique platters that will stand out and make a statement on your dinner table with just a few components. To start, gather some old candle sticks, essential glue, and a pretty paint. Then decide how many platters you intend to make and arrange the sticks accordingly in a pleasing shape. Use hot glue along the length of each stick to secure it in place. Once everything is glued together, use spray paint or acrylic paint to give your new creation an eye-catching finish. There are so many creative possibilities for this process – try using different colors for contrast or add accents such as beads or shells for texture! Additionally, you can decorate your platter even further by etching into the surface or adding decals or words with vinyl stickers.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Preserving your handmade platter from candle sticks is not just about regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s important to store the item properly in a dry environment, away from humidity and moisture. Do not hang the platter above other objects as doing so can cause scratches or gouges. If you plan to hang it, make sure to use strong hooks that won’t expand over time, causing them to slip out of place. Wipe down the surface of your platter routinely with a soft cloth or microfibre mitt to remove dust particles before they can scratch or damage the wood. Wax the surface occasionally with beeswax or another wax specially designed for treating wood in order to protect it against moisture penetration and fading. Avoid exposing the platter to direct sunlight as much as possible because too much sun can cause fading and color changes in natural woods over time. Additionally, ensure you take appropriate measures to keep insects such as moths and cockroaches away from your platters by using cedar blocks or cedar spray around the storage area. These pests can easily destroy wooden furniture when left unchecked, so take precautions if necessary!


Candle stick platters are a great way to display candles and decorative items in your home. Not only can you have the beautiful fragrances of little votives coupled with the gentle flickering of candle light, but you can also enjoy the depth and complexity of shapes and designs created by candle sticks. Using the same or different candle stands, you can create a sense of balance and harmony within any space whether it be for decorative purposes or for a gathering place. The combination of candle sticks alongside other pieces such as glassware, candlesticks, jars, or even books can add accents that bring an atmosphere together in perfect accord. In addition, creating plat cards from candle stands is an affordable and easy DIY design idea that enables unique appearances without committing to a large purchase. Not only does it make your space feel inviting, but also provides an enjoyable creative experience for those looking to express themselves through home decorating. So revelees in the beauty of platt cards made out of candle holders- brighten up any area with the power of flame combined with visual components.

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