Pagan Candle Making


Pagan candle making is a way to use the power of color and scent to manifest one’s desires. It is a sacred practice that has been used by unique spiritual movements for centuries.

The origins of Pagan candle making are thought to have begun in ancient Egypt, where Paganism was closely linked with the worship of gods. Candle making enabled people to communicate their prayers directly to the gods using colored lights representing various spiritual attributes or energies. In some cases, symbols were carved into the candle in order to further personalize the prayer or request being made.

Today, Pagan candle making is still seen as an important part of many spiritual practices and is often used for spell-making and divination. The colors of the candles used are said to signify different purposes, from prosperity and protection to rituals of healing and cleansing, protection from negativity or illness, and success in love matters. Furthermore, the scents associated with the candle carry power all on their own; for instance, lavender may be used for calming purposes while orange might symbolize joy. Witchcraft practitioners believe that talking or singing out loud with intention can also increase a person’s connection with magic when making candles.

Supplies Needed For Candle Making

Pagan candle making is a fun and creative craft that’s quickly growing in populariy. It allows you to express your spiritual side while creating some beautiful pieces of artwork. In order to get started, there are certain supplies that are needed to make the perfect candles. Below is a list of the recommended tools, wax types, and colours for making Pagan candles.

Tools: Most commonly used tools for Pagan candle making include wicks, wax melting pots, thermometers, containers, and stirrers. Wicks can be made from cotton and linen which will allow you to burn your candles safely. Wax melting pots make it easy to melt down candle wax so that it’s ready for use. A thermometer is also necessary so that you can monitor the temperature when preparing the candle wax. Containers such as mason jars or votive holders are where the finished product will be poured into. Lastly, stirrers will help ensure a smooth blend with particular dyes or scents being added into the mixture before its placed in containers.

Wax Types: There is a variety of different waxes on the market; it really just depends on what type of look you are desiring fot your candle creations. Two main types of waxes used in Pagan Candle Making are paraffin and Soy Wax blends. Paraffin has been around since 18Aventruethe 19th century whereas Soy Wax is more environmentally friendly but may not provide an ideal scent or colour quality due to its limited availability on some occasions .

Colours: Adding colour to candles is a great way to give even more meaning to them depending on their purpose and how they will be used within rituals. Commonly used colours in Pagan candle making include red for love, yellow for happiness and success, blue for protection, green for luck or fertility rituals, and white for peaceful intentions.

Setting Up The Right Candle Making Space

Safety is the most important consideration when setting up a candle making space. Be sure to set up your workspace away from any open flames and combustible materials to avoid any accidental fire risks. Make sure there is adequate lighting so that you can see properly while working with the hot wax. Additionally, wear safety goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from any spills or splashes of wax or essential oils.

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In addition to safety considerations, make sure that you have the right room temperature for candle making; the ideal temperature range is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27 degrees Celsius). It’s also important that the room be adequately ventilated due to potential fumes from burning candles or spicy scents. Place an exhaust fan in or near an open window if available, or use a handheld fan if necessary. Additionally, never leave candles unattended while they’re burning; take proper precautions when disposing of any leftover wax materials. Finally, designate a specific area for candle making within your workspace – this will help keep things organized and minimizes the risk of mishaps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Pagan Candles

Pagan candle making is an ancient art that can be used for rituals, prayer, or for decorating your home. It can seem intimidating at first, but with these steps you’ll be an expert in no time!

1. Start by gathering all of the supplies that you’ll need – wax (either beeswax or paraffin), wicks, essential oils and herbs, colors and dyes, molds, and a double boiler.

2. Melt the wax using your double boiler over medium heat until it completely liquifies. While you’re melting it you may want to add either essential oils or herbs depending on their particular magickal properties. This will also give your candles a nice scent as they burn!

3. Add the appropriate color or dye to the melted wax according to what correspondences are needed for your ritual or whatever symbolism you wish to bring out in the candle itself.

4. Cut two pieces of wick long enough to reach through the entire candle mold with at least 1/2 inch extra at each end so it can be secured later on (don’t forget what type of wick size is appropriate for different types of wax).

5. Lower one end of each piece of wick into your desired mold and fill it up with the warmed wax until it’s nearly full. If there are any air bubbles in the mold try tapping it on a hard surface until they rise to the top so they can be popped before the wax cools down completely.

6. Securely tie both ends of one strand onto something stationary like a pencil or chopstick across the top portion of your chosen container so that when cooled it keeps your wicks from floating up as they lay inside your pour-able liquid wax molding device (this part is very important if making pillar candles!). Be sure that both ends are equally secure or else you might find them popping free after filling up with scorching hot molten wax!

7 .Allow all ingredients to cool off to room temperature before finishing touches such as decorations with paints, paints sticks, glitter glue etc., For best results let this sit overnight throughout cooling timeframe ,,,

Special Touches to Make Your Candles Unique

Herbs have long been used to enhance the beauty and scent of candles. Popular herbal additions include lavender, rosemary, and chamomile, which can be mixed together to create an aromatic blend or used individually for a single burst of fragrance. Adding herbs allows you to customize the aroma of your candles and bring forth flavors tailored to your own preferences. Furthermore, adding herbs gives each candle a unique look that adds a lush charm and character to it.

Stones are another way to inject life into your candle-making projects. Crystals, rocks, and minerals come in many colors and shapes that can add a captivating texture to each designed wax form. Adding stones allows you to manipulate the design of your candles with unprecedented creativity, whether it’s creating colorful bands around the circumference or setting one big stone as a powerful focal point in between two wicks.

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An effective way to give your candles more depth is with essential oils. Whether you choose fresh citrus notes like lemon or invigorating camphors like eucalyptus, combining them with wax can unfold complex aromas layered with different fragrances that never overpower each other but rather work together in harmony. It’s also possible to make soy candles scented with healing herbs such as frankincense or myrrh ” both serve as perfect gifts for those seeking enlightenment or spiritual balance.

Finishing Touches

Once your candle is made and has dried, it is time to finish the process of making them ready for use. To cool down the candles, place them in a bucket of cold water with some ice cubes and leave them there for 10-20 minutes. This will make sure that the candles have cooled uniformly. You can also take part in a ritual blessing or blessing ceremony if you wish. During this ceremony, say a meaningful prayer or incantation while holding the candle to invoke its power and dedicate it to achieving your goal. The ceremony should be based on your witchery practice and whatever spiritual elements you feel connected to. After completing this step, your candles are ready for safe and powerful work!

Further Enhancing Your Candle Making Practice

If you are exploring creative and unique ways to advance your experience with pagan candle making, there are a few simple yet effective approaches that you can take. One good way to troubleshoot any issues or mishaps you might be experiencing is to systematically document each step of the candlemaking process. This enables you to look back and identify what went wrong and make adjustments accordingly.

Additionally, there are some innovative ideas that can help enhance the quality and outcome of your creations. Consider adding colorants or natural dyes like herbs and spices to give your candles extra vibrancy. Additionally, incorporating symbols of magickal intent like crystals or charms will further infuse meaning into your craft. Finally, select an appropriate wax type based on the properties you desire in the finished product – beeswax if you want greater rigidity or soy if a smoother texture is desired. Experimenting with new materials and components can add an additional level of creativity to the practice.


Pagan Candle Making has many physical and spiritual benefits for practitioners. Physically, the practice requires gathering, measuring and blending natural ingredients such as essential oils, wax and herbs. This hands-on process encourages creativity and focus while providing a sense of satisfaction in the moment of creation. By utilizing natural elements, the individual is able to slow down and access more positive energies, helping to realign one’s mental state with nature. The use of specific colors also transforms how energy is handled in one’s life as it can help create an atmosphere that further bolsters well-being.

Spiritually speaking, pagan candle making allows practitioners to connect with deities, invoke particular energies and manifest intentions. Individuals may choose various symbols to incorporate within their candles or adhere to specific rituals or spells when lighting or incorporating chants for desired results. No matter what type of understanding of this practice one utilizes, creating and utilizing a physical representation of intention exponentially increases the chances for success. Ultimately, Pagan Candle Making provides reliable tools that allow greater control over one’s inner world so that well-being is always within reach regardless of external influences.

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