Wooden Bowls For Candle Making

Wooden Bowls for Candle Making

Candle making can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity for anyone, but making candles with wooden bowls really takes it to a whole new level. From traditional wooden-wick bowls to modern oil diffusing bowls, you can find a variety of wooden bowls that will bring your candles to life.

Traditional Wooden-Wick Bowls

The traditional way to create a wooden-wick candle is to use a wooden bowl. This method involves pouring melted paraffin wax into the bowl, allowing it to cool and harden, and then inserting a wooden wick into the center of the wax. Once the wick has been inserted, you can then add the desired amount of scented oil for a fragrant and beautiful result.

Advantages of Wooden-Wick Bowl Candles

Wooden-wick bowls offer a variety of advantages when making candles:

  • Evenly distributed heat
  • Wick stays firm and straight
  • Low risk of fire
  • Easy to use

These advantages make wooden-wick candles a safe and enjoyable way to make beautiful candle creations.

Modern Oil Diffusing Bowls

For those who want to experiment with their candle making, modern oil diffusing bowls offer the perfect avenue. These unique bowls feature small holes at the bottom which allow essential oils to be diffused through the wax while burning. This creates a more intense scent experience, and the process is relatively simple – simply combine the wax, essential oils, and a wooden wick, and pour the mixture into the bowl.

Advantages of Oil Diffusing Bowls

With oil diffusing bowls, you can enjoy a variety of advantages when making candles:

  • A more intense aroma
  • A safe and simple way to use essential oils
  • Low risk of fire
  • Easy to use

Using oil diffusing bowls is an excellent way to create custom candles with unique aromas.


Wooden bowls can be used to craft beautiful and unique candles. Whether you opt for a traditional wooden-wick bowl or a modern oil diffusing version, wooden bowls offer the perfect base to craft custom and unique candles. Plus, the ease, safety, and convenience they offer make them an ideal solution for candle-making. # Wooden Bowls For Candle Making

Creating your own candles can be a fun and rewarding experience. One of the most important steps in making a candle is finding the right vessel for your candle wax. Choosing a bowl made of wood can produce an aesthetically pleasing, memorable and timeless result for your candle. Wooden bowls for candle making offer the perfect combination of style and practicality.

## Benefits of Using Wooden Bowls for Candle Making

Using wooden bowls for candle making offers many advantages, including:

* Longevity: Bowls made of wood are extremely durable, making them suitable to reuse multiple times when making candles.

* Aesthetic Appeal: An extra special touch can be achieved with the unique patterns and colour variations wooden bowls offer.

* Cost-Effectiveness: Wooden bowls are significantly less expensive than purchasing custom-made ceramic or glass containers.

* Easily Obtainable: Wooden bowls are easy to find in home and kitchen stores, craft stores and online resources.

## Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Wooden Bowl

When selecting a wooden bowl for candle making, there are several important characteristics to consider.

* Bowl Size: Choose a bowl that is appropriate for the amount of wax being used for the candle. Consider the finished size of the candle and add a few extra inches for the lip of the bowl.

* Bowl Holds Heat: Wood is capable of holding heat, whereas ceramic and glass containers do not, so be sure that the bowl is large enough to properly contain the candle wax and flame.

* Bowl Compatibility: Make sure the material the bowl is made of is compatible with the type of wax you plan to use. Beeswax and oil-based waxes are more prone to sticking and leaving residue, so be sure to use a bowl made of a compatible material.

## Differences Between Different Types of Wooden Bowls

Wooden bowls come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, so there is an abundance of options when considering which bowl to use for candle making.

**Bamboo Bowls**

Bamboo bowls are lightweight, heat-resistant and durable making them an excellent option for candle making. These bowls offer a modern, contemporary vibe and add a unique twist to any candle.

**Teak Bowls**

Teak bowls are a bit more expensive, but are extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. This traditional material features subtle grain variations making each bowl unique and beautiful.

**Cherry or Maple Bowls**

Cherry and maple bowls give a more classic, rustic feel to a candle. Especially when they are unfinished, they add an earthy, natural element to any candle.

## Tips for Working With a Wooden Bowl

Once you’ve chosen a bowl, there are some tips to keep in mind in order to make sure your candle turns out as planned.

* Pre-Heat Bowl: Pre-heating the bowl of material will help to ensure a better adherence of the wax to the bowl.

* Avoid Overheating: Be sure not to overheat the bowl by keeping it away from direct contact with the flame. This can cause the bowl to become deformed, discolored, warped or burnt.

* Clean & Condition Bowl: Clean the bowl before each use and condition it with a wax finish for a longer-lasting shine.

By utilizing the perfect combination of style, practicality and quality, wooden bowls make an ideal vessel for candle making. Knowing the benefits, considerations and tips for working with a wooden bowl will help you to create a successful candle making experience.

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