Lumary Candle Making Workshop At Switchyards Downtown Club

The Lumary Candle Making Workshop at Switchyards Downtown Club is a fun event for people of all ages to learn and experiment with the various candle making techniques. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience in this craft. They will help guide participants through every step in candle making from choosing the right wax, colors, scents, shapes, and wicks to create their own special candle.

Participants will get to work with soy waxes, beeswax, paraffin mixes along with a range of sustainable ingredients like herbs and essential oils to create unique and personalized candles. The workshop also offers an array of pre-made fixtures like molds and terrariums to help bring your creations come alive.

In terms of types of candles available at the workshop, participants can expect the standard pillar candles as well as decorative tapers fashioned in metal holders or tart melts made from eco-friendly waxes which are available in a variety of sizes ranging from tiny votive cups for candlescapes to large jar shapes that fit anywhere around your house.

Participants also have access to select scents from Sandalwood to Cedarwood and Cinnamon which they can blend together or use on its own to customize the aroma intensity or even odorless waxes with added colorants like glitters that give your creation a magical flair.

A key element in creating any type of candle is giving it the right shape suitable enough for its purpose so when it comes down to working with shapes participants have several options including round pillars produced using tapered molders, cubes crafted using silicone material or cubed artisans inspired by nature’s elements such as forests and stones. There is no limit when it comes down choosing out shapes as you transition into completion your masterpiece.

At the end you have a customized candle based on your creativeness that you can be proud off taking back home.

Highlight the Expert Instructors

The Lumary Candle Making Workshop at Switchyards Downtown Club is taught by expert instructors who have a wealth of knowledge on candle making. Their expertise ranges from handmade, beeswax candles to scented and candles with intricate designs. The workshop provides participants with in-depth information on various candle making techniques, such as:

  • Formulating and blending wax for the desired results
  • Melting, blending and pouring larger batches of wax into multiple molds
  • Shaping molded candles by hand
  • Beading candlesticks using various coatings and adornments
  • Adding professional finishes to finished products

With over six years experience in the craft, our instructors are highly sought after for new projects and collaborations. Our experts lend their extensive knowledge to all the enthusiastic makers who attend the workshops.

They also give you an opportunity to explore the nitty gritty of candle-making without having spent money on trial&error materials. In addition, they also provide students with valuable insider tips which will help them gain maximum benefit from their experiences when crafting beautiful handmade candles.

Our instructors are experienced professionals dedicated to providing informative and accessible instruction. All our experts complete professional certifications covering topics from safety procedures to formulation – giving students assurance that they will receive reliable information from qualified sources. Other qualifications include degrees in art, special certifications within the field of candle-making related subjects, and extensive experience displaying and selling their own products at local artisan markets.

How To Make Fragrant Candles

Add Recommended Supplies & Equipment section

When attending a Lumary Candle Making Workshop at Switchyards Downtown Club, it is important to come prepared with certain supplies and equipment. Having the right tools and materials can help enhance the workshop’s experience and ensure an enjoyable time.

  • Candle wax – Choose soy wax or beeswax, both of which are commonly used in candle making.
  • Wicks – Have different sizes on hand depending on what type of candles you’ll be making.
  • Fragrance oils – These are used to scent your candles and give them a unique smell.
  • Colorants – Colorants can be added to the wax for a vibrant look.
  • Containers & Molds – Bring containers or molds that will hold the melted wax. Glass, ceramic, metal, silicone, and plastic are all suitable materials.
  • Thermometer – A thermometer is essential for ensuring safe temperatures when melting wax.
  • Stove & Cooking pot – The stove should be used only for melting wax. Regularly check temperatures with thermometer to ensure they don’t exceed the safety threshold.

Enhance the Benefits section

Taking a class at the Lumary Candle Making Workshop at the Switchyards Downtown Club is sure to improve any home or small business owner’s abilities. Located in downtown Atlanta, this lively, vibrant city provides an exciting space for attendees to learn the skills and techniques of candle making.

At the workshop, attendees can benefit from high-end instruction and hands-on experience as industry professionals lead them through a series of lectures and demonstrations. During these activities, attendees will learn about materials, fragrances and wicks, colouring waxes and blending scents. They will also be taught how to properly utilize moulds to form desired shapes and styles of candles.

The Lumary Candle Making Workshop offers more than just a valuable educational experience; it provides creative and entrepreneurial opportunities for those who attend. After completing the course material, students will be able to make their own custom candles without having to purchase expensive materials or equipment upfront. Attendees will then have the option to become vendors themselves by setting up shop with their own small candle making businesses.

Additionally, they can provide additional services such as personalized delivery services or custom-designed event decorations/centerpieces for events like weddings or corporate functions. For hobbyists who find joy in simply creating beautiful pieces of art with wax, the Lumary Candle Making Workshop provides invaluable tools that can help anyone achieve this goal on a budget.

Not only does this workshop empower those looking to become more knowledgeable in candle making but helps build bridges between members of their community interested in similar ventures. Therefore offering aspiring entrepreneurs an outlet to not only practice their craft but exchange ideas with like minded individuals as well as access business advice from industry experts that they would otherwise not receive elsewhere or at a lower cost.

Include Interactive Activities

Attending a candle making workshop at Switchyards Downtown Club is an enriching and informative experience. When guests arrive there, they have an opportunity to learn about the art of candle making and partake in interactive activities. All attendees will get hands-on experience, as they view sample candles, such as floating or layered varieties that will inspire their own creations.

Simple Candle Making Machine

Supplies On-Site

At this candle making workshop, participants can find all the materials they need to create a personalised masterpiece – wax, wicks, and essential oils for added scent. The attentive staff members guide guests through each step of the process to ensure their creation comes out unique and beautiful. Everyone is encouraged to use their creativity when selecting design elements, like color and adornments. This encourages everyone to express themselves artistically while learning new skills.

Professionals On Hand

The knowledgeable professionals who host the workshop are available throughout the session for consultation on craftsmanship techniques or guidance in designing something unique. Attendees have access to experienced individuals from start to finish of the workshop, adding tremendous value to their project. Assistance with candle making problems helps ensure everyone goes home with beautiful handcrafted pieces as meaningful keepsakes from this wonderful experience.

Accompanying Video or Photo Gallery

Last Saturday, the Switchyards Downtown Club held a Lumary Candle Making workshop. With the holidays quickly approaching, it was an exciting opportunity to learn about making unique handmade gifts for family and friends. The atmosphere at the event was warm and inviting, filled with eager guests ready to dig in and start working on their creations.

The room was set up with several tables full of materials each participant would need to create their very own special lumary candle. Upon arrival each guest had been given a kit that included an elegant white pillar candle, soy wax, fragrance oils, and herbs. Alongside the materials were instructions detailing all the steps needed when creating this beautiful piece of artwork.

The workshop began with a brief introduction followed by a demonstration on how to properly melt down the wax midsection of your pillar candle. After they ensured everyone knew exactly what they had to do before beginning work on their candles, everyone broke off into small groups for closer supervision from the instructors while working on their candles.

As participants put their creative energies into crafting beautiful pieces of art that smelled just as incredible as they looked, laughter easily filled the room and conversations between each member of each table spilled effortlessly into one another’s conversations.

As completion neared and everyone worked together to ensure they finished in time for presentation, the excitement in the room reached its peak level yet again as people saw firsthand just how amazing their work was turning out. In the end it seemed like all involved parties walked away from this event feeling proud; each participant got to take home a completed lumary candle all made from scratch.

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