Soy Pillar Candle Making

Possibility of Adding Color

One of the most effective ways of adding color to soy pillar candles is by using a liquid candle dye. This can be purchased in various colors and is water or oil soluble depending on the type of dye. If the liquid candle dye comes in an oil-soluble form, it should be added to melted soy wax before pouring into molds. If liquid candle dye comes in a water-soluble form, it should be added to heated distilled water and then blended with melted wax before pouring into molds.

It is important to keep in mind that some colors need more dye than others, and it can take some trial and error to achieve the desired level of intensity for each hue. To get started on experimentation, begin by adding a few drops at a time until the desired effect is achieved. It is important not to add too much dye, as this could result in a darker color than intended or could potentially damage both the mold and wick material if too concentrated. Additionally, be sure to stir slowly when blending as vigorous stirring can actually reduce color intensity. Finally, remember to always check for any discoloration after cooling since some dyes change color after melting.

Variations in Terms of Design

Soy pillar candle making is a great way to create unique and beautiful candles for any occasion. There are many variations in terms of design when it comes to soy pillar candles. Some designs include decorative finishes like glitter, beads, or painted wax; layering colors; embedding real foliage or shells; adding fragrances; or incorporating decals or rubber stamps into the wax. When adding decorative elements to the outside of your pillar candles it is best to first heat them up with a hot air gun so that they stick well to the surface. This will prevent them from falling off once they cool down. Additionally, in order to ensure that the objects stay securely on top of the candle and don’t end up being embedded inside, be sure to monitor its position by gently pushing it into place with a popsicle stick as you build layer after layer of melted wax.

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Forms of Decoration

Another popular way to decorate a soy pillar candle is to use crystals or gemstones to glam it up. Crystals and gemstones create a unique look by adding an extra dimension of color to the candle. You can complete the look with attractive ribbons or lace for a delightful touch. You can also use beads, charms, and trinkets that are designed specifically for candles. This can add amazing visual interest, with plenty of sparkle and shine. Alternatively, you can also decorate the surface of the candle using various forms of paint such as acrylics and oils. Gold paint is especially effective for adding subtle shimmer without overpowering the overall appearance of the pillar candle. Mix this look with glitter for even more sparkle!

Safety Tips

1. Always use protective eyewear when melting wax and using hot tools. Hot liquid wax or tools that are too hot can cause burns.

2. When using a double boiler to melt the wax, make sure the water level is not too high as this could lead to overflow and scalding of skin with hot liquid wax.

3. Keep combustible items away from the area when working with flames and never leave burning candles unattended.

4. Always use a thermometer to regulate wax temperature, making sure it falls within the safe range for each type of wick used in candle making”most are between 120°F and 145°F (48°C-63°C).

5. Store fragrance oils in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent them from becoming unstable or volatile and increasing risk of fire hazards.

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6. After filling molds, take precautions such as removing combustibles and placing the molds on heat-resistant surfaces to avoid any accidental spills or release of molten material that may fall onto nearby surfaces and cause damage or injury.


Q: What materials do I need to make a soy pillar candle?

A: To make a soy pillar candle, you will need wax, wick, container or mold of your choice, and fragrance oil. Additionally, you may need a thermometer, melting pot or double boiler, spoon for stirring the wax mixture, and wick tabs.

Q: Does my soy wax need to be heated before pouring it into the mold?

A: Yes. The optimal temperature to pour your melted soy wax is between 180-190°F (82-88°C). It’s important that the temperature is not too hot when poured or else it can cause tunneling and surface cracking.

Q: What type of wicks should I use for making a soy pillar candle?

A: It’s recommended to use cotton/paper core wicks with zinc or tin cores for best results in making a soy pillar candle. A wick size of CDN 20 for 4 inches diameter and CDN 16 for 3 inches diameter is usually considered appropriate.

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